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i just tried orajel and it worked enough for me to be able to eat and i feel like i can sleep well now, in the monring im going to try the malox and benadryl
i just had dental work and canker on top of that sux

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Just as a little tip, don't sleep with the orajel in your mouth or else your gag reflex will be hindered and you could possible die from choking on your own saliva. I know it sounds weird and stupid but it has happened in the past.


the mixture of maylox and benedryl is the best remedy I have ever used, it works every time, my mom's best friend's husband is a dentist and he gave me the mixture once, i told my own dentist about it and now he recommends it to all his patients too!


like the comments below.. a mixture of benadryl , malox and liquid oarjel.. is great for a swish in the mouth.. not only does it help it heal but it numbs the caker sore so you can eat!! .. i used this wonderful remedie when i had braces for 3 years!! saved my mouth!

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