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crushed aspiring 323 mg or higher uncoated but if u can't find then the coated on. Crushed about 40 and then add one teaspoon apple cider vinager and then teaspoon of castor oil. It works cus aspiring is salycid accid that is used in creams. Put the paste at night time and cover the warts. I had the coliflowers types at the top on my vagina and the entrance of my vagina plus more flat around my clit area. Disgustin. I took about 4 application but from the day one you can see the warts shirveled and turn dark and comesoff. Do not soap and water the area just water and clean your anus but dont touch. The paste will stick to them and turn then white and then dark and crumble. Keep putting paste and night time for the third day bacuse the new skin is coming out. so there will be some bleeding since the warts are detaching. I tried teatree oil did not work, castor oil with baking soda did not work. and the painful ACV it hurts too much. About the pasted is better to make smaller batch like 20 aspiring and kind of make a paste with castor oil. It still work and thankfull I found the recipe on line.

Stewey Feb 06 2017

I'm here to say that I caught genital warts from a girl I was seeing who did not tell me she had them until 6 months into the relationship and several months of being intimate. Needless to say I broke up with her. I think its a horrible thing to do to somebody. Anyway. I did not think I actually caught it because it was not until almost seven years later before I saw anything. Two small warts appeared on the shaft of my penis. I was horrified. I got them frozen off at the clinic and it was horrible, degrading and painful. Was happy they were gone though. Six months later they came back with more of them appearing.I had about 7 warts in total plus two had appeared on my anus. God I was devastated. I really did not want to go back to the clinic, as it obviously did not work anyway. I found this thread and decided that the ACV would be worth trying I mean why not? I only used cider vinegar as I could not find any apple cider vinegar. I wont give the brand name as I do not want other people to think I am here to endorse a product. I did not apply any during the day, as I could not stand the smell to be honest. I applied it to the affected ares with cotton wool soaked in the cider vinegar and kept it on with plaster strips and sellotape and I also put some cotton wool soaked in the vinegar up my you know where. It did not really burn me too bad it was tolerable.I left it on all night. I did this for four nights and my God people my warts are all but gone. I mean gone. I am going to continue for a few more nights just in case. I really cannot believe how well this worked . Thank you to everyone on this thread for your advice. People listen to me I am not making this up my warts are gone, the cider vinegar really does work. I also took the advice of quitting drinking, exercising, eating well and I took two multi-vitamin supplements a day to help. Good luck to everyone trying to get rid of this. And remember in most cases it is not our fault we got this , it was the unthoughtful and nasty people who gave it to us without a care for how it would affect our lives. Thank God for cider vinegar.


Hello all,

I have only returned to this thread to say thanks. Ive completely got rid of warts. Yes , you read it right , " WARTS COMPLETELY GONE" .

If you are stressed and tired wasting money, use TEA TREE OIL , wrks like a charm. In about one month am all clean.

The day i first noticed it om my d*** i thought it was just a small bump. When i realised its wart i was so stressed that at one moment i felt commiting suicide. Was so scares of it. Then i found this thread and read about ACV (Apple cider vinegar) and other remedies. I started with ACV ,it burns but it work to some extent only on small ones. Then i started using tree oil , and within few days i saw reduction in size and in weeks they were all gone.

So frnds , please dont get stressed , you can get rid of warts at home . Its painless , cheap , fast and effective . Thanks a lot again to all those who shared their exp.


I had genital warts for about a year before I decided to do something about it. It was ruining my life and relationships because I couldnt get intimate with women. I was too scared to go the doctor so I tried a few online options. I had a lot of clusters of warts that wouldnt go away. I heard about ACV but didnt find it effective at all and the smell was terrible. I gave up on ACV cuz it did not work. So i found this cream online called Dernuva wart remover and it literally got rid of all my genital warts in just a few days. I put it on twice a day. 1 time in the morning and one time before bed and around day 4 most of the warts were gone and by day 6 all of my genital warts were gone. I would highly recommend dernuva. Remember the genital warts arent going away so the longer you wait the more time you lose. good luck.


Doing acv and castor oil mixture for 2 nights now. Can't stick it all night because penis is too small (i know it's a shame) and it seems like my penis does not want to be treated because it goes too small whenever i want to put toilet paper and tape on it so it can be on all night. The thing is the warts are turning white when the mixture is on it. But if i tape it in my penis just goes smaller so the tp and tape comes off. And when i wash it the warts go brown again. Losing confidence and losing hope. Ill stop smoking and minimize drinking and then apply acv and castor oil mixture from now on every night then try to buy some vitamins to boost immune system. Any suggestions and ideas guys? Ill try to update once a week. I hope this virus will stop. Im too ashamed to see a doctor and ive got some financial issues as well so home remedies is my only hope

Old timer

I just stared my treatment with acv and so far so good. I applied it the first night for only 3 hours and you could see them turning white. The next night I left it on all night, in the morning they turned black. Tonight I'm treating a couple more areas hoping for the same results. Maybe in about 2 weeks they will all be gone. I have a lot of them but luckily there all very small. For me I don't get the burning or skin discolor that everyone is getting .


I posted my remedy tues april 7th 2015 which at that point i had been 8-9 months completely clear of all genital warts. I battled continual outbreaks for 2 solid yrs trying everything. Then finally found something that worked for me. Now its Oct 2016 roughly been 2yrs and 4 months and still outbreak free never seen another wart again. If nothings working for you please read my old post from april 2015 its a long post and read through the comments where i explained more detail to my treatment to people asking. Just Keep fighting


I’m a 22 year old woman and this is how I’ve been dealing with HPV. English is not my first langage, so I’m sorry for possible mistakes! I have found help and comfort in this feed and I hope I can help others go through what I have been through.

If you’re new with the diagnosis, repeat after me : this is not the end of my life. HPV is one of the most common STDs and your body can eliminate the virus by itself. It’s a pain in the ass (sometimes literally) and it will take time, but the good new is that you can get rid of it.

I was diagnosed with HPV back in August, but have experienced symptoms since January. I was feeling an itch in my lady parts, but thought it was only due to the cold weather that usually dries my skin a lot. Summer came and the itch was still there from time to time, but I didn’t have any other symptoms so I didn’t worry about it that much. After a summer of occasional drinking and smoking, I found what turned out to be warts in my vulval area. They were outgrows of skin that looked like cauliflower (it looked exactly like they described it on the Internet). Until I got checked by my doctor, since I wasn’t exactly sure what it was, I applied BETADERM creme on them to relieve the itching that got worse now that the warts were out. It managed the itch but didn’t do anything to the size of the warts. Once I checked with my doctor and got the confirmation that it was warts, I took an appointment to a gynaecologist to have them remove, but the appointment I got was only in November. There were quite a lot of warts and I wanted them gone because I thought they were embarrassing and uncomfortable.

I tried the ACV method and here’s how it went for me. I would apply ACV on the tip of a cotton ball and put it directly on the warts. It burned like holy hell at the first application and I think it’s totally normal. I have a great pain tolerance so I just went with it, but if you can’t stand the pain, try diluting the ACV with water. It may take longer to see results, but it won’t hurt as much. I would secure the cotton balls with bandaids and keep them on all night (a good 8 to 10 hours). Make sure your skin is dry before you try to put the bandaid on it otherwise it won’t stay in place. I had read that you may want to protect the skin around the warts from the irritation the bandaid can cause with oil or creme, but I found the bandaid as well as the medical tape didn’t stick to the skin. The vulval area can be a tricky place to put bandaids on. In the morning, I would take the cotton balls off and wash the area with a soft for the skin soap to get rid of the bandaid glue and the smell as well. I would finally apply coconut oil so that my skin repairs easier. In only three or four nights, they were gone. My advice would be to persevere with the treatment even if it hurts or feels sore : it’s a sign it’s healing.

What also really helps is keeping your immune system strong. I started taking Vitamin C and probiotics, stopped drinking, ate healthier and stayed active. The warts haven’t come back yet, except for a Monday morning after a night where I had had (yes, only) two beers. I treated the wart with ACV and it went away.

As for the itch, it’s still present (sigh). I find that putting ACV on the itching area relieves a lot of it. I know it might itch quite a lot, but DON’T SCRATCH IT. Scratching the area will only make the virus spread and warts appear.

Good luck to anyone who suspects they’ve been infected with HPV or have been diagnosed and stay positive, beautiful people.


I had genital warts for 9 months before they finally cleared. I went to the doctor for multiple topical treatments. Those treatments didn't work. I started taking vitamin C and one-a-day multivitamins daily. I also bought a natural ingredient soap with tea tree from Whole Foods. After doing that the warts were gone after 2-3 weeks of use. I wish I would've found that method out much sooner than doing other home remedies. If you decide to use soap with tea tree -only use for 6 weeks then switch to regular soap. Warts cleared at the end of July. Haven't seen any since.



I'm just here to give my contribuition to all of you. I'am a 24 year old female and I had genital warts since I got my HPV shot (Gardasil) when I was 15.

First, only one came up and was really small, I never thought it was a wart. Since then, thereafter others appeared and I didn't knew what to do because I was ashamed. I did every year the papsmear test and no HPV in my system they said, I didn't wanted to insist on the problem and blame the vaccine since the medical community can be very protective on the pharmaceutical industry.

So I decided to treat me at home with some natural remedies I saw on the internet. As some of you, I tried the ductape and the banana method and some oils I heard about. I can say that none of these worked for me and I needed to be more agressive so as the vírus was.

I took off little bits of the warts with scissors and then disinfected with hydrogen peroxide and Povidone-iodine (Betadine). I did this two times and I can assure you I have no warts since then, they are completely gone!

If you try this, make sure the scissors are disinfected and you regularly clean the area with hydrogen peroxide. If it is gona hurt? Yes, a little bit and it may seem that the warts go bigger, but in the next day they will be much much smaller. You should wait a day or two in between and then repeat the method.

Also, and this is very importante: stop shaving! I just do my bikini line, and I trim the rest of my pubic hair. This way I keep myself clean and I am wart free since then.

Sorry, but english is not my native tongue.

I hope I've been helpful.

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