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baking soda and water.

make a paste and aply to the face and wash off with warm water.


I used to have mild acne, and now it is almost all gone. Here's what I did:

1. Use a mild bar of soap and wash your face. Rinse.

2. Use a gentle gel soap. Rinse.

3. Use a scrub. I used Juliet's Natural Facial Scrub. Rinse.


The reason being that the soap moisturizes, the scrub exfoliates, and when you don't touch your face, it keeps you from putting all the dirt and oil back into your pores and skin. I have stopped using the scrub, though, and I am still getting results. The most important thing is, don't touch or pick your face. You would be surprised how much you really do in one day! Also, it might help if you change your pillowcase regularly (goes back to the oil and dirt thing). Good Luck!


Get a tablespoon of yeast & add a few drops of water until it makes a paste then apply it to the pimple & leave it on overnight then wash it off in the morning. I read this in a magazine a long time ago & I tried it & in the morning the pimple was almost completely gone.


Prepare a small tub of clean warm water and another with cool water. Soak a face towel or sponge in each of them. Apply the warm moist towel on the affected area and compress it gently for a minute, this is follow by applying the cool moist towel over the area and alternating the two for about five times each.

The warm heat will help to open the pores while the cool water closes them. This process will help to dislodge much dirt and white heads from beneath the skin.

When done, wash the area with mild soap or facial wash, rinse it off last with warm water and blot it dry with another towel. You should then apply some toner or alcohol on the area. Any pimples or acne in that area should be cleared within the next few hours.


This is almost garunteed to work! Just mix honey, cinnimon, lemon juice, and nutmeg together and spread it over your face. Wait about two hours, then and wash it all off. You should take a shower afterwards just in case you got any in your hair.
I have been doing this for about a week and I think it's great. Please leave a comment so I know how it worked for you!


For me, changing my diet basically got rid of my acne. First of all I was already a vegetarian, but I stopped eating fatty foods, salty stuff, some dairy products (well cheese) and especially sugar! Instead, I ate more bread, vegetables, fruit, a lot of grainy things, and I took zinc. I don’t know if will work for you or not, but it’s worth a try!


Okay this may sound a bit wierd but all you have to do is put a dot of lipstick onto your pimple. Leave it on overnight and its gone. It works for me very well.


For a zit or pimple that does not have a whitehead and is just red and inflamed, apply either comfrey leaf or chamomile tea directly to the spot. The comfrey leaf is best used in a tea bag (or something similar), and the chamomile tea will already be in a tea bag. Heat up water as though making a cup of tea, but not so hit as to burn your skin. Allow the tea bag to soak for a minute, then put directly on your trouble spot. Both of these herbs promote healthy healing of the skin, and you should see positive results within just a few hours of applying.


Make a paste by mixing honey and cinnamon powder. Apply this paste on the pimples before sleeping and wash it next morning with warm water. Repeat for two weeks, pimples will disappear forever.


I'm using a simple wash cloth ®ular liquid hand soap. Circular motions on your face morning and day did the trick for me. I tried Proactiv, SkinID, and other acne creams. But surprizingly, this works the best! (Also try getting oil free/ oil control makeup so It won't clog pores and stuff) Hope this helped!

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