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Lemon juice. I've tried so many different remedies... And this is the one that works the best (at least for me). All you have to do it take a cotton ball and dab the lemon juice onto your skin. I have only been doing this for two days so far, and there is already a huge improvement!!!


Just started using Antiac from Salcura for my acne.

I am 23 and have had really bad acne for 9 years. Been using the Antiac for 2 weeks now. It's all natural and makes my skin feel really hydrated.

In the first couple of days had bit of a breakout so called for a refund but was told that this is normal and to persevere. Was very skeptical but thought i'd give it another week as had lots left and rest of 30day guarantee left.

Now skin looking great, best it has for years. so much smoother, not pustules adn redness nearly all gone. few black heads left to go but that's nothing compared to what im used to dealing with.

Really recomend it. know not everything works for everyone but thsi is definitely worth a shot. hope it helps you too.


Well, i've tried HEAPS of remedies but none worked very well. Anyway... mix honey and cinnimon together,enough for your face(and/or back) have a shower wash the affected area with warm soapy water then dry yourself off and apply the mixture then sleep with it on. Cotinue to do this every night.
BEWARE- this process is very messy and this mixture stains so cover your bed/sheets/pillow with plastic sheets or an old towel, something that can be later thrown out.


Anony in Vancouver

Hi, I am a 44 year old male who has suffered with acne since the age of 15. I have tried almost every remedy under the sun including Accutane. What I have found to work for me now is to alter my diet. I avoid dairy, soy, and chocolate in any form. I also wash my face less and only with water, no cleansers at all. If I do get a pimple I use a dab of milk of magnesia on it overnight and it dries it out quick. I get only about one pimple every two weeks or so now; usually because I break my diet. Give it a shot, hopefully it will work for you.


no one wants to go and buy things to see if it works and it doesnt end up work, what. a. waste.
easy and simple and pops a pimple!
take a warm hot shower, normally wash your face with your normal soap/body wash/shower gel.
then when you get out, dry your face and apply toothpaste.


Hey ya'll im 15 and i suffer from severe acne problems on my chin and eyebrows, i have never gotten acne anywhere else but these two places, sometimes they get so bad that you cant even see the hair on my eyebrows, and my chin is just red dots. One day i was fiddling with my face and some products when i finally found the perfect solution for my disease. This solution is imported from chile.
Step 1: take one or two chilli beans slice them open and apply paste generously to affected areas.
Step 2: Take raw tomato juice and apply right after the chilli beans.
Step 3: Final step of this long and costly process; take dish detergent and apply generously over the whole face. Rinse with ice water and rub dry.
Hope this helps you, like it helped my acne :D comment if it works like a charm!


My parenting/cooking teacher told us that if you leave toothpaste on the pimple over night it will get rid of the redness and pretty much make it vanish. I was skeptical so I tried it and it works but it has to be PASTE not gel.

Kairi Reynolds

HAVE ANY OF YOU PEOPLE NOTICED that there are HUNDREDS of remedies, but they only work for that one certain person?? We are all different people with different skin. There are few remedies that actually work, but one is essential for everyone's face.

1.Cut WAY down on sweets. Your forehead and chin depends on it.
2.Find remedies that suit your type of skin, like moderate, severe, or light.
3.Natural products are the only products that work for acne. NOTHING ELSE. No advertising product works at all, no matter what. (proactic, clean and clear, neutrogenia)

If you want to get rid of your acne YOU need to take the risk and be smart. GOOD LUCK :)


First of all let me state my creditials - I've had acne for 20 years (since puberty) and have tried EVERYTHING but acne is genetic in my family so I've learned to live with it. So I will share with you some of the tips I have learned that actually help. Alternate your facial cleanser. Use one kind in the morning and another at night - so your face doesn't get used to a solution and become irritated. After cleasing put on a facial lotion with
benzoyl peroxide (sorry spelling) - ProActive Repairing lotion works well. It absorbs quickly and not greasy. In the morning I use a different cleanser and a lotion with SPF. Also - once a week I repair and exfoliate my skin with an asprin mix. I dissolve a few asprin in a little water - then gently rub the solution on my face for 30 secs. Usually I do this in a hot shower while my pores are open. Works wonders.


Hi everyone! I'm 14 and have pretty bad acne, on my forehead and chin.I've heard that pimples in these areas are caused by what you eat, but I've also heard that eating sweets does not affect this at all. So I decided to see what would happen if I didn't eat sweets for a few days and washed my face a lot. I use tea tree cleaning products, and I've barely eaten any sweets in 3 days. Any my pimples are slowly (SLOWLY) disappearing. Also, before you go to bed, drink a cup of water, and put toothpaste on the pimple. In the morning wash your face again and get the toothpaste off. Toothpaste is for more than brushing your teeth. Hope this helped!

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