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Banana Oatmeal Facial Mask

1 Banana

2-3 drops of pure lemon juice
(juice squeezed from an orange works also)

1-2 tbsp of wheat germ or oatmeal
(either one works, I use whichever I have handy)

1 tbsp Honey

- smush the banana up in a bowl so its nice and smooth then stir in your honey and add the drops of juice. Next stir in the wheat germ or oatmeal.

-Apply for 15-20min, then wipe off with a warm or cool washcloth. I wash my face after and then put lotion on as well. i recomend hempz pure extact lotion, its my favorite :)
-hope this works for all you beautiful women out there, i know it made my skin smooth and glowing!

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