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Sinus infection----buy crushed garlic (in a jar) and a eye dropper---fill dropper 1/2 full of liqud---tilt head back--press the dropper and allow the liquid to go into the sinis cavity--same for the other nasal cavity--(CAUTION PRIOR TO DOING---THIS WILL CAUSE A LARGE AMOUNT OF BURNING) do twice a day for several days only--I have been affected with severe sinus infections for the past 15ys and this is the only thing that works for me--skip the antibiotics and doctor visits. No worry about affecting your bodies natural flora and it works!!!


My molar next to my wisdom tooth is almost gone, about 2 years ago it broke in half and the filling dropped out. The cavity is very deep and goes to the roots, but the roots are good and never really caused me any pain as long as I kept using a flouride rinse, and ate nothing w/ cane sugar in it(honey, beet sugar, and 100% fruit juice never caused me any pain), until I tweaked my tooth chewing on grape nuts cerial. I have a huge abcess now. I've been taking Motrin 200 mg every 2 hours, and the Dentist gave me antibiotics and tylenol 3, but for some reason (I am not sure why) he did not drain the abcess. Even with the antibiotics and painkillers the pain was excruciating! I cannot imagine what those of you w/o the pain killers are experiencing! Thanks to the ideas I found here, I've been using the dry tea bag (organic green tea), Swedish Bitters on a bit of cotton stuffed into the cavity and an ice pack on my cheek. Took about 1/2 hour to start working but my pain is finally under control.


Tea Tree Oil. I never heard of it until I had encountered it here. Folks say to use it for a bad toothache. I looked and found it in my local Wal*Mart store (Pennsylvania, USA) The brand name is 'Spring Valley'. It cost me $ 7.66 USD for 2 fluid ounces. Here is some of the WARNING quoted from the back of the bottle: ' .... Avoid contact with eyes, nose, mouth, inner ear, or other tender areas. Do not use on children or animals.' 'For external use only. Do not ingest...'
It is a natural antiseptic.


I was told by a dentist that the 'red cross' stuff that you can use for tooth pain 'does' kill the pain...but it also will totally 'kill' the nerve in your tooth. Your tooth doesn't hurt any more because the root of the tooth is dead because of it.


Oil of oregano is not the kind of oregano that you would typically find in your kitchen.....for those who don't know about it. It is the oil of a wild oregano plant. It is used as an antibiotic and use to be used in hospitals to steralize operating equipment at one time. You can easily find places that sell it on the internet as well. It helps to steralize your mouth/teeth. Place a drop of the liquid on a cotton swab or the end of your finger to apply. It burns a little like maybe eating a hot pepper...but it won't kill you. Just don't use it in your eyes, or on mucus membranes. It most likely will not stop tooth pain all by itself, but it 'will' help to kill the infection that is causing the pain.


i have been in severe pain and no denist will touch me until infection gone. my poor husband desperate to get me out of pain brought me almond extract, i tried it and it worked. i have been eating vicodin for three days and imagine something i never use in my spice cabinet works..thank you so much


My god i am in pain, i've torn the ligaments in my knee, broken my arm, dislocated my shoulder...nothing compares to a toothache, nothing! I cannot for the life of me find this Red Cross stuff and Hurricane gel people are mentioning, i hope to find it, but so far i've tried the BC powder mixed it with salt and baking soda and it has provided fair relief, not 100% but i feel sane again. The oregano thin just annoying to clean up, don't recommend it.


I searched internet for home remedy for tooth abscess and came upon this site. What a relief! Several posts mentioned good ole peroxide which is a staple in my home. So here's my two cents. Swish mouthful (normal amount used for mouthwash) full strength generic hydrogen peroxide for ten minutes 3 times did the trick for me! First 10 mins. rinse I noticed pain relief. Second 10 mins. rinse, swelling relief. Third 10 mins. rinse, I was completely relieved of pain and swelling AND SENSE OF TASTE temporarily. A bit extreme to say the least, but worth getting rid of mind numbing pain and chipmunk cheek. This method kept misery at bay until my dentist appointment four days later. I hope this helps you too.


Well I tried a few of the suggestions on here with no avail.. i took alot of painkillers which helped but today when I woke up my face was unrecognisable with the swelling and I could feel the abscess between my cheek and my upper gum so I took an old Mach 3 razor blade to bits and sliced the blistering abscess - I have never tasted or smelled anything so bad in my life but wow it felt good when I did it - it was under alot of pressure and u can imagine the mess but that gave me enough pain relief to get up to the docs and and get antibiotics until my dentsist appointment in 3 days!


First I wanted to Thank everyone who left some wonderful info here. This site has really helped. when I woke up this morning the left side of my face was swollen because of an infection with an abscessed tooth (I'll be calling the dental clinic tomorrow, but it takes forever to get in)... This is what I did and it really worked...

1) Advil 800 (help with the pain in swelling)

2)rinsed with some hydrogen peroxide, then with listerine (helps clean the infection also with the pain)

3) dry tea bag (green tea) on the infected arean

4) I put a heat pack on my face (easy way to make one at home put some (uncooked) rice in a sock and tie it off warm in the microwave 1-2min then place it where ever you hurt)

after about 20 min with the tea bag i took it out the abscess wasn't ready to drain yet.

5) I took some fresh garlic, crushed up a clove and placed it directly on the infected area (Warning: it will burn like there is no tomorrow but it really really works) after about 5min i was able to drain the abscess (it might take a little longer for different people)

I felt relief right away, it was still sore but so so much better. After i finished draining the abscess rinsed my mouth out with water then.

6) brushed my teeth with peroxide and backing soda

7) Rinsed my mouth out with listerine

8) I took some Vitamin C 1000mg

I feel nearly 100% better!!!!!

Also to help draw out any more infection I put a new tea bag on the infected area, and laid down with the heating pad for bout 45min.....

I hope this helps.. Good luck to everyone.....

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