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I just want to say thank you to the person that recommended the 4 ibuprofen and 2 acetaminophen tablets. The pain that had kept me in bed for an entire day literally disappeared!!! I had tried everything and nothing else worked.


ok i gotta say this it is 2am and my gum is hurting so i though i would look up remedies now i read alot of remedies but i find this really work take a galic clove and smash it and put on ur gum it works


I had a tooth filling or shall i say gutted out then filled, but i dont think dentist did a good job because its about 5 maybe 6 months later & my tooth is killing me. Well simply as this seems, I just kept drinking water everytime I got a sensation of pain coming & I made it thru the day with ease, now everytime I stop the card I had to use the bathroom but at lease there was no pain.


I have been having a severe pain in my whole mouth for several months and tried the vanilla and the tylenol and the ibuprofen and the listerine and the orajel. Not all at once but one at a time. The severe pain orajel helped for a while and now it doesnt do much for long. I tried the vanilla and it helped a little, I also tried the peroxide to no avail. I just tried the listerine and it hasnt helped. the tylenol and ibuprofen dont last long. I think I`m going to head to the store for some cloves. Hope it works because now my ears are pulsing because of the pain.

sylvie menier

I had a very bad-painfull ..

1. Cloves : no result
2. Salt water : no result
3. Tylenol : no result
4. Advil-ibuprofen : no result
5. Codein : no result
6. Oragel : no result

7. Vicodin : result :))
8. Ice directly on the tooth : result :))

My pain was very severe. I was in pain two days and at some point I wanna kill myself lolll its was crazy.

The emergencies room gave me vicodin pills. I took 2. I feel better. No pain.

I know its the chimic way...but I this point I had no choice.

And good luck



Pure peppermint extract works wonders on relieving tooth pain, if you can get past the absolutely disgusting taste. Just pour a capful, and try to pour it directly over the tooth that hurts, and swish it for as long as you can, then spit it out. Chances are you'll find yourself drooling for a bit, and with a horrible taste in your mouth, but it really works for taking away immediate pain.


ok last year i had the same problem like all of you

if your tooth is hurting bad for about 2 weeks thats a serious problem??? if you are one of the people here who is suffering with a toothache
i sujest you tried the following:
Mexican REmedy. Take a warm shower 2.
when you get out of the shower
right away por some alcohol on your face and all over your body But do this in tHe night wear some warm clothes because youre going to sweat a lot ! because it helps to relieve the pain and is calming the nerve from the bad toothache, try to see if this remedy helps u it help me whenever i have a bad toothache
if that doesn't help tried the following

2. Get a clean sock put Beans inside your sock put it on the microwave let it
heat up until 2-3 minutes.. (only) do this everyday until you start noticing a abscess like alittle bump where the affected area is please Get your sock of beans and put it on the area where you're feeling the pain.... on the side of your cheek or where the toothache is bothering you (please don't bite on the sock :}} just roll it on your face So don't worry if you start noticing your face red is normal because what this those is kllling the bacteria and thats what you WANT ! you want Results!

3 drink lots of warm milk that helps too

4. also drink some liquor too it helps a lot to relieve the pain and it also kills all the bateria.

i hope my Mexican remedy helps all of you:D


So I have ALWAYS had horrible teeth. I have never had my teeth cleaned by the dentist, I have had crowns before but have always made every excuse in the world to go to the dentist, I HATE it. So anyways, My back tooth broke basically in half a few months ago, the pain was UNBEARABLE. So many sleepless nights and tears shed over this damn tooth. Well I finally managed to pay out of pocket for the extraction. The pain was gone.... Until my OTHER back tooth breaks and this time its WORSE. The broken edge of my tooth is cutting my gums and is causing about a hundred times more pain. Well I cant manage to scrounge another 300-500 bucks for another extraction, so I tried ibuprofen which is whata I used to take for my other toothache but I am like IMMMUNE to it now. OUCH. So I just bought a tube of oragel its now 10:42pm. I cake on about 1/4 of the tube on my tooth. It seemed to be working until I started typing and the pain is starting to come back. Oh dear god what will fix this?!


Well ya see the only way i take care of a decayed tooth is simply pull it or have someone pull it for you. works every time


Over the years I have dealt with some severe tooth pain..nerve pain, a broken tooth, braces, exposed nerves, dry name a few.
I am posting this, because I currently have an exposed nerve- and my husband made the mix for me..just when I was about to go grab a pair of pliers from the garage...

This remedy is one that has worked time and time again- for the severe conditions (when you can't get to the dentist right away)

*Please note- you may want to check the ingredients, or check with your doctor/pharmacy first..

The 'concoction' My husband made up:

Ingredients are normally household items-

Ibuprofen for swelling
Flexeril (cyclobenzaprine) for numbing effect
a little Children's Liquid Ibuprofen or Tylenol (IBU works the best for this)
*if you don't have the flexeril, use Orajel, Orabase, or Ambesol instead

Take one whole ibuprofen, and 1/2 flexeril and crush them into powder- we have a pill cutter/crusher but if you don't have one, place them in a zip-lock bag and hit with hammer...
Now pour them into a small container- shot glass, appetizer dip dish, empty pill bottle, etc
Add a few drops of the liquid ibuprofen or Tylenol- just enough to make a 'paste'
(the water is only to thin it down if you would rather swish and spit- do not swallow!!)
Now use a Q-Tip or your finger and apply to the sore spot- spit when you have saliva build up. Again DO NOT swallow! I say this, because the Flexiril, while having a great numbing effect on your mouth, is a muscle relaxant and you may not want the effects of this.. the Ibuprofen is hard on your stomach, being crushed into is not going to kill you to swallow it, just probably won't make you feel very good..

You may have to do this again in about 1-2 hours (every 30min if really severe) So SAVE it.. but it will get you through the night, until you can see a doctor.. The effect for me, is similar to a nerve block, without your cheeks and nose being numb as well..
*you also have to make sure to get it down in your tooth on the nerve, if your tooth is broken or cracked..around the gum line will not help that..

This remedy has saved me from madness a few times, and although I always 'balk' at it when my husband brings it up, by the time I am done, I am very, very Grateful!!

*Another thing that helps me, is a heat pack..if you do not have one, have someone make you a quick little pack, by taking a clean tube sock and filling it with rice, wheat berries or flax seed. Wrap a rubber band around the top (no metal on it!!) and zap it in the microwave for about 45-60 seconds on high...

*If you don't feel comfortable using the concoction above and orajel is just not working..take just CHILDREN'S LIQUID IBUPROFEN and swish about a teaspoonful in your mouth until it stops the 'burning' sensation.. spit or swallow- if you have to repeat often, just spit out every time..

I hope this helps someone as much as it helped me!!! ;)

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