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Not necessarily a 'home' remedy, but a homeopathic remedy. Yellow Dock, an herb, works great. It can be bought at most healthfood stores (Wild Oats, Whole Foods, etc.). Can be taken up to 3 times a day and acne should clear up within a couple days.

Warning - as a liquid, this tastes awful.

Note: Is also a detox and can be used to improve liver function, bladder function, burns, rashes, constipation, swelling, anemia, jaundice... all sort of stuff. I highly recommend building up a stockpile of homeopathic remedies for common health problems such as cold, earache, sour stomach, etc.


Acne and many skin blemishes start from within your body. Acne is a sign of your body being acidic. TOPICAL CREAMS WILL NEVER WORK!!! They will cover the symptom .

Take Acne seariously. Acne can be a sign of a slugish digestive system, liver, pancreas, etc.

When people go to naturalpaths or homeopaths the first thing they do is clean the person out. Colon, liver, candida cleanses, etc.

Do some of these cleanses. Take the grains out of your diet. Find some good omega 3 supplements. Your acne may disapear like mine did.

I had acne all my life. Antibiotics make it worse!!! Trust me. Get to a naturalpath, homeopath, chiropractor, etc.


Hello. There is one simple solution that works for almost everyone. You don’t have to go out of your way to get prescription or buy witchhazel. It’s so simple. Just DON'T TOUCH, and whatever you do, DON'T PICK!

I recommend you just make a resolution to yourself one weekend when you're not seeing anyone, and just don't touch or pick your face AT ALL. Put on a plastic costume mask if you. If you have an itch, use a tissue. Don't use any acne remedies. Cover your mirror and don't do anything to make you think about your face. You don't even have to wash your face! Your acne should be gone or dramatically improved in 24 hours if you just don't touch your face AT ALL. I know it sounds too simple, but it really works.

You see, acne is caused by oil, dead skin and bacteria. Without anyone of these you acne is gone.

You can't stop oil production. All these remedies that claim to eliminate oil generally end up backfiring. They dry your skin out, and then your body produces more oil to compensate. Trying to dry your skin will also contribute to scarring. If your face is really oily, dab (not rub) it gently with a tissue no more than a few times a day. Keep cool when possible and if you sweat, splash your face with water and then dab it dry with a wash cloth. That’s all you should do.

You also can’t eliminate dead skin. Skin cells die off at a certain rate, and you can’t really change it. Often people wash their faces and scrub them to get off the dead skin. Actually you will just inflame your face and make your skin raw, which will make your acne worse.

The one thing you can really control is bacteria. There are two main sources of bacteria- your fingers and especially your fingernails, and your blemishes. Inside your acne are bacteria. They feed on the dead skin and oil in your pores. They grow (reproduce) and your body sends white blood cells to fight them. This causes swelling, tenderness, and redness. Most of the bacteria comes from your fingers and is put on your face when you touch. There is also a huge concentration of bacteria under your fingernails, so when you pick you introduce huge amounts of bacteria. Have you noticed that when you pick you tend to break out around the area? Also, when you pick, even if you wash your face, you leave huge amount of bacteria on the surface of your face. It infects your pores again and this time goes into several, creating multiple blemishes.

Also, when you pick you: 1) draw blood to the area making it red and inflamed, 2) sometimes cause an allergic reaction to the acid on your fingers causing inflammation, 3) create a scab, which doesn’t allow your skin to breath or release dead skin, bacteria, and oil (and looks really bad, too). Rupture your pore and cause the bacteria and puss to surrounding areas under you skin, giving you those terrible giant, hard, painful lumps.


PS You don't even have to get this one aproved by a docrtor! :-)


i use a acne treatment cream called Benzac AC, it is available at pharmacies although i dont know how many countries it is offered in. just use as instructed and you will ntice results soon.
NOTE;you will need to be patient as you will notice a worse breakout (in most cases)when you start using it but that is because the cream is unclogging the pores therefore it is bringing the 'gunk' to the surface.but after that breakout,if used regularly you will have noticeably clear works for me.soon as i stop using it,i wake up the next day with a few new can irritate ur skin,and some people may be allergic to some of the ingredients so please check but it works,TRUST ME!!!

gOoDlUcK 2 EvErYoNE oUt tHeRe;o)


Put hot wax on your Acne for about 10 min. and pill it off and helps clean that area. It should clear up within a week or 2


I tried this mask. and it cleared up my skin, but it kind of dried it out, so make sure you use a moisturizer after. Mix an egg, some salt. nutmeg, cinnamon, vitamin E oil, lemon juice, and mix it up real well. leave on facce for 30 min. do for a few days and you will see a big improvment.


What I have found to be the best remedy for a blemish, is to apply a tissue or cotton ball drenched in hydrogen peroxide. Remember that it is cleaning out the infection. So it will turn white. So I do it before I got to bed. By morning time, my pimple is less then half its orignal size.


Before bed take a q-tip and dip it in honey and put it on the pimple, then place a bandaid over it and leave it on over nite.In the morning take the band-aid off and wash off honey with warm water and it helps the acne even though it feels yucky.


I know It sounds weird, but I always used toothpaste. Just put a small amount on the pimple at night, and in the morning just wash it off with warm water. Sometimes it works over night but it could take up to three days for the full affect. To help prevent acne, I use Isopropyl Alcohol twice a day, it really cleans the face.


My best advice is to use good soap. Anything with a ton of added perfume will just clog your pores or irritate sensitive skin even more. Glycerin soap works amazingly well with my combination-skin (mostly oily) type, and doesn't over-dry or cause increased oil production. My favorite types of glycerin soap are honey and lemon, but you can also get strawberry or blueberry. This works for me!

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