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Hey, I am 15 years old, and I have been fighting acne for many years now, and was constantly bullied for it at school. For the longest time I tried different methods, and I didn't find one that worked until now. So basically what I do is really simple. The first step, is to make sure you drink plenty of water, then, you need to make sure you wash your face twice a day -no more, no less- and pat dry with a towel. Both these steps insure health, and lack of oil and irritation to the problem areas. The next step, is to find both:
-Advil & Water OR Toothpaste
-Lemon Juice
-Some type of moisturiser

If you are going to use the advil, this is what you do.. Basically, you take the pill, and you crush it up into a powder, then mix it with water. This will make a paste that you can apply to your skin. Otherwise just apply toothpaste to your acne.
Do this for a few weeks.
Next, you'll want to start applying lemon juice to your skin. This will lighten your scars, and give your skin a bit of a glow.
Last but not least, do not forget to moisturise!! This is vital. If you don't remember to, your skin will dry out and could become worse.

I really hope this helps! It has definitely helped me. :)


Im 24 i was breaking out on my face, neck, chest, back and it was horrible. I tried everything over the counter and found one thing that actually worked. Lemon juice. Buy it from the grocery store and put it in fridge, then i keep cotton balls in my kitchen and whdn i wake i put it on my face, chest, and back before i put on my makeup. When i get home from work i wash my face and put the lemon juice on again, and again when i go to bed. My acne is gone and my skin is actually pretty, something i couldnt say my whole life. I continually do it even now that all my acne is gone bc it makes my skin look so nice. Make sure the lemon juice is cold. You will start seeing results in a couple days and some of ur acne will come to a head since the juice is helping push impurites out of body. Lemon juice also helps heal read marks and acne scars.

Diane O'Connell

My 29 year old daughter had a severe outbreak of acne- complete with cysts filling up which would itch terribly and occasionally burst on their own. It covered the lower 2/3 of her face and the under jaw area. She started putting on pure tea tree oil, just a couple drops on a cotton ball (because it is very strong and can dry skin out and irritate it) in the morning, then removing it before she went to work. It has really worked for her. No new zits- at all- even though she's had her period and a few would normally crop up.


***this works better forpimples but can still work for acne***
Im 13 and have mild acne on my forehead and some here and there on my cheeks and chin. What I do to help my acne/ pimple is mix these ingredients together:
1.5 tbsp PLAIN (not flavored)yogurt ( I used yoplait very vanilla yogurt)
1/2 tbsp honey (organic or processed)
1/4 tbsp Olive oil
2 pinches of Sugar
Once you mix these together, put the mixture on any pimples or acne that sticks out to you.( your face can be either dry or wet) or you can just put it all over your face but I just put it on visible pimples. Keep it on your face for 15-30 mins. ( I leave on for 20) Wash off with a cold or warm washcloth.( better if warm) the first time you use this your pimples/ acne will be less red and may seem smaller! It won't go away right away but once you use it a lot it'll do the trick! Hope it works for you! :)

Olive (:

Hi, I'm 15 and have been dealing with moderate to sever acne since I was 12. I've spent 100+ dollars on skin care products and acne clearing regiments. Nothing has been working, until i made my own daily routine. Within weeks I barely had any blemishes and rarely any appeared.

First, in the morning I would wash my face with a Burts Bees oatmeal infused body bar. i would wash it again with the same bar when I got home from school or going out in general. Then at night I would wash with the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit SCRUB (works better than regular cleanser). It excessively dries out skin so find a regular skin lotion that is specifically used for DRY skin, even if you normally dont have it.

Anytime I got big, noticable bumps, I would ice them for about 15mins, put toothPASTE on them, let it dry, ice it again, then rinse it off after about a half an hour to 45 mins. Worked like a charm. HOPE IT HELPED. :)

Amy Nelson

you will need:
1 2 bowls ( just big enough for your head to fit in )
2 hot water ( boiled in a kettle)
3 a towl
4 ice blocks with cold water
5 face wash or lemon juice with a drop of honey ( do not use maple syrup)
6 face cream

take one bowl and fill it wit hot water, DO NOT fill it so that your face will touch it when you head goes in. Stay in for about 5 minutes, this is to open your poures. Wash your face with the face wash or lemon juice and honey, this will take all of the dirt and bad oils out of your skin. rinse your face (obviously). use the towl to dry your face. put your head in the bowl of ice and cold water, this is to close your poures and prevent dirt from coming in again. use the towl or another one, to dry your face. apply the face cream.
this is guarenteed to keep your face as beautiful as mine!


Turmeric and milk works

Elijah Crosby

Hi im 14. I have been fighting acne for 3 years. My remidie is take a egg and take the whites from the egg. Take a sheet of paper towel and apply to face. Wait until hardens don't talk or make facial expressions.

Whitney Hatfield

Okay, I am 17 and I have had Bad acne since I was 12. What I have discovered after many years of research and trying new remedies and products is taking Ivory Hand Soap and washing your face with it twice a day everyday then dabbing it dry with a nice warm towel, then applying cocoanut conditioner to the affected areas then letting it dry! It helps a lot! It may not clear it completely, but it does help quiet a lot!! Before you sleep do this as well!


Hi, i'm 14 now and i've had severe acne since i was 8. at first it was just my forhead, but as i got older it progressed to my face and chest. the only thing that has worked for me is using dial soap everyday for twice a day. then pat your face dry with a towel. it doesn't eliminate it, but it helped clear the blackheads, oil, and redness.
my most recommended remedy would be to see a doctor or dermatologist

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