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Warm up 1/4th cup of honey for 30 second in microwave. Add !/4th a cup of salt. Add 1 half teaspoon of tooth paste/ not gel. add 1 teaspoon of astringent, add 2 teaspoons of clinique liquid lotion. Mix together. The mixture will be thick and grainy. The salt will act as an exfolient. (IF YOU DO NOT HAVE SALT OR ASTRINGENT LIQUID, YOU CAN USE UNCAOSTED BAYER ASPRIN :)) put about 5 bayer asprin un coated tablets in a teaspoon of hot water, wait until tablets are disolved and add into honey mixture. wash face with mixture 3 times a week minimum and you will see results after 2 weeks. for better results, after scrubbing face with mixture and patting dry with a paper towel, apply neosporin to the infected zitty or pimpled area before going to bed. neosporin is an antibacterial.... (and acne pimples are built up bacteria... 1+1=2) get it. good, now go enjoy beautiful soft healthy skin!


I'm 14, and I find that some (and by some, I mean most) home remedies don't work. For my semi-oily skin, I've found a nice cure. First, wash your hands. Then wash your face gently with BODY SOAP or SHAMPOO, not hand soap, and DO NOT dry (try to use hot water, too). While your face is air drying, fill a cup with HOT water. Pour table salt in the cup. You know when you have enough when it almost makes you gag if you taste it (lol). It has to be REALLY salty. Next, squirt about a grape sized amount of tooth PASTE, the gel kind will NOT work, into a seperate cup.I can't stress enough how important it is not to use gel. If anything, gel makes it worse. Squeeze a grape-sized amount of acne cream (10% Benzoyl Peroxide, like Clearasil or similar) into that cup with the toothpaste. Aloe vera gel (what you put on sunburns) will help, but it isn't necessary. Next, pour about 5 tablespoons of the salt solution into the cup of pastes and mix well, breaking up and toothpaste or acne cream clumps. If you have a good moisturizer or lotion, add that too. This will make sure excess drying will not occur. If you don't put lotion in the solution, your face will dry out, flake, and peel. Add more toothpaste or more salt water depending on your taste for texture (some people don't like it as heavy). As you apply it around problem areas, you may feel a tingling feeling. This may become uncomfortable, but DO NOT wash it off. This is just the salt, mint, and peroxide working to help your skin. After the slight burning wears off, you will start to feel a tightening sensation. This is normal. You will know if it's dry when you make facial expressions and you feel it constricting your skin. Make sure to sleep in this overnight. Wash it off with the highest temperature water you can handle. Don't burn yourself, though. We don't need blisters and scorching. Your skin will feel refreshed. If you wanted to go out in the mixture with makeup, just wait until the solution is dry and don't use liquid foundations or concealers. Powders are fine. And remember, everyone's skin is different, so you may not see results. I don't recommend this for someone with dry or sensitive skin. I hope this helps :))))


I am 20 years old and I have had really bad acne since I was nine, the only thing that has cleared the acne is hot water and bleach twice a day.


I am a 20 year old female and have had just under severe acne(many whiteheads and the painful large red bumps under the skin on entire face, no neck back or chest), and very sensitive,very oily skin since about 13 years of age. I can not use any moisturizers due to how oily my skin (I had tried most moisturizers and all they do is make my skin more greasy and make my acne worse, and most cleansers are too harsh for my sensitive skin, or do not work for anything), and I am still trying to find that miracle cure everyone wants (I have also had doctor prescribed treatments that have not worked at all). Unfortunately I do not have that cure, and I have tried many remedies. Although since I was about 16 I have been using Dreft laundry detergent as a facewash. It does help out a lot with redness, and helps diminish the size of the acne pimples, PLUS my sensitive skin has been perfectly fine! Here is my helpful hint:

- get any bowl or cup that could be used to hold liquids
- mix WELL Dreft with lukewarm-hot water (quantity of each is really what works for you, I use about 1-2 tablespoons of Dreft with about 1/2-2/3 cups water)
- there will still be some detergent flakes that did not dissolve, this is perfectly fine, try to mix as well as possible though, i just use a plain spoon to mix it.
-product will be watery, try as best as possible to cup some in your hand and gently rub on face, just as you would any wash
-rinse THOROUGHLY. you do not want any soapy residue on your face afterwards, it WILL get irritated if you don't rinse it well enough with sensitive skin, or if you use way too much you will get the same effect. it does take a sec to rinse completely off though
-pat dry.
-use morning and night

do not treat this post as a miracle remedy, because it is not! I am only a regular acne sufferer posting to give my little trick. As i said this does help my acne a little, best face wash i have ever had. If you do not have oily skin you can still use this, though lessen the amount of Dreft you use, its very drying to the skin. People with eczema I would not recommend this for. Only get the powder detergent, no liquids. And get plain Dreft, no fancy stuff in it like bleach, scents, etc. My skin now is barely oily and no longer red. And my breakouts are smaller and less noticeable than they normally would be! This may work great for mild acne though also, since I do have almost severe. Hope this helps!!! :)


It depends on how bad your acne is but if you ice the effected area for a little bit then apply toothpaste and let it sit over night it works wonders, the ice gets rid of the redness and the toothpaste has been known to work wonders. honey also works well if you have gel and not paste.


first take a couple of strawberries and mash it up with some honey then apply it to your face for 5to 10 min. alaterjust was your face with dove bar soap and your face wil feel soft and clean. this is also good to prevent wrinkles


whenever i get a whitehead i make a cup of warm chamoline tea dip a cotton ball in it then then hold it there for a minute do this a couple of times.This will help prevent scarring then with a tissue apply a little pressure around it.I got this from a book and it really helps i hope it works for you. :)


ok my remedy is very very simple. if you put tea tree oil on the spot where you have a pimple (ONLY A DROP!!) the next day ITS GONE!!!!! it work for any skin type becuz all my friends tried it and IT WORKS!!!! you can get tea tree oil from trader joe's (where i usualyy get it) or elliots natural foods NOTE:just becuz it has the word food, it doesnt mean there isnt other thing too! 100%i swear this works

Trish sharma

I'm 13 and have a skin type between normal and oily. Acne was a big problem for me and in place like India its really hot and dusty . Best remedy for acne for my skin type :
Mix lemon juice and honey
Before applying this use the left over lemon peel and scrub it against your face focus on the acne.
Apply the lemon and honey mixture on the face (this too prevents acne to come back).
Apply it well on face and wait for maximum 20 seconds and wash it off.
After washing put some rose water on a piece on cotton and put apply it all over the skin remove the access of rose water by another piece of cotton

Hope it works
All the best :)

Wash it off


I tryed everything and nothing worked but founed out the vitasilina worked for me no more pimples or scars i recomend it it works its a green tube for just $5.00

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