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31 Home Remedies for Acidity


figs are the best option because it is the most alkaline food on earth have some pre soaked figs and the acidity will be vanished


When i begin to get stomach pain or begin to feel acidic/nauseous i always have a warm cup of hot chocolate.... I have had reoccurring gastritis recently and i find a we cups of hot chocolate through out the day keeps it at bay for a while and is also very soothing. If you struggle with anxiety try a hot shower and a nice cup of hot chocolate as it also helps me to relax. I hope someone can take some comfort from this as most places say have clear liquids however they do very little for the way i feel.


Alkaline Water is exactly what it sounds like! It combats acidity in the body - naturally, not with pills, medication, or chemicals. It is the ONLY water you or your loved ones should be drinking (remember how acidity is linked to disease!). Our family has been drinking this water for over 5 years now and we are absolutely amazed by the miracles it has accomplished for us. My grandmother's arthritis is significantly better, my daughter's acne is gone, my acid reflux is gone, my friend with diabetes no longer needs treatment... this is just a short list of what balancing the pH in your body can accomplish. Be aware, however, that there are lots of scams out there on ionizer machines - you don't want to get anything but the top of the line which is made in Japan and used for over 40 years there. We did a LOT of research before getting ours so I can save you the headache and give you all the info you might need - email me at or call me at (347) 517-3513 ! Would love to help you guys out!


1 to 2 tablespoons of vinegar straight. will be gone in a few minutes.


Put a pinch of salt in with the coffee grounds in a coffee pot to get rid of the acidity in coffee.


First I tried eating sugar... I dint work. Then lime juice and Colgate.. bt expected recovery ws nt seen. At last mustard with some water worked... It really works.... nw its 4:45 and m going to sleep... uugghhh!!!!

Rajiv Agarwal

For Acidity or Acid Reflux one of the best remedies is to eat Cucumber. It cools the stomach and cures acidity or reflux almost instantly within a few minutes. It has no side effects whatsoever. Another cure is to have Himcocid by Himalayas herbal company which works very well for acidity or acid reflux. 2 teaspoon after food and since it is herbal with natural ingredients mainly calcium carbonate and magneisum and a anti ulcer herb again it should have no side effects since it is ayurved and herbal.


One of the most poweful remedies is taking haritaki powder after meals .The most effective and natural way without any side effects


Boil a few spoons of linen seeds in 1 litre of water and then drink half a glass twice a day.

Ron Benefield

No chronic disease that affects the human body can be corrected or eliminated as long as the body is in an over acid condition. Acid occurs from eating acid foods like sugar,meat, alcohol,candy, and artificial sweetners. The colon produces acid when it starts fermenting with meat sugars, and starchs combined forming acid conditions in the colon. The colon then produces mucous to protect the body from the acids and that mucous then becomes sticky and cause constipation making the problem worse.To eliminate an over acid condition in the body the colon must be cleansed of the mucous, bad bacteria, and parasites making acid and poisoning the body. Good health begins in the colon and death begins in the colon. There is no such thing as acid reflex disease, but there is a dirty colon. Drug companies can make money off dirty colons but they can make pills for diseases they invent.

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