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Submitted by KODY (K-MONEY)

while playing sports etc wear like a sweat band or wipe sweat with a towl letting sweat set in causes acne

Submitted anonymously

Apply fresh mint juice every night on effected areas.

Submitted by Renee

GIVE YOUR FACE A STEAM BATH. Boil water and remove from heat. Stir in some tea or other herbs. Place a towel over your head and steam bathe your face for 3 to 5 minutes.

Submitted by Renee

THERE ARE THREE EASY STEPS TO CURE ACNE. 1) Wash your skin with an oil free facial wash (ie. face, neck, and chest all have similar skin). 2) Clean off the soap scum left behind with a toner. 3) Immediately moisturize your face with a fragrent free facial cream. Do not use too much lotion - only about a dime size. Step three is very important. Dry skin will break out!!!

Submitted anonymously

Use 'Ultra Brite' brand tooth paste on reddened pimple. Leave on until crusted, or overnight. Pimple will be smaller and less red.

Submitted by dt

Wash your face with hair conditioner. That's right, hair conditioner. It works!

Submitted by Janice

If you have the stomach for it...

Acne can be cured by dabbing the eruptions with a urine-soaked baby diaper. Dab and let it dry, then wash with unscented Dial soap. It takes about 5 days to begin to see an improvement. I don't know if any first morning urine works. This was told to me over 20 years ago and it has cured everyone who has admitted to trying it. The first was my cousin Sarah. This is not a prank.

Submitted by Angel Brown

Apply tomato pulp to the affected area and leave on for 1 hour, then rinse.

Submitted by ambreen

Use egg white for acne and pimples. Wash your face with icy cold water.

Submitted anonymously

Take B-complex and zinc supplements daily as a preventative measure.

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