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I'm 12 and have got acne since age 10. I hate it and its all around my t zone. I tried on the Simple and Neutrogena products- they really work? My skins a lot smoother and clearer now!!


I'v struggled with acne since I was 14, I am 16 ow, and I've tried everything. SO my remedy to you is:
Take a small bowl
put a cap full of witch hazel in it
A cap full of apple cider vinegar
and squeeze a dime size amount of toothpaste and put it in it as well
mix until its thick
apply on face morning and night
do not rinse it off until you see it beginning to peel
then rinse, then wash your face with bar soap and you can tell that its working
it may tingle a bit


so people with acne hello i'm here to help... so to get rid of acne do the following:
1. wash your face every day 2-3 times a day with Dove soap.
2.drink lots of water
3. try not to eat so much stuff with sugar in it
4. don't pull your hair back in a tight pony tail or bun.
5. put honey on your face and leave it on for 15 minutes.
6. try not to wear so much makeup it can get in your pores and make you break out.


So I had acne for four years and I tried all the possible was for getting rid of it. I even went to the extreme and got a German product that didn't help either so one day I just took flour, salt, and sugar and mixed it all together and just scrubbed it on my face. After that treatment my skin felt beyond amazing


I don't have severe acne, but just the occasional pimple. I'll tell you what I do.

Step 1
Grind up 4 aspirin, and 1 vitamin C pill (or use lemon juice later)

Step 2
Add a couple drops of water until you have a real thick paste. (Or use lemon juice) Add 1 - 2 drops of ammonia (windex, glass cleaner, etc)
Mix well! The aspirin and juice/citric acid will form salycitic acid.

It needs to be thickened... Add a tiny amount of neosporin, hemmorhoid ointment/cream (anti-inflammatory, gets rid of redness) and toothpaste (very drying, good for whiteheads) you should end up with a paste that sticks to the skin very well.

Put a small amount on the zit- Moisten your finger with some water, and you'll be able to smooth it on the skin better. Be prepared- It might burn a tiny bit. (I'm a 28 year old man and it burns a little...)

Let it dry on the skin. When it's dry enough that it falls off, wash with spearmint hand soap and reapply.


I am 28 years old and i have been battling acne since i was in high school. I had acne on my face, my chest and back. Finally i was so tired of looking like a teenager when i am in my late 20's so i did the following.
1. I started getting facials every month (they are a bit expensive but totally worth it).
2. Then i cut out all sugars out of my meal plan. So that means no chocolate,no ice cream or cake, no processed food of any kind.And no sugar or cream in my coffee.
3. I started drinking lots of water. At list 2 liters of water per day.
4. I started to drink moringa. Which is a herb. It helped with my skin glow and it helped in curing my wrinkles.It contains over 30 antioxidants.
5. Evey morning and night i wash my face with Valcleanse - Oily/Combination Skin cleanser from Christine Valmy. The product is very gentle on the skin. Usually i leave the cleanser on my skin for 5-10 minutes then i wash it off with Lukewarm water.
6. Every night I put on honey all over my face and neck and let it sit for two hours or more. Every two days i mix the honey with the sugar and use the sugar to exfoliate while the honey repairs my skin.

I know this may seem like a lot to do but trust me its so worth the trouble. One other thing i would like to add is that you have to love yourself and accept yourself first before you do any of the things above.


I have mild acne, a little worse than mild, but nowhere near severe. Anyway, i use highly active yeast and tea tree oil (or an anibacterial gel thingy for wounds and other junk)as a spot treatment. You mix it up on a plate and put it on a band aid and stick it on the zit. It is a little smelly, but if you want to get rid of that pimple.... The yeast brings all that infection and just nastiness up to the skin surface and the tea tree oil or cream fights that. I put the bandaid on at night, use two and make sure the zit is completely covered... and just go to bed.
Hope this helps someone(:


eat vegan, quit dairy


Ok so I never really got any acne until I moved to the city and really started working out, I have an extremely clean and healthy diet but I didn't start getting acne except in the past couple of years. I have spent upwards of a few hundred dollars in a month plus many natural home remedies but nothing ever worked... Was so embarrassed and they were so sore! So finally I sucked it up and went to a spa, I spoke to this amazing lady who explained that since I am a country girl and coming to the city with pollution I was suffering from environmental acne. She didn't try to sell me on these really expensive products at all, and gave me this bar of soap in a glass jar, yes soap even though that's apparently a no no for cleaning your face this stuff is called PCA Skin Blemish Control bar, she told me that since this stuff has sulphur in it it'll help control my acne to the way it was before, apparently sulphur is really good for skin. Then I also got an anti wrinkle fluid called Reversa with 8% glycolic acid... Believe me this stuff is amazing! Depending on how bad your acne is you can buy 4% or use it every other day. My face is super oily so I use it twice a day. It helps to remove the oil from deep below the surface where the pimple starts and doesn't surface for two weeks after. I noticed a difference in 3 days and I have been using it a few weeks now and virtually have no skin imperfections. I would recommend this to anybody who is as fed up spending the amounts of money, time, and embarrassment as I was and seriously try this! I'm not sure about any other soaps that contain sulphur in them but this one has worked for me!!


My pores have been exposed to many things over the course of my years as an athlete. I have always had acne, maybe a pimple here or red spot there. But nothing big, until recent. I am a runner, which means basically I sweat, alot and my pores are the first to suffer from all the sweat. But what I do to help clear my skin has worked so well for me. First, I stay hydrated. As a runner, hydration is important and it also helps your skin. Next, I was my face three times daily. In the morning with a regular cleanser BEFORE I do my hair at all, you don't want to be touching gel and things and then cleaning your face. Then I go about my day and wash all my make up off before I do my work outs. Make up clogs pores and can mix with sweat to just make it pure hell for your skin. Then when I get out of the shower, before touching my hair, I wash my face again with a cleanser. Twice a week, but not two days next to each other, like Tuesday and Friday, I use my homemade remedy which has helped significantly. What I do is I mix lemon juice, you can use fresh but I use already made, oatmeal, any kind, I use the apple cinnamon simply because no one in my house likes it, and sugar. Yes. Sugar. It works as an exfoliator. I leave this on my face for 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water. I know it sounds gross to have outmeal sticking to your face but it's helped for me and hopefully for you. When my skin is clear, I just do my regular washing and don't exfoliate as much, maybe once every two weeks. I really hope this helps you as it's brought me so many compliments and more importantly, made me feel beautiful

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