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Wendy D.

Me and my daughter have been suffering from head lice for over 5 weeks, We tried everything, nix, rid, Ulsefia shampoo(prescription medication). I even took a prescription oral medication. We tried mayo, listerine, tee tree oil, olive oil. I bought many different types of lice combs. I came across a woman in brooklyn NY who removes the lice and the nits. She is a little expensive, but to get rid of them is priceless. She put panteene conditioner and lots of it in my daughters hair. She used a very good metal nit comb, and she just kept combing and combing, she then put on more conditioner and she put on baking soda mixed it together into the head. She keep combing and combing and wiping it on a paper towel. She even pointed out the nits, what they looked like. She did this for a good hr, luckly my daughter only had 5 nits and no bugs. She then washed and dried her hair to recheck her hair to see if she saw anything. And she didn't. I know it is easier said than done, put she really made me feel so much better. She also said as a deterant from getting them back to put 1 pea sized drop of garlic extract in her hair everyday so they dont come back. The garlic only smells when you first put it on then the smell goes away. I hope this could help someone else with this problem, I have suffered and don't want any one else to suffer any more. She also said to replace all the sleeping pillows, and just wash the linens. Put non washable items in the freezer for a day or two. And boil the hairbrushes and all the hair clips that are used. She has been in business for over 25yrs.

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What kind of panteene conditioner?


Can I have this ladies number that you found in brooklyn please? thx!

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