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The teabag method actually works!! I used peppermint teabags (peppermint is a great natural pain killer). I then remembered an elixir called Maria Treben's 'Swedish Bitters'. You can get this from the Health Food Store. Just saturate cotton wool/small amount of kitchen towel with it and place it on the abcess. I finally had a good nights sleep. I've only applied it once today (at 09:00) and it's now 19:00 and I'm able to cope. The selling comes down and it deals with the pain too as well as cleaning the wound. Tastes like c**p but worth the minor discomfort. I can finally go back to work tomorrow!

Dr. Graxel Mc Kinley

Just take salt and dab it on to your affected area. IF that didnt work dab vanilla extract on to it. Then play a game or your wii to take your mind off of it.


I have been in pain for days...prob killed my liver with all the motrin i've put me on an antibiodic and tylenol 3 with codine....needless to say it still didn't help with the pain tonight. I decided to google how to treat this pain and saw a method that involved using a dry tea bag...after ransacking my kitchen I found a box of peppermint tea bags tucked one between my cheek and gums and have enjoyed an almost painless hour now...thanks for the ideas.


chlorhexidine solution!!!!! for those of you fortunate enough to get to the dentist, ask him for some and keep it on hand. mine came with a refill and a shelf life of a year. knocked my pain out instantly.


I was suffering from pain in my wisdom tooth and overnight my gums around the wisdom tooth got sollen. In the morning I could barely see my wisdom tooth because there was so much swelling plus the area felt numb. I did the folliwng which is an age old remedy:

1. I put about 5 whole cloves both sides of the mouth (this stings for a bit but instantly reduces the pain)

2. I put a pack of ice on my cheek where the tooth was paining and felt the pain reduce

3. After the swelling had come down significantly with the above and I could finally see my wisdom tooth, I put a green-tea bag in betwen my teeth and my gums for half hour.

The pain and swelling really reduced within an hour. My advice would be - just be patient and follow a home remedy religously for an hour - it will work !!


I broke a tooth on tuesday Nov. 4 2008 and I belive the nerve is exposed.The pain is very severe,almost bring tears to my eyes.The pain started once every 5-6 hours and lasted a few minutes.Later in the week it became non stop.I had important things going on at work and could not take off to go to the Dentist.With my coverage I could not get an appointment until next week.I was using Ora-gel max every 10 minutes out of desperation{dosage is suppose to be once every 4 hours} when I came upon this web site.I read a post about Vanilla extract and gave it a try on a soaked Q-tip and held it on the tooth.The pain was gone in 30 seconds.I don't know at this point how long the pain will subside for, but it works for now.I think it's better then doing Ora-gel.The brand I am using is Spice Classics Pure Vanilla Extract.The broken tooth is 1 in from the wisdom tooth top right. Good luck


If you're looking for temporary relief until you can see a doctor/dentist and you don't feel like sucking on a tea bag or downing some pills, or even tasting that rancid taste of orajel/anbesol/clove oil, try leaning over a stool or tucking your head down for a bit, breathe through your nose instead of your mouth.

Depending on how severe the pain is, it usually clears up within a few seconds to a few minutes and stays away for a little bit. Sometimes it doesn't exactly work but it's good for a brief remedy.


I want to thank every one whom has written in with their home remedy's. I have broken 3 of my back teeth over the years. And every once in a while they will become infected. In the past,I have started a series of antibiotics and a whole lot of Advil to deal with the pain. However yesterday I was woken up at 3 Am with severe pain and swelling. Nothing I was using was easing the pain for more than an half an hour. By 3 Pm I was going out of my mind. I read about cutting a small opening for the infection to drain. They tried this on me last time when I ended up at the hospital but to no avail. So at my wit's end, I pulled out my exacto knife set, sterilized the blade, and on my 3rd try, I hit the right spot. I pressed real hard on my cheek and quite a bit of blood and puss came out. Man what a relief. I rinsed my mouth with salt water and decided to try the tea bag. After using my second tea bag, all the pain was gone and was the swelling. I had a good meal an hour later and tried to get some un interupted sleep. When I awoke my face was swelled up again. But I had no pain. I took some more Advil and an ice pack for 30 min. The swelling went back down to an acceptible level and I have been able to make it thru my work day. Again,I want to thank all whom have written in. I had 13 hours of pain this time compaired to 2-3 days in the past. I am really impressed how the tea bag worked. I never would of thought it.


Ok I have tried the smoking pot thing didn't really help for this pain that is up on the top of the list w/childbirth!! I fortunatly have insurance but it took me almost a year to find a dentsist to except it (medicaid) so for a year I would take a small piece of cotten wet it w/warm water and roll in eaqual amounts of baking soda and salt and tuck between cheek and gum this draws out the infection which helps w/pain!! after that u should try the pot thing! it Totally helped for me!!
should only be a temp. fix until you can get to a dentist but I did this for almost a year!! when the pain first started I had a newborn baby and felt like i couldn't take care of him I am so glad i heard about this from a friend because I have been able to enjoy my baby!! and fortunatly I just got it pulled (had to go to dif. county though)!!!:) I would use this method again if need be!

peppermint extract

Pure pepper mint extract- just take a few cap fulls n pour on tooth n swoosh around- instant relief no lie!!! 89% alcohol kills the pain instantly and cleans mouth leaving u w/ minty breath.... Cheap effective and can be found in spice cabinet-

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