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I had issues with stretch marks all over my stomach and thighs, so I know how it feels to be extremely weary to expose your body. However, I once tried putting lemon juice onto the said marks and then wrapping at least 4 layers of saran wrap around the marks and letting it sit for about 5 hours (for me, overnight, you can try even longer). After just one night these stretch marks were dramatically reduced. Repeat this process overnight until you are happy with the results, I promise you it works(: And, it's great because you don't have to go to the store to get any products over $5, (and most people I've found have these at their homes). Enjoy, and tell me if it helped you.

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I tried this last night hoping to get a fast result like had been said. Sadly I saw no different. I want to keep at it for a few more nights and see if anything does happen. Has anyone else had luck with this?


Am goin to try it but I need something to lose weight


Is the lemon juice supposed to burn ?? Also, has anyone seen a difference in the marks ??


how could u use this method to get the marks off of your boobs.


OMG OMG OMG it's only been my third day applying lemon juice onto my stretch marks and i can see them disappearing already! i apply it twice a day and it reali works guys! *so excited* after i apply it i dnt wrap anything tho i jst let it dry on its own. gudluck!


Can you Do It With Lime ?


Hi im jessica and im 21 and had a son in 2008 so my stomach is covered in stretchmarks but I am so happy with this home remedy, so far ive been doing it for about three days. At first i tried it without putting the saran wrap on i can see a little bit of results but then i tried it with the saran wrap and my stretchmarks are almost to the point where they are not noticable, im hoping that they stay gone even after i stop doing this, i dont want to be lemoning myself up all the time lol but for now im liking the results ill keep you updated on my results


I just put the lemon on about 15 minuets ago, itchy as hell!!! I hope this works


Im giving this a try , so far its kind of itchy. I hope that means its working!


So would it not work if you just used the lemon juice in a bottle?

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