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Al Gunshefski

An even better treatment than clove oil is good old whiskey. Take a small mouthful of whiskey and let it sit in your mouth until the pain subsides. Do not squish it around in your mouth and do not swallow it. This will temporarily relieve the pain and will have to be repeated again once the pain returns. Also will cause your mouth to burn momentarily but that is worth the pain relief you will get.


Sounds odd, but try taking a little cotten ( as much as need to pack the cavity comfortably, but not with too much pressure, then hold it with tweezers, and cover it in orajel. the using the tweezers, pack the cotton into the cavity. my dentists wife passed away, and i have been waiting for 6 months to get into a dentist(scince she fell ill) and nothing helped, tylenol3, vicoden, nothing. but one night i tried this, and was SOOOOOOOOOOO relieved


If your pain is caused by a tooth with an abcess in it then fill the hole with clove powder. This works much better as a topic Anaesthetic than anything else I've tried.


cut a potato in half and place it were it hurts and it takes the swelling out and it stop it from hurting


A good solid rinse with either OTC hydrogen peroxide (or, even better, there is an excellent oral rinse that I cannot remember the name of but it is in the dental aisle in a white bottle w/blue lettering, specially made for mouth ulcers, canker sores, denture tenderness, etc.) After the good swishing for at least 60 seconds, spit it out (try not to swallow it). It should not sting but you may feel the tingle of the bubbling action. Afterward, gently squirt undiluted clove oil into the affected, tender area with a small (perhaps a baby syringe). It may not taste great but it will help relieve the pain until you can get in to the dentist to make sure the infection is dealt with.


Moisten a teabag in hot water. Place the teabag on the area or tooth that is abcessed. Then rub some vicks ointment on the outside of your face where the pain is.


Place a steeped, drained tea bag as hot as you can stand it directly on the tooth. The tea leaves will draw out the abcess and relieve the pain.


I had an abcess due to a bad root canal.
I couldn't stand the idea of this thing growing bigger and poisoning me while I waited for an appointment. I sterilized a razor with flame and isopropyl alcohol. Put a small incision so as to allow the puss to drain and spit continually until it was right down. I used peroxide on a cotton ball to between teeth and cheek to press on it making sure not to swallow the peroxide.
Check it repeatedly, when you need to spit, and stop when you see no more bubbling or the tissue is turning white. This white tissue will prevent the incision to reclose and provide a natural shunt to allow any further puss to be released. There is no danger in swallowing the puss, perhaps some nauseau (that might be psychological) but at any rate, spitting out frequently would make you feel better.
The abcess did not come back for me although I did get a root canal of which had failed and turned out only a partial. Still did not get another abcess. Can't say your's won't come back...Sorry...


For abcessed tooth - Put a small amout of hydrogen peroxide in mouth in the area of the tooth - swish around for about 5 minutes, spit it out, and rinse with warm salt water. It may have to be done several times until the abcess begins to drain. If you have to repeat it, wait an hour or so before doing it. I also take Echinacea and Goldenseal and garlic capsules and take Ibuprofen if needed for pain. Ssome pain can be relieved temporarily with a hot cloth applied to the face in the area of the offending tooth.

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