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Two magical words you guys... LEMON JUICE ! LEMON JUICE ! L-E-M-O-N J-U-I-C-E ! ! ! ^__^

I kid you not, When I heard about using lemon juice for an acne treatmeant I immediatly went and bought tons of lemons. What I did was cut slices of a lemon and squeeze the juice out onto a cotton ball (if you have sensitive skin add a drop of water or two) and you're supposed to leave it on for about 10-30 mins(I always do 30)then use a moisturizer. I'd only done this twice that day, the afternoon and before I went to bed,and once again I kid you NOT simply b/c I do not kid when it come to acne, the next day I got immediate results and the day after that my face cleared up DRASTICALLY !

It's pretty cool b/c not only does it clear up pimples and acne scars, but it tightens the skin and works as an age defyer as well. *So if you or your parents feel you're looking old and aging... lemon juice is the product to use*


Hello. I am a 15 year old girl, sophomore in high school, JV cheerleader, and oh yes, acne victim. I have suffered from acne since I was in 5th grade. Nobody said it was easy to have acne, but I never knew it would be this hard. I have tried EVERYTHING, to no avail. Proactive, Clearasil, prescribed pills, creams, all the tricks in the book. I've spoken to my doctor about Accutane, but it's not an option right now because my acne is not to the SEVERE extent. Now, I do not know if I came up with remedy, or it's already out there, but I created it on my own, and it has shown AMAZING results for me. I used to use the honey and olive oil mask to help my acne, and it did show improvement, but my face would feel sticky after and the process of boiling water for the steam to penetrate my pores after 10 minutes was not a fun task. It required a lot of steps. I did it 2-3 times a week. I was sitting around watching TV today, when I looked in the mirror and noticed my blemishes, like I often do. I got to think, and I knew that honey helped acne, and so did BAKING SODA! so why not combine the two into a mask? I didn't use any measurements, I just added baking soda and honey (and a splash of water) in a bowl until it was a thick, spreadable mask. I created it thick enough so it was a wee bit tough to spread it, so that it was not watery enough to keep dripping off of my face. I left the mask on for about 40 minutes (you could go as long as you'd like) and then rinsed with warm water. I noticed my breakouts were CONSIDERABLY less red and noticeable. My skin felt smooth and clean. I would probably say use about 3-4 times weekly to help dry out acne. And be sure to rinse thoroughly with warm, not hot, water, and pat dry. You could apply a moisturizer after, as the baking soda does dry, and stay away from makeup for a while if you can!


Last year after taking six rounds of antibiotics I developed moderate acne that would not respond to anything. I tried 'the regimen', 'oxy', salicylic acid products, tea tree oil, sea salt, witch hazel and even beam light - nada.
The only thing that worked immediately and kept my skin clear was - Retinol! 0.1% tretinoin. It cleared all of my acne, kept cyctic acne away during the time of the month and it made my acne scars disappear. The down side - it's prescription. Some websites on the internet do, however, sell it without one for $10-90 depending on the brand. I am using a-ret, an Indian brand and I am very pleased with it. If you have severe acne and you are an adult, I would definitely try retinol. You will not get this type of results with any other treatment.


I'm 16 and have had acne since I was 10. It used to be really mild (just little bumps) but started getting bad when I was 13. Last year I started seeing a dermatologist in September. Last month I started using epiduo and I'm not sure if it's helping or not yet but it does take a while to work. I start school in a few days and freaked because in having a major breakout (mostly because of my period -.-). So I read a lot of remedies and I was planning on getting lemon juice, tea tree oil, an apple cider vinegar to try; but I also saw a lot of people suggesting toothpaste. I decided why not try it cause I don't have anything to lose haha. I have crest complete, it's a whitening toothpaste with scope in it, orange flavored. I wasnt sure if it was gonna work because it's half gel half paste. I just put it on for about 15mins and kinda got a little bored of it because I didn't want to fall asleep with it on haha. When I took it off I noticed it wasn't red anymore and the pimples got noticeably smaller, I was actually really surprised and decided to reapply it and leave it on over night. So not saying it will stop acne, but its deff insult a quick fix for a breakout! I love it!


I have struggled with acne for years, nothing ever worked. I've tried alot of boughten products, and wasted my money on stuff that did NOT work. I have recently tried rubbing onion over my acne, and within less than 24 hours it has made an incredible difference. The tone of my skin has became alot less red, and the puffiness, and imflamation has nearly all dissappeared. I am excited the oncoming results, so before you waste your money on cheap scamming products, try this, because this works. NO joke, NO wasted money, NO chemicals, A-L-L Natural. All you need is an ONION.


Hi I'm fourteen almost turning fifteen and Ive had acne since twelve or eleven. I get them on my T-Zone, forehead, and cheek. What I do is use a sea salt toner. I find that it most helpful and I'm also using olive oil and vitamin e capsule. They help a lot. But let me list down my skin care routine first.

-Cleanser: Loreal 360 Acne Scrub
-Sea Salt Toner
-Acne Product
-Neutrogena Sensetive Skin Moisturizer(Have 35 SPF)

-Cleanser: Smoothe E Cleanser and then every other day I use oatmeal
-Sea Salt Toner
-Lotion Mask(I use it everyday. What you do is simply put lotion on a piece of napkin etc and then leave on your face for 5 min)
-Olive Oil
-Vitamin E capsule
Wait until they dry or soak in. During the mean time I exercise.
-Acne Product
-Neutrogena Sensetive Skin Moisturizer

Other tips:
-I drink a lot of water everyday about 10-15 cups
-I take a Vitamin E supplement (after eating breakfast)
-Exercise for 10-30 minutes
-Do face mask about once a week (I simple use oatmeal as a face mask too)
-Exfoliate three time a week but only at night
-And also I use two different acne product the one in the morning is lighter than the night. The night one is like a cream I guess.

I hope this helps and yup.


Im 13 years old and i just started getting bad ance this year. Heres what I do to help my acne:
Wash my face every morning and night with Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleasner from Neutrogena, which helps clear up my acne alot. Try to look for creams with Benzoyl peroxide in it. I have a cream called ClearZit that has 10% Benzoyl peroxide in it. The first time i put it on my ance was already clearing up! You wouldnt believe it was $1.50 at the dollar store! Good Luck;)


Awesome toner as seen on Dr. Oz.

Basil Tonic - boil a cup of water. Add 2 - 3 tablespoons of dried or finely chopped fresh basil. Boil 5 minutes and remove from heat, let cool. Apply to face with cotton ball or spritz with spray bottle. Refridgerate remainder. Works great!

Pepperoni to cheese face(::

The remedy I have been loving is this.
Every night mix together 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt and two teaspoons of lime or lemon juice. Keep it on from about 7 pm until 10 pm or just three hours depending on when you go to bed! It really dries out the pimples especially those whiteheads! Then, at ten, I would wash it off and apply aloe vera gel all over my face and sleep it that. In the morning, I wash my face with the mixture I used as a mask the night before, but wash It off like a cleanser. Then I apply a moisturizer but that is optional.This cleared up my skin in a few nights! I had chin whiteheads/blackheads and deep red cheek pimples. This will not work if you touch your face and pick at it. It took me a long time to convince myself picking won't help. I do use foundation, and I use the neutrogena skin clearing makeup, concealer, and powder.


I am 11 and when I get pimples and they hurt so this is what I do. I wash my face with my daily soap and rinse. Then I take a cloth and turn on the water as hot as it can be. While the cloth is getting wet I put my soap on only the blemishs. I let it sit for 3 min and rinse with the hot cloth

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