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Administer a douche of acidophilus culture, garlic oil, or white vinegar in water.

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Douches push infections and bacteria up to your tubes.


I take aciodophlis every single day and so far alls I found was that it certainly prevent cold sores !
I was a frequent cold sore sufferer and on my nose ! since ive started taking the vitamin I haven't had one outbreak !


douching is not good for your body!! Your body is a self cleaning machine there is no need to use these money makers! This is the reason why there is a good vaginal discharge, to cleanse your system.


Drs DO NOT recommend douching just to 'stay clean' and never recommend using over the counter mixtures. They DO recommend douching IN SOME CASES (yeast or bacterial vaginosis sufferers) using a home mixture of either baking soda or apple cider vinegar(containing 'the mother', not distilled). Low presssure, gentle flow is key as comment #1 indicates.


douhing with baking soda increases thre ph. It shouldn't be done. However garlic has antobiotic properties and will aid in rid of the yeast. The garlic should be belnded with warm water and a splash of apple cider in order to rid yeast and maintain a normal ph balance

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