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I'm a 3rd year proper student, taking up Dentistry...the only way you can remove the abcess is through drainage and not by using a tea bag,,tea bag can help in bleeding purposes. Self Medication is defenitely not advisable,.because the sharp thing that you would use to prick the affected area is not properly sterilize.,it would only cause more problem like infection or irritation.,nowadays., we use autoclave and no longer boiling..
the only way., to treat the periapical abscess,.is by root canal treatment or extraction .,,

Dr. N

I'm a dentist and if your tooth hurts more at night then in the daytime, or if its just killing you all the time, your tooth is probably abscessed and needs either to be extracted or to have a root canal treatment (preferred). There are some dentists who will call you in a prescription for an antibiotic at no charge if you promise to return for treatment. If they do this for you, make an effort to see the dentist as soon as you can afford it. It usually costs LESS than $200 to pull a tooth with no insurance. If you can afford the luxuries of a cell phone and cable t.v. then shame on you if you can't afford this. If you really are nearly homeless, there are free dental clinics in nearly every town. Until morning, dose up with Ibuprofen (Advil) , a warm compress, a lil' booze will help too...then call an emergency dentist.


the teabags and tcp is a miracle. thank you so much for this. went to bed with a teabag soaked in tcp jammed into my mouth. woke up in the morning, pain gone. brilliant

Emily Harding

ok So i had this toothache for 1 year now and i went back to newzealand
because i live in australia.

and So i went to the dentist they did my tooth but they told me i needed it to come back tomarrow at 12:30 pm around lunch.

so the next morning i didnt go to
the dentist because of my mum went to work i went to school on the next day and the tooth went of for about 5 months later and then it came back.

i went to newzealand up in kaitaia
and i woke up at 4:00am in the morning i couldnt get back to sleep
i started crying and crying
and went to sleep around lunch.

i looked up on the internet i tried everything i went on the plane
to go back to australia i was crying because i had so much fun there.

i ordered a mars bar on the plane
and my tooth ache came up
its started playing up ever since, i got really angry and had no patience .

i went back to australia and the next morning my dad told me to get a nuerofen and so i got one and then he told me to get a spoon and crush the nuerofen and place some nuerofen on my tooth in the hole .

but if you dont have a hole in your toothe get a ear bud and get some nuerofen bits and put in on your tooth
and on the sides.

Sorry for the long story i have feelings for newzealand :(
i hope i helped

Emma Sparrow

I have suffered from repetative abcesses for about seven years now, and being that I am unable to afford the rip-off prices that dentists here in the UK charge, I have been forced to look for my own home remedy.

I have found something that works absolute wonders to numb the pain and make them go down fairly quickly. It's easy and very cheap!

Here in the UK (Don't know if you guys get it in the U.S. or other countries) but there is a liquid antiseptic called TCP.

Everytime I get an abcess, I tear a bit of tissue and kind of scruch it up into a size that will fit at the abcess, wet it in the TCP (UNDILUTED!), and pop it in my mouth right on the abcessed tooth. I keep it there for a few minutes or more when possible, and afterwards the pain is numbed completely!

TCP is great, it can also help mouth ulcers (I can get them at the same time as an abcess!), and also be used externally too on cuts, spots etc... so it is very multi-use!
DON'T SWALLOW IT THOUGH! Spit out what you can after aplication!

The only downside is that TCP stinks, so everyone will notice it on you - but it beats being in pain or have your breath smell like the abcess! Also the taste will be quite overwhelming for some - I personally have got used to it now, so just give it time.

Even if TCP isn't readily available in your country, I highly recommend finding a way to get hold of it by buying it on the net or something, even if you have to import it somehow. It really is worth it! It has definately been my miracle help!


Just sprayed some Chloraseptic sore throat spray on the tooth and it took the edge off.


Im pregnant and since my hormones are all wack. Im in pain 24-7 not to mention the unborn baby takes calcium from your teeth and bone when you are low.
What works for me is the sore throat spray any kind the main one i use is Chloraseptic. It numbs my teeth and fast acting making the pain go away.


Have a wisdom tooth coming in and pushing on a bad molar. Pain is so bad. But I found something that takes the pain away. I went to walmart and bought Chewable orange flavored Aspirin (81mg) and took 4-6 as directed and chewed them on the same side as the pain was. The aspirin desovles right on it and took the pain away within 5 mins.


My tooth broke away a year ago and since no dental insurance and a dislike to dentist I am now in terrible pain. I have been up all night trying these rememdies. The best so far is the tea bag flavored with natural bergamot. It seems to be helping. I wish this boil would surface so i could drain it.... No one should have to suffer with this kind of pain. I have taken Ibuprofine all day and as soon as the 4 hours is up the pain comes back. I need amoxicillin for 8 days and that will clear up the infection.


Any time you have pain in your mouth most likely it is an infection. If you do not get rid of the infection anything else is a bandaid.
Place some table salt and inpact it into your infected tooth
keep it in there and add some peroxide.
Hold the peroxide into your mouth(with the salt) tilting your head twords the infected area.
(You will be able to feel it penitrate) Try to hold it as long as you can you will begin to feel the pressure ease.(REMEMBER DO NOT SWALLOW)
Next and last step after you spit you want some listerine.
Listerene kills bacteria and is a great antiseptic.
You must hold the listerine as long as you can as you did with step 1
You will actually feel a sting but it will feel SO MUCH better.
In a few minutes you will most likely feel the infection coming out of your mouth it will leave a very bad taste. Try not to swallow and keep spitting .
You do not want to swallow the infection.
This will give you some time to save money for a dentist.Just repeat as needed.
You may want to do it 2-3 times a day or as needed to contain the infection.

Hope you feel better!

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