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HEY! okay so i tried alot of remidies on my skin, even though everybody's skin is different i still suggest this!
Im 14 years old and i had acne, just bumps and the occasional giant pimples. so i said...'crud, well lets go to home! lolz!' and the remedies kind of worked but not really. so i went to the store and i get this apricot scrub. i know you people dont like the kind of remedies that have to do with money but i only paid $3.75 big deal right? i cleared almost every little imperfection on my face. so try it man.

Urine therapy

Drink a tall glass of lemon water, add lemon to your taste. This is detox. Second next time you have to use bathroom do a clean catch that means to unrinate a little then midstream urine can be used on a towel or pad to put on your face. Urine has the power to heal. Don't knock it until you try it for 2 weeks everyday a little urine on your face. Rinse off after 30 min.


I suggest scrubbing your face with hot water and Dial soap then rinse with hot water then use a Cinnamon coothpaste as a scrub (WARNING: It will burn as it is Cinnamon) leave on for about 10 minutes and rinse with warm water then hold a cool rag on your face to close pores do twice daily until you see results!! good luck(:

how to get rid of pimples

1-you get ice and put it in a thin towel 2-put it on your face for 3 min
another way is a honey and cinnomin mask
1- get grounded cinnomin 2-get honey mix togeter in a bowl
then it will be a sticky paste hope these works


Stop using the over the counter facial products asap. Wash face with Sea Salt dissolved in hot water at night and rinse with water only in the morning. Pat dry, never rub. Make Green Tea and put it in a spray bottle and use as a toner. Use Olive Oil or Jojoba Oil as moisturizers. Also apply Aloe Vera Gel straight from the plant and also apply Manuka Honey masks everyday for 10min. Use a Tea Tree Oil and Sulfur as spot treatments. It worked for me.


I'm 11 and Ive had acne since I was 10 and I've heard egg yolk and egg white work and I tried it and it did! Separate the yolk from the white and put on egg yolk until its dry and take it off with warm water then the next day put on the egg white and wait until its dry and wash off with warm water. It works like a charm!

Amandeep Garg

And now my age is 16. Any medicine does not work on my pimples. M use everything.
Then some one say me to use fowlor's earth called multani mitti also called gacchi.
It works great.
Now my skin is better then before.
No pimples but only little acne scars.

Take multani mitti.
Mix little teaspon of lemon juice and rose water.
And mix some water.
Apply it on ur face.
Wash ur face after 10- 15 min.
Use multani mitti 3 times in a week if u have oily skin.
If u have dry skin then use only one time in a week because it makes ur skin dry if u use much it.
Don't use any cosmetic cream.

U can use oil free products.
U can use vicco turmeric wso cream.(without sandlwood oil at night) with yellow cover
it nourish ur skin.

I want to share it with u.
If u get good result then tell others.
If any irration takes place then discontinue to use this. But m know it doesnot irriate any skin.


use 2 tablespoons of honey and half a lemon. Mix the honey and lemon together. Wash face with warm water,then apply the honey and lemon mix. Leave it on for about 15 minutes then wash off with cold water. This works really great for me. Not only does it get rid of pimples it clears the skin of redness and blochiness and if you have freckles it will fade them and make your skin look lighter and brighter.


used coffee grounds, honey and plain yogurt. Mix together to form a thick mixture. Apply to face in circular motion and counter clockkwise for a few minutes but dont scrub hard the coffee grounds will do that for you. Rinse with warm water. while the pores are still open after rinsing spray organic witch hazel you can find this at your local health store. You will soon not have to use any foundation at all. Remember to apply it gently though. You will not be disappointed> If you have really oily skin replace yogurt with freshly squeezed lemon juice and alternate from lemon juice to yogurt mix. Do this three times a week.


there is a simple cure for this that only a handful of people know about. its called emu oil.!! look it up on the web.

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