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I have had restless body syndrome and insomnia for probably 30 years thanks to my mom AND dad. Went to the doctor about 10 years ago when I found out it was a real syndrome. I have been put on anti-anxiety, anti-seizure, etc meds and nothing seemed to work. Three years ago we moved to NC and I began seeing a new doctor. He put me on Percocet, 1 before bedtime and I have not had a single episode since. Also I sleep like a baby. I seriously cried tears of joy and relief.

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YOU are very lucky. I don't think I would be as fortunate though. Getting pain medication anymore is like pulling teeth. Everyone is treated like a drug abuser if you ask for anything for pain. I am about to go crazy from my arms being restless. I first had Restless Leg Syndrome which noticeably began when I was 21 and pregnant. My Grandma gave me great advice that seemed to provide a lot of relief for me. She told me to point my toes upward toward my face and hold that position. I remember still 8 years later the relief it provided me. I wish I could find something to work on my arms like that. My RLS is very intermittent. Sometimes I won't have any symptoms for a year. And then it comes back. I recently was in a car accident 6 weeks ago, and broke some bones. Just now getting off the pain medication, wonder if one of those is onsetting again. It feels like my blood is just rushing through my arms. RLS is unfortunately very hard to describe. If my ankles werent broken, I would be going to the store now to buy something to help me sleep.


Please take what I am saying as a fair warning! I have been addicted to Percs and Oxycontins for a few years now, am trying to get off of them on my own. My only down fall now is the restlessness my body feels and that is how I came across this website. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, get hooked on them. They may help you now to sleep and to be able to relax, but when you try to stop taking them, it is going to worse for you, then what it is now. Doctors love to prescribe pain killers to help, but they only make everything worse off. Wish you the best of luck


I am pretty sure it is illegal to prescribe narcotic pain medication for RLS and as a sleep aid! My mother's Neurologist recommended tonic water with a splash of lemon and it works for her... It doesn't help me... I've had it since back surgery 4 years ago. When I'm really really tired it's the worst!


I totally agree with the person said about DO NOT take the percocet. My doctor put me on them for my RLS and they were great, BUT I got addicted to them so bad that when I didnt have them, I went to the streets looking for them. I just recently got off them and yes my RLS is worse than ever and that is also how I came across this site. I cant wait to try some of the home remedies and pray they work.


Percocet may be a wonder drug for you right now but one wonders when the addiction or side effect profile F's up your system. Be care full what you wish for and you should use them sparingingly with other methods.


But I want to be addicted to sleep! If someone is fortunate enough to get a prescription for percocet to ease the RLS pain and cause drowsiness, why would they ever WANT to stop taking the percocet. Why would anyone say 'I do not wqant to be addicted to this pain killer so I will stop taking it and spend all the rest of the nights of my life in agony?' I wnet through my mnedicine cabinet and found old prescriptions for hydrocodone, percocet, and tylenol codein. There were enough pills for about 18 woderful, sleep filled nights. The first nights' sleep that I had gotten in over twenty years. The pills are gone now and it is 1:00AM and my legs ache and I am typing this. Bring on the pills - enough for every night for the rest of my life is I am lucky. Oh well, I do not think that I will find a Doctor who will prescribe a narcotic pain killer for me. Because heaven forbid that I become adiicted to sleep.

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