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I've been reading this forum for quite a long time, I got a hemorroid about 5 years ago and since then had three more. Each one has left a very noticeable skin tag, which is very embarrassing, I've very conscious of them and it was and still is very awkward during sex with my partner. He continues tell me they do not phase him and he does not care, but yet I feel they do! I've been to the doctors and have been supplied very various steroid creams and all sorts but yet nothing has happened so today I have decides to go with the tying off method. I have only tied one just to see if it works it's slighty uncomfortable but it's a pain I can deal with, it's an aching pain more than anything it's already swelled to a point where it's about 3 times the size, if the pain gets any worse I will take some ibrofuren or something but for now it later ok. I tied it as tight as I could and its home hard as well, hopefully this will work as its been a problem I've been so conscious about! So I will update in a few days to let everyone know the progress!!


I am soooo thankful for finding this page!!!
My story is just like many on here, so I won't repeat what's already been said about tying off anal skin tags.... But I wanted to add a note.
I used Dermoplast spray for the pain and it really helped. It was given to me in the hospital when I had my second child. (6 months ago) The nurses told me to use it freely in the area of my episiotomy. It's a pain relieving spray found at drugstores, about $8. Seriously worth it to have on hand when you start this process. And I used embroidery floss. (Only 3 strands out of the 6 in each thread). I wouldn't recommend dental floss bc it cuts into your skin too bad.
It's been 7 days for me and its dangling by a tiny piece... Should fall off tomorrow!

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