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Try using a BC or Goody powder this could be brought at your local Walgreens or CVS store. This is a powder aspirin. Take a portion apply directly to tooth then swallow remainder of portion. Hope this was helpful.


Ok I couldn't stand the pain any longer so I went to the emergency room at 1:30 in the morning. It is not 3:30 and for the first time in days I am pain free. Doc haver me Vicodin and and antibiotic so hopefully won't have any other issues. Gettimg dentures next month.


Dentists are there for a reason. A good maintenance programs and necessary treatments. Not all tooth problems require seeing the dentist first.

For abscess salt, either applied directly to the gum or in salt water wash will do wonders. The best thing is to catch the problem, early. Give the area a gentle brushing to loosen up any possible food stuck in the gum. I make strong salt water as I can stand and hold a sip at a time on my affected area for about 30 seconds and repeat every half hour. Motrin and tylenol keep inflammation down, as many have already said. My tooth was starting to hurt my ear when I woke up this morning. I began with the salt and Motrin. In about an hour, I was about 90% relieved. This is the second abscess I've had and both times, now, the salt works. I hope you all an find relief. Toothaches are the worse, for me.


I had nerve pain in my tooth for days, couldn't eat or sleep, i never expierenced pain like tht in my life. i was so desperate i was willing to try anything, nothing worked. i couldn't find any CLOVES oil so i gi=ot the ground up CLOVES in the spice section and made a paste, put it straight on my tooth and it burnt like hell for a while but after about 30 min. the pain was all gone. them CLOVEs are a miracle. u can put them in a tea bag and use them like tht but i strongly recommend trying the CLOVES, believe me u wont regret it...


So I've tried the gargling salt water.
It didn't help at all, I'm just whimpering and groaning in bed trying to sleep but this pain isn't letting me at all. I was to scream and cry.
So I looked at some more and tried the Sensodyne and it helped the pain through out the evening though I had to reapply the Paste after eating, and every 30-45 minutes.

I am now trying theVodka/Rum/Whiskey, seeing if it'll help and so far I just want to shoot myself. I after swishing and spitting the rum out the pain comes back intensified.

I can no longer go to a dentist for another week and I'm in so much pain. I have no cloves or gum or wax, no T3s, no lemons or medicine as I'm just vising family for the week. I was to enjoy my stay not wrieth in pain.

Any one else know anything that works instantly?


Thank you so much for the remedies you guys have all posted here!!!!

I have a bad lower front tooth, it's been lose for a while and I was told a couple years ago it can't be saved and needs to come out. But I can't afford to go to the dentist (I am allergic to 'caines' and must pay cash for general anesthesia and for a dental surgeon in a day surgery clinic setting..a few thousand dollars at best...since they say they need to do all my work at once while I am under, due to risk from anesthesia. So I have been nursing this tooth (the worst) along for a while, trying to maintain good oral health and take care of things faithfully while I save my money to be put under and get everything fixed.

Well, it finally abscessed and yesterday I awoke to a painful pus filled pocket on the gum just below the tooth. I already use peroxide and water to swish when doing my oral care, but I did it with extra peroxide (less dilution with water) yesterday morning and then swished with warm salt water, and then I used a tea bag as a poultice. The tea bag opened it and drew out the pus, which I of course spit out (yuk). It drained all afternoon yesterday. Nasty!But once it drained the pain lessened.

I also started on 2000mg of garlic with 500mg of vitamin c, and low and behold 3 doses of the garlic and vitamin c and one day later,I am like a new woman! Not even sore!

I will continue the garlic and vitamin c routine as well as my other already established oral hygiene routine and I will continue to save my pennies to get the dental work done. But I just wanted to share, I was skeptical but desperate when I came here, but these remedies really worked. I needed to come back and tell you and give you all a big thank you!!!!!

Martin hole

Last year I was in Jamaica I woke up one morning and my face was so swollen my eye was shut through an abscess on my tooth my friends uncle took me to the garden where there was a papaya tree he picked a small one (one that had just started to grow) then cut the top and squeezed the sap which I put on the abscess and may god strike me down it was gone within one hour


While it's great that a home remedy can work, I strongly urge people suffering from a tooth abscess to be seen by a professional (ie endodontist) because if the remedy is unsuccessful, an abscess can become a true medical emergency resulting in brain damage or death!

Desiree M

Im 24 and haven't been to the dentist since I was 14... I had 4 teeth that use to have fillings and I have never had any problems till I had my 1st daughter at 20. Then my fillings started cracking and falling out. Then I had my 2nd daughter 23 and between my first and my 2nd my 4 teeth that had the fillings started to break. And its only my 4 that use to have the fillings in them. And now lately they have been hurting to where I can't bare it. Crying and trying everything. I use Oracle around the gum which use to work and now I have to take 800mg ibuprofen and oragel which did work now my one tooth hurts so bad that it doesn't work. I can't go to the dentist till I get my taxes back which sucks for me. It makes me a mad woman with how bad they hurt. So I tried the peroxide and water which seems to work some. But I have read the other things people try the vaporub and clove oil. So im willing to try anything to get the pain down till I can get to the dentist. Just makes me a little more at ease that other people feel the same pain as I do.


My tooth was hurting bad after drinking a soda and eating candy all i wanted to do was just cry cuz the pain was that bad my head and the whole side of my face started to hurt so i tried what my mother use to do back then

1: cup of warm salt water
2: take a q-tip dip it in rubbing alcohol
3: rub the q-tip around the bad tooth
Boo my toothache was gone :)

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