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Ok - I admit - I thought that a few bites would subside after a day or two like a mosquito bite but WHOA was I wrong! After four days of itching I finally logged on to this site and not a day too soon!
OK - first of all, i've tried the clear fingernail polish - as gross as it is... try to suffocate the little buggers. I nice burial ground for bugs - YEP! Under my skin. Again I say GROSS! Well - a word of caution - if you have scratched yourself raw, then by all means, add MORE misery and apply fingernail polish! OMG! IT STINGS! It felt like a lit myself on fire.
Ok - Now, next remedy, tea tree oil. NOPE! Not a thing. Well, I smelled pretty awful but NO RELIEF.
Next, proxide. That actually helped a little.
So, tommorrow, after another night sleeping in a Benadryl coma, I am hoping for final relief. Afterall, how long can these bleeping buggers live?

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I'm the original author of the attached.. UPDATE!
Someone suggested Lice shampoo as a lotion and I have to say that really did help. I smelled a bit like RAID but it seemed to work. I makes sense actually - it's medicine for LICE it has to work a little on other BODY BUGS - Again - totally gross.
The next remedy that REALLY REALLY worked for me was Calagel Anti Itch GEL. It's for poison oak/ivy AND bug bites.
I dont know if it was this or the muriad of pain I've inflicted on myself but I HAVEN'T ITCHED ONCE since appying and the bites seem less irritated.
Good luck to all of my fellow Chggerites. Good luck and stay out of the weeds!


I hear so many people talking about remedies that don't work. This one will.
First get a good hot bath. After drying off take a gauze pad and wipe the bitten areas well with Ammonia. After it dries put on a little hydracortizone. Do the bath each evening applying the ammonia and cortizone and then just ammonia in the AM. You should do just fine.


One of the biggest myths with Chiggers is that they burrow themselves in the skin. They feed once in their lifetime, and humans are not their natural host, which is why the irritation is as bad as it is. They can latch on for several days, but are generally wiped or scratched away and die within that time frame. Reptiles and birds are their natural hosts. Therefore, nail polish does basically nothing since their is no parasite to kill. Try Benzocaine, camphor phenol or ammonium hydroxide for temporary itching relief.

K. Brumbeloe, M.D.

Yes, that's correct. Chiggers do not burrow under the skin. You'll most likely knock them off when the itching starts, which doesn't take long. There is an ointment called Blue Star Ointment. It contains camphor and soothing aloe. This will burn a bit at first, but it helps the itching.

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