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use a mix of honey and sugar to create a paste, apply to face and massage using clean hands. good for removing scars


crush aspirn and mix it with water to make a paste and put it over the pimples and it dries it up


The Urin from a baby diaper(lol)sounds sick but nephew had acne so bad it was like pimples on top of pimples..he did it for 4 days and was healed...he had a normal red a baby??got a friend who has a baby...???give it a bull


Honey is antimircobial due to its high sugar content, low pH and the presence of organic acids(use to treat, cuts, scrapes and burns as well to prevent scarring)so this is perfect for facial use.


all you have to do to clear your skin is rinse your face off, smear toothpaste on your entire face like a facial mask, leave it on for about 10 min, and rinse it also makes your skin soft and smooth and hydrated...and it clears out your should notice the difference in your skin after just a few days


Cover the skin blemish with a dab of honey and cover it with a band aid leave over night and no more blemish in the morning. the honey kills the bacteria and keeps the skin steril.

Simon Harris

Put toothpaste on your spots and leave on while you are sleeping. In the morning, wash off with WARM WATER and i suppose you could use a specialist cream.


Here's my solution, and you dont need anything special! Do This Before you go to bed.

1.Soak a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide.
2. Rub it on the affected area.
3. Wait until it dries.
4. Then, dab on a think layer of white toothpaste. *Not the gel.*
5. Leave it on overnight. and in the morning, wash it off. It will become less then half the size and reduce the reddness.


The Head and Shoulders treatment DOES work! I tried the 'intensive treatment' version first and saw a 90% improvement in 2 weeks. However, the drying effect is more intense. The 'regular' version may be better for people with sensitive any rate, it works faster and for less money than the other OTCs.


First of all, make sure that you are satisfied with your life or take steps (make goals) on how to make it better. I started out by divorcing my abusive husband and have been working on making a better life for me and my 6 year-old son. I went back to school and I am 2 years from becoming a Registered Nurse. The less stress the better. I started exercising and keeping track of all my activies and what I put in my mouth by visiting (Great site and its FREE) I lose an averate of 3 lbs a week! I have never been happier and content with my life.

I had really bad acne as a teenager and still can get it pretty bad as an adult in my 30's. To get to my cleansing routine: Morning, in the shower, I use St. Ives Apricot facial scrub (for acne), then moisturize with L'Oreal Oil Free Moisterizer. I live in Las Vegas and during the summer I don't wear much face makeup because it melts off. At night, I use a CLEAN washcloth (I took Microbiology in school and KNOW how fast bacteria can grow in the right environment) and use a mild baby bath wash (I find the one with aloe works best for me) working gently in small circles, rinse completely with warm water and then splash face a few time with cooler water. Then I moisterize and put on a thin layer of Clearasil. Add all these components together for beautiful skin!

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