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1.Orange peel pounded well with water. Applied to affected acne areas


2.Cucumber leaves or grated pieces. Apply to area for acne cure.


3.Rub the pimple( acne) with a fresh cut clove of garlic.


Take neem capsules everyday which may be bought online or any Indian store.
Be consistent and expect results faster than you imagine.

John Wakamoto

Crush asprins dilute in water pat on face with cotton ball. Allow to dry
then rinse with cold water.
Follow same steps above using Hydrogen Peroxide Solution repeat for few days.


I am 23 years old and I have had pretty bad acne since I was in my early teens.I thought that when I got into my twenties it would go away but it never did.I tried EVERYTHING but nothing worked.But three weeks ago at the grocery store I noticed an all natural acne treatment in the form of pills,so I bought it,and within one week my faced completely cleared up right in the middle of my period and we all know how acne can get during your period!I highly recommend this the name of this wonderful product is natures cure.


wash face and before bed break a peice of aloe vera off the plant, generousely squeeze out the juice and rub it over entire face, works fabulousely on the acne and leaves the rest of the skin even better than before


after washing the face, soak a natural rooibos tea bag in a little big of boiling water in a cup. once the water is quite dark take tea bag and rub it on your face as if you were exfoliating it. this works wonders. and for general health, just drink the tea aswell


This remedy cleared m zits and blackheads in 3 days.Do this three times per day.
1. Wash your face with a good facial cleanser. Use warm water and lather for 2 minutes.It is very important to massage the cleanser into your skin VERY gently with fingertips only.
2. Use any clay mask containing kaolin or bentonite clay over entire face and let dry.To rinse off the mask add water and Very gently massage the mask into skin for a minut and then rinse away.
3. Use pure vitamin E oil from capsule.Important to make sure it is pure oil with no other ingredients added. Use as much as you like but remember to massage it into skin very gently.Any greasy excess can be removed by gently wiping skin with a dry cloth or towel.Even if this causes your skin to feel very oily it is good for your skin and acne scars will begin to fade the very first day.
I had horrible skin and after doing this 3 times a day for 3 days I look like a completely different person.
Products I use: Neutrogena oil free acne wash with salacylic acid. Oil of Olay clarity clay mask. Jamieson Pure viatmin e oil. GOOD LUCK


For All The Young Teenagers-

First of all acne starts from the inside out, so you might want to change your eating habbits. Drink lots of water to flush toxins. Don't be afraid to use a school bathroom or public bathroom. use facial lotions that don't contain oil, if you already popped the pimple you might want to try putting powder on it to dry it out. the next day it should be flat and hard, get a wash cloth and soak it with hot water and put on blemish(make sure its not too hot!). it should soften and soon loose red color. make sure to wash area atleast 2 times a day to make sure it doesn't return.


cut a lemon in half and b4 u go 2 sleep rub it all over your face or wherever u have pimples, n if u do this 4 a week, ur pimples will b gone. it kinda stings.
another 1 is take lemon n squeeze it in a bowl and then put 1 spoon of glycerin n 1 spoon of rosewater, n wash ur face with that


Acne is just a sign that something is not right in your body. First of all, change your diet. Eat LOTS of fruits and vegies, cut down the sugar intake (mine was mostly from soda), take a multivitamin (i take lots of extra B5), and drink alot of water. What else you'll need to do is look at all of the things that you feel is wrong in your life and do what you can to correct them. This is essential! It will lower your stress and give you peace of mind, which in turn greatly improves your overall health. I battled acne for years, many painful years!! I've searched everywhere to find something that works! This is the only solution, total mind and body health. Acne is your body's way of telling you there is something wrong, fix it! There are no immediate results that last, but this does because it CURES what is CAUSING the acne. After years of suffering with acne, I was willing to devote the time it took for this to work. The time it takes to try the quick fixes with their '90 day money back guarantee', you will be well on your way to perfectly clear and truly healthy skin. Acne is an imbalance inside of you, find the balance.

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