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I could not afford a dentist but found out about a place that extends credit cards for dental work.
The receptionist told me so now I can go to a dentist to have my flipper replaced.
What helps the most is brushing my teeth when the pain is bad and putting a Tylenol on my gum and letting it be absorbed.
Thanks for all the ideas to relieve pain.
I agree with Sophia on the Golden Girls who said if God wanted us to eat things that decay our teeth he would have handed our teeth to us in a baggie.


Break a benadryl (or generic) CAPLET open onto a spoon, get it wet with either a little bit of water or saliva to make a paste. Use a q-tip or toothpick to put on the soar tooth. It taste nasty, but it numbed my first tooth ache for 6 months, now I am getting it pulled cause it hurts to much and looks gross.


I have had many dental problems. With and without insurance. And like most of you, I am scared to go to the dentist. Right now I am fighting a toothache at 3:54am after waking up at 3:00am in severe pain. This is what works for me.

2 advil and 2 tylenol, sometimes taking a third advil

This helps with the pain, though it never completely goes away. And I wouldnt suggest it, its a lot of medication and if I have a toothache for several days I will get an upset stomach from the medication.

My favorite thing that work for me (in no order)

Rice bag for heat

Abstract (doesnt matter what flavor, the more alcohol the better thats the purpose of the abstract)


Taking a warm shower and letting the warm water run over your tooth.

Taking your mind off the pain

Garlic capsules (they are a natural anti-biotic)

Warm liquids such as tea and coffee
or even room temp water.

When I have a toothache like now, usually I take some asprin, rub abstract (I use almond), heat up a rice bag and sit tight till I feel some relief. It hasnt come yet...


iv been suffering from a abscessed tooth for about two weeks now and haven't been able to eat or sleep. I've Tried everything and nothing works. i started looking through my kitchen and looked through my spices and seasonings and one that Ive found is McCormick Lemon and Herb it works really well i put it on my tooth and and about 2 mins later my toothache went away


I've literally tried everything but one thing that i found that works for me is a seasoning called lemon and herb by McCormick i used that and my toothache was gone after that.


i have been suffering from abcessed teeth for years now...when insurancee was useable for the dentist then...i just went and they fixed it...but know that my insurance no longer covers mother in law suggested that i use a q-tip and swab clove oil on the tooth, gum, and where ever the pain is (do not swallow)...this will burn your tongue, and lips if u get any on these 2 places...even though the taste is horrific...the tooth and infected area are numb (just like what the dentist uses before they pull a tooth)...i swear by this remedy...i rather take natural substances than one i'm worried about abusing...this will only take the pain away...but not the infection...


I am having the worst tooth pain right now because like a lot of you I don't get to the dentist and have bad teeth. Should've taken better care when I was younger.
Anyway, just wanted you to know that several of my dentists that I have went to said to NEVER EVER USE HYDROGREN PEROXIDE on a tooth. My Mom told me to do it and I told my dentist that and he said it may help at first but later, it will be the worst thing you've ever done. I don't remember why, he explained it but all I remembered was DO NOT USE HYDROGREN PEROXIDE ON A BAD TOOTH!


I'm up at 4 am. I'm on vacation in orange beach Alabama of all things. My boyfriend is coming to propose to me in two days. I always find out surprises... Anyway while I'm supposed to be enjoying my dinner at 'bubbas' tonight I can barely eat from pain. In our condo we don't have clove oil or vanilla extract. But I did bring listerine and my tooth brush. Rinse with listerine and gently massage the tooth and gum area with the brush. It helped me so much. Also when you're laying down to sleep try laying directly on your back and not tilting your head to the sides to even the blood flow on both sides if that makes sense. Also ice helped me numb the pain. And ibuprofen!


ok,,, i have 5 broken and rotted teeth on the bottom,,the infection started sept 29 and progressed to an unbelievable pain,,,,i started rinsing with peroxide and listerene,,,5 to 6 times a day,,, it is oct 5 ( i also took ibuprofen) and today is no pain finally,,,, i suggest you get some antibiotics,,also,,, but the rinse was great,,and actually helped with the pain,,,,, my heart goes out to all those who suffer from this,,, it is horrible and i can't believe this country we live in ,,, where people who don't have insurance or money have to suffer like this,,,, god help us


I've had problems with my teeth for about three years now and the dentist can be WAY over priced. The solution I've found for abscesses comes two fold. First, you have to get rid of the pain and second, you have to get rid of the bacteria causing the pain. To rid yourself of the pain, 800 mg of Ibuprofen will completely knock out the pain for roughly 3 to 4 hours, but it takes about half an hour to become effective. To relieve the pain while the ibuprofen is kicking in, I find that a thorough rinse with mouth wash followed by salt water and then the application of anbesol works great for the throbbing. To get rid of the bacteria, you will need an antibiotic. I am allergic to penicillin and amoxicillin so I've had to get creative on this one. Raw garlic contains a natural antibiotic but you have to eat a lot of it and it has to be raw. I find that 5 cloves is about the right amount. If you puree them and mix with honey and swallow as fast as you can once a day for a week, the infection should be gone. It takes about 2 days to really start seeing the results. I know that eating raw garlic VERY hard for some people to do and it makes you stink like you wouldn't believe but it beats a $400.00 doctor visit to get a prescription for meds and it works just as well as amoxicillin. I hope this works for you as well as it does for me and gets you through the worst of the pain until you can get to the dentist to have that tooth pulled. I truly wish Good luck to all of you as I can attest that abscesses are about the worst pain you can go through!

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