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Hydrogen Peroxide!
I put some green face paint on my face onece for a band performance, and it turned out that it had stained my skin. As well as everyone else's. I had the idea to wash it with Hydrogen Peroxide. Not only did it work, but my skin cleared up immediately!
Caution: don't soak your face or it will bleach your skin.
Recommendation: I used it as I would a toner- apply it with a cotton ball and rinse off. (this way you dont bleach your eyebrows or eyelashes).


hi(: so i had TERRIBLE acne all over my face and back so i did some research on natural cures. So in a blender mix 4 or 5 strawberries ( the seeds help open pores) with 3 or 4 spoon fulls of PLAIN yougurt with just a little honey and of you have oily or red skin add a little olive oil. use once a week, i swear it works wonders(:

Jada C

We'll Witch Hazel works for me :
Get a Cotton Ball and Witch Hazel and rub an AMPLE amount on your face. :)
Toothpaste and Water work Great :
This is a GREAT remedie for everyone.
Get (Collgate) Toothpaste and water , Mix together until a nice paste. Put it on your face , let it sit for 10-20 minutes or leave on over night. (repeat)
I dont have a MAJOR acne. But i love to help others. :)

Alexandra Age 11 1/2

I have had acne since I was about 8! I know right? It has gotten really bad, and people make fun of me. A few weeks ago some one called me pimple face and then they tripped me, I had a HUGE big purple bruise on my leg for two legs. So i tried everything I could. But my Mom cant afford the expansive stuff. So I used home remidies, I used this recipe,
MW, Miracel Whip, Mannoise



Drink lots of water!!! It not only keeps your skin happy, it keeps the rest of you healthy as well


So I read some of these remedies, NEVER MIX STORE BOUGHT ACNE SOLUTIONS! I've taken a few chemistry classes and that is highly dangerous. On most of those bottles the label says not to use with other solutions. My suggestion would be, if you can eat it, you can safely put it into ur skin. Remember everything can be absorbed through the skin. Another tip, keep your hair off your face and use soap daily.


I have had break outs every since I was a teen. Now in my late 20's still have break outs. I have recently started using an avacoda honey blend and it has really helped. I know how frustrating acne can be so please give this a try and see if it works for you. Take an avacodo and mush it up and add a little honey. Apply to face and leave on until it dries. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Hope I can help someone.


acne remedy:soap up a washcloth and sprilkle baking soda on it. scrub your affected area. this cleans dirt and oil from pores, then wet a cotton ball with vinegar and apply to affected area. vinegar is antibacterial, will kill bacteria causing outbreaks. If skin is irritated apply aloevera. do this as tolerated, your skin will be much less prone to breakouts. worked great for me. My skin is clear, I have done this for years at least once a week to prevent acne, Its CHEAPERtoo


Vodka & Bay Leaves

Find a jar, put some dried bay leaves in it then fill it up with vodka. Keep the jar in a dark place for about 5-10 days and then take a cotton pad and dip it in the mixture. Just wipe it on your face 1 time a day because it may dry up the skin but takes care of pimples overnight!!


apply iodine (please note that i have a high pain tolerance!!!!) directly to zit.

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