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Nick h

I put peanut butter on a piece of cinnamon stick and also looked up and this helped tootcach a little bit


I rubbed my teeth with the inside of an orange peel then brushed my teeth, then i waited a while, then poured some extra virgin olive oil on a white wash cloth and scrubbed my teeth. wow my teeth felt sooo clean and smooth. And my teeth looked really white.

Tiffany H

Okay so Im deathly afraid of the dentist for two reasons the pain and the cost! So I have read every suggestion on this site and from previous experience with an abscess that made the left side of my face swell so i looked like a bull frog, i have chosen to do a combination of swishing with warm salt water, tea bags and heat compress! I remember last year when i had the abscess I applied a sock filled with rice and warmed it in the micro, the heat was an instant relief and sure enough in the middle of the night my abscess popped. I woke up to a nasty taste and smell :( ! I am more concerned now bout the pain and swelling so Im trying these remedies and crossing my fingers! Also I have a amoxycilin on hand thanks to my room mate who had a root canal this year!
Thank you all so much for your suggestions! Natural remedies hjave great truth think about native americans and other cultures! Nature provides a way to heal! God Bless!


Thanks to everyone on here. I have read through all the posts and picked out various things and after two weeks of an excrutiating abcess under a root canal tooth, this is my first day of relief without Ibuprofen and the swelling has gone down.

It takes quite a bit of time, attention and ingredients to do, but so far, seems to be worth it. Not only am I pain free today, but my sinuses have cleared too.

1. Chopped up three heads of garlic and steeped them in vodka. Every hour, I put half a tsp on the gum area.

(After 24 hrs, I strained and bottled the garlic tincture)

2. Cleaned my teeth with baking soda.

3. Used a Water-pik with heavily sea salted warm water and a tsp of food grade hydrogen peroxide.

4. Dipped a toothbrush in a combination of sea salt, baking soda, powdered alfalfa and turmeric and packed the gum/tooth area with it.

Repeated the above steps every hour or two. I also occasionally rubbed a drop of essential oil of peppermint on it.

Before bed, I repeated the above and then applied a dry teabag over the powder mix.

I would never have imagined the teabag would work so well! Thanks everyone.


I was realllly hurting on Tuesday nite while trying to go to bed. So after tossing and turning for a good 30 mins or more I finally Googled 'tooth pain' and found this site. Pretty much the only one I had the supplies for was the mouth wash one. So I gargled for as long as I could stand and was able to fall asleep.
So now my best friend is a big bottle of Equate mouth wash! I bought a travel size of Scope and refill it daily. Whenever I have some pain I gargle and I'm pain free for atleast an hour give or take. I didn't want to get sooo use to taking 600mg of ibu alll the time so I am soo glad to have found the mouth wash idea!


I haven't been to the dentist in four years because I have no dental coverage, and last year was the first time I've ever experienced a toothache. What I thought was excruciating pain last year doesn't come close to the pain I'm experiencing right now. In two weeks, I managed to chip a back tooth three times. At first, I felt no pain. I went a couple of days pain-free until my jaw and tooth started aching. Recently, I have had many sleepless nights. It's gotten to the point where my jaw and ear ache as well and it's pretty unbearable. Tonight was the first night that I started crying out of pure agony and exhaustion.

Here are a few things I have tried:

1. I am completely exhausted and wanted a couple of hours of uninterrupted sleep the one night, so I propped up my pillow and managed to dose off a bit. This helped for a short time - it certainly eased some of the tension in my mouth. I wouldn't call it a cure, because it doesn't eliminate the constant throbbing and swelling my toothache is causing.

2. Aleve and Amoxillian have been the two, most effective pain killers for me. I find they work best together. It takes awhile for them to kick in, but once they do, I feel much relief.

3. Salt in luke warm water has done nothing for me. In fact, I find it makes the pain worse. The only thing it has remotely helped with is to wash out some food chunks after eating, but other than that, the pain doesn't subside whatsoever.

4. A heating pad has helped me immensely, but I also read online that heat can spread the infection, so I'm a little skeptical, or I've been misinformed. I have no idea, but I do know that the heat seems to work for me, as far as instant relief goes.

5. Cough drops have done nothing for me as well. I have tried a couple, but they don't ease the pain at all.

My resources are pretty limited because I'm on a student budget, but I'm frustrated and this site has offered many suggestions. I plan to try a few of the remedies, including chewing on a dry tea bag, rubbing Vicks on my cheek, and dabbing a q-tip in Vanilla Extract. It's already 7:12 a.m., so I'm hoping something works. Thanks for the information fellow posters!


Kool I used celstial lemon tea put salt on the bag and put it on the area .Secret is you have to change bag's every 3 or 4 hour's.Swelling is coming down greatly and I did'nt have to take 1 pain pill.I caught it early when I woke up this AM.I thought capping all my teeth would prevent problem's well it doesn't.I'll do anything not to take a vic.Even though I have about 200 stored up from breaking my back 10 years ago.It's a crappy drug and highly adictive.Thank's for this site.Now if we could only all get together and go to wall street and get out the pikes.Thanks again everyone.


Like many that have posted on this blog woke up with an intense pain in my tooth that I immediately felt like pulling it out with pliers.

What worked for me:

1) reading the honest accounts from others that were suffering from the same symptoms;

2) taking two extra strength tylenol, massaging gums for two minutes, swishing the affected area with warm water, salt and baking soda, and then 10 minutes later taking 400 mg of ibuprofen;

3) taking 30 mg of nyquil to sleep really does work!

My best wished goes out for all those that are suffering:)


Woke up this am with an abcetion.Just had all my teeth capped 5 year's ago to the tune of 13.000.00 to avoid this kind of stuff.I knew salt was good did'nt know about the tea bag.So i'm sitting here with a tea bag on it.Have all the vicodine I need cause of a broken back 10 yrs ago but hate taking that crap cause i cant crap when I take itLOLHow people can take that stuff as a recreation is beyond me.I digress.I don't want to take an antibiotic as they kill everything in your natural imune system and with the flu going around that's the last thing I want to do.I'll let you know if tea bag work's other wise I will be in my surgery room if not.Screw the dentist they charge way to much.And the thing is I flossed last night and brought it on by that.


My 6 year old has been screaming and crying over a toothpain for about 2 hours. I read some of these remedies and tried the one that said to use pure vanilla extract. I put it on a qtip and rubbed directly on the tooth and around it. Within 2 minutes his pain was gone! Thank you!
I also gave him motrin and tylenol.

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