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Ok so its after 5am and I'm in complete agony! No way can I afford 2 go 2 the dentist 4 an extraction so here I am after my son was born my teeth r a mess thank God not the ones u can see but still sucks horribly! So I've taken IB 800s and used this red cross solution the directions say apply for 1 min but it takes longer than that but its slowly easing off I just wish I could sleep pain free I have read every remedy here and appreciate you all greatly! This is a wonderful site 4 desperate people! Pray 4 me!


Last week I finally had enough pain in my back molar that I called the dentist and begged for an appointment to pull the tooth. He told me he couldn't pull it because it was infected so I would have to be put on antibiotics. I went to the ER and got oral antibiotics and pain relievers and went home. 2 days later the abscess was so bad it spread to my lymph nodes and invaded my trachea. I was rushed to the er and had to have emergency oral surgery to releive the pressure off my throat so I could breath again. I have never been so afraid of dying in my life and I just want all of you to know that while home remedies are some of the best out there don't play games with your health. If you are in pain you may need to see a doctor. Use your better judgment when it comes to your safety. The whole time I was being tubed and drugged and cut open I kept thinking my headstone would read....'here lies angie, she died from a toothache.'


I had wisdom teeth growing.. tried every remedy known to man. My boyfriend bought me a pack of Doan's Back Pain pills from walmart ($5) and aleve. Doan's contain magnesium so be mindful taking them if you are already taking magnesium or potassium. The first night take two Doan's tablets and two aleve and go to bed (the Doan's will definitely knock you out!) From then on take one Doan's and two aleve for pain. I am a registered nurse, never believed this would work.. I even took them for pain after having four wisdom teeth removed. Another nurse at work tried the rememdy and was amazed because it worked for her also!!


As wwierd as it sounds and as bad as people tell oyu it is, chewing tobaco such as red man helps me with my tooth acs almost 100 percent.By chewing a little pinch where the site of the pain is, the pain is gone.


Reading this site actually helped me, but in the past this is what I have done:

Take some sort of IB Profin or Tylenol
Brush teeth
Rinse mouth with a salt + water solution
(Or rinse with listerine)

This is usually only a temporary fix for me, but I cant get my dental work done right now because I'm pregnant. (I need oral surgery because the infected tooth is in my sinus cavity and that sucks)

If this is able to help anyone out, I am glad I could help!


my dentist was on vacation for the week and i went to see another dentist. he actually gave me clove oil. it's great. it stops pain w/in seconds and heals the infection. you aren't supposed to DRINK it, but don't rinse afterwards! apply the oil to your tooth sparingly. then, don't spit into a sink. just spit softly onto a paper towel or kleenex until the terrible taste gets better. :)


i am suffering from 3 broken teeth . and for some reason pain pills do not work all the time . i have also been using ore- gel .i have found if you wet a cloth in ex streamly hot water and apply to the face. where tooth pain is .repeat when rag gets cold . keep doing so 3 or 4 times it will help with the pain. i think because when the cold hits it ,it makes the pain worse .


I herd that back in civil war days when soilders got shot and they had no antibiotics or anitibiotics was n't working and a soilder was infected and about to loose a leg or arm,they smeard honey on the wound and saved the leg or arm.Bacteriea can not live in honey...I had mold spores get in my eyes while working under a house,my eyes started watering,burned like fire and swold shut,I rubbed honey in them,straight on the eyeballs,waited a few minutes and repeated,after 2nd treatment I was watching tv with no pain in the eyes...I now have an abscess tooth,been hurting for 4-5 daynow,can't even get descent sleep,tried all kinds of home remedies.I used my finger and rubbed honey on it 2-3 times and at first it hurt a few seconds,then the pain stopped.I already knew that honey kills bacteria,I had 6 bee hives but,had to sell them,after years of getting stung and no problems I suddenly turned allergic to bee stings and had to sell them but,I still know about and use honey,one of God's true miricales!..Try it!!!Rub honey on your tooth and gums a couple of times and see if it don't stop.


This goes along the same lines as others have suggested,using throat spray on a cotton ball and placing it on the tooth. I just improved it slightly. They make chloraseptic strips now. I simply moistened two of them with my tongue and using my tongue wrapped them around the painful it dissolves it actually shrinks tighter against the tooth filling in the cavity. It works like a charm. Good luck!


first off. red cross toothache liquid is the active ingredient in clove oil refined and put in linseed oil- so just use the clove oil, its cheeper,
moist tobaco of any type will draw poison, including tooth abcess, but can destroy the enamel on your teeth too

if you catch the abcess as it first starts, 2 alieve,2 advil, 2 excedrin, and 1 benadril AT THE SAME TIME, do not take this for too many days straight as they can have advers effects

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