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Mikki Blueyes

I tried a bunch of these and the tea bag one really worked for me, but the trick is you have to have patience!! It took an hour and a half (and 2 tea bags) before I got ANY relief but it did work. I tried ice and advil and tylenol 1's (with codeine) and I was still in screaming pain. I got some relief by pursing water in my cheek, but I was drinking so much water I was peeing every 10 mins. But the tea bag made the ultimate difference that I could sleep. Thanks to all who recommended it!!


I have really bad teeth and have used every suggestion that may have been suggested to me. I found that placing a tea bag (I wet it first) as close as you can to bothersome tooth will indeed decrease your pain. I put the tea bag in and then a hot rag on the outside of my cheek and normally I fall asleep and by the time I wake up (whatever the duration may be) I feel a lot better. Tea bags may not be good for your teeth as coffee isn't but I hope this helps someone because a tooth pain is AWFUL.

In Pain

Take a swab of cotton and mix up some salt and baking soda together and put it on the affected area it takes care of the pain i have yet to find out if it draws out the infection

Stephanie M.

Use Dr. Tichenors Antiseptic as a mouthwash, or dip a cotton swab in it and rub it on the affected area(s). As a mouthwash you're supposed to add five parts water, but since my pain gets pretty severe, I just used a cap-full without diluting it. It burned so much, but the pain was gone for quite some time.


I just want to thank everyone for submitting your remedies. I have been awake for 37 hours straight thanks to my half of a wisdom tooth. I just used cloraseptic salt water gargle followed by lysterine and I am about to pass out pain free. When I wake up I will go buy some other things to try especially if this doesn't last too long. Again thanks everyone


I have been sittin up with my boyfriend for the past week at night...because his tooth has been hurting so bad that he can't sleep...finally i said the heck with this..we're goin to figure out what we can do to get rid of the pain...i need to get some sleep...

so this is what we did...first i tried the vanilla...he said ''yeah that helped'' but then he said '' nope the pain is back again'' still no sleep for next i reading page after page on things he could use...i came across the we tried that..(might i meantion he HATES onions) but he was willing to do anything....he said'' wow that helped...'' yup you guessed it '' no the pain is back''
so then i said well...this woman said gargle with nightquil...after all three of these and me listening to him...tell me none of them worked...guess gettin some sleep tonight cus he has passed out before i even got all this i would say....use all three in that order...and maybe just will get some sleep tonight...

best wishes and i hope all your tooth minor...


I disolved an asprin with a few drops of Almond extract. The Almond extract did burn my toung, but my pain is gone. I tried advil, tylonl, and even a vicodin and nothing worked. The asprin and almond mixed placed directly on my tooth, which is getting a root canal tomarrow, stopped the pain.
I applied the solution with a q-tip.
Use this if desperate but be careful.


Just by accident I found that bananas help me. Like others, it hurt so bad I was almost in a panic, so having not eaten in a couple days I ate a banana and it did ease the pain a great deal, only lasted for about a half hour though. Definately going to try some of the other remedies on here.


I tried a lot of these things. Nothing worked for me except for whiskey. I just let it set on there till the burning sensation goes away and spit it out. My pain has gone from a 10 to at least a 2. Good temporary relief till I see the dentist in couple days.


This worked great for me,mix baking soda,sea salt,peroxide,add a drop of tea tree oil, drop of goldenseal,then soak it on a cotton ball ,place it on the gums close to the affect tooth, keep it there for a hour or so. then you can rinse your mouth with sea salt water. then take vitiam c 1000mg & garlic 1000mg ,this is to kill the infection internally. the swelling around my tooth was down in about two hrs. pain relief was almost immediate. I will continue this routine for a day or so , till the infection & pain are gone. good luck to all!

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