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Mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide gives immediate temporary relief.
Then get to the dentist as quickly as possible, and tell the greedy bastard to just pull it. Who can afford to save the tooth anymore?

We're all taking ibuprofen but while you wait for that to kick in and you don't have orajel, here's an option. Take an ice cube and hold it on the web between thumb and index finger on the same side as the tooth ache. (left side of your mouth hold ice on.left hand. I know it sounds crazy but I guess the nerves in your hand and jaw are connected. It'll work long enough for the pain pills to kick in. Right now I have no ibuprofen or orajel so I'm gonna try the cloves & tea bag. Hope Earl Grey works. My hand is frozen already but it knocked the pain back to a dull roar.


My fiance was experieincing a painful tooth ache. We were driving home from a weekend trip and he couldn.t stand the pain. He took so much pain medication and nothing helped. We tried choliseptic and that didnt help niehter did the oajel and that just made him MAD. When we got home I went to the store and picked up peperment tea bags, clove oil and ibuprophen. He took the medicen and then I dampended the tea bag with warm water and put a few drops of the clove oil on it. He put in on the tooth for about twenty minutes and whala it as like magic. The pain was gone.Oh after he took the tea bag out I put several drops of the oil on a cotter swab and made him put it on the infected area and NO pain. He said all the other stuff was not helping and now he can eat. Thank you for all of the advice>>>>it worked


brush your teeth gently with crest baking soda (whitening) . then crack open a tylenol pm *gel fast relief* or ibprofen and let saliva break the pill over yur tooth with pain then gargle!


My home remedy if for tooth aches. I have a bridge in the front of my mouth and one of the tooth on the bridge is starting to hurt because I have some swelling of the gum which seem to be an abcess with some infection around the tooth and gum. I would press down on it and it hurt really bad. So I was in pain and a thought came to me to get my apple cider vinegar and baking soda and a cotton swab(the small soft ball kind). I poured a small about of cider in a saucer then added a pinch of baking soda enough to make a paste. It will bubble up like peroxide but don't worry. Rub the cotton ball in the solution and put the pasty cotton ball under your gum where the tooth ache is between the gum and tooth. IT REALLY WORKS!!! it takes the sorness out too. Gud Luck try it till you can get to the dentist. God Bless


This has worked well for me, in spite of the fact that I was experiencing a huge amount of pain and swelling.

Use all of the below:

4 Ibuprofin tablets every 4 hours. Dosage is the equivelant of 2 perscription strength capsules. Use ibuprofin because it helps to relieve pain and it also reduces inflamation. Do not let it wear off, take every 4 hours.

2 childrens chewable tylenol tablets. Place these on the abcess and let them dissolve. The pain reliever is released directly to the site of the pain. You can do this up to 12 times in 4 hours.

3. 4 echinacea and 2 garlic tablets every 2 hours for the first 24 hours (both are 500 mg pills, so this is 2,000 mg's of the echinacea and 1,000 of the garlic). These are both natural antibiotics but you have to take a huge dose for the first day. Once you notice the actual infection starting to decrease cut back to 2 echinacea and 2 garlic every 2 hours. Then to every 4 hours after the third day, if you are still improving.

Brush a lot and then rinse with an antiseptic moutwash throughout this treatment.

The herbs and pain medicine may upset your stomach so take with some type of food. Yogurt is both helpful in relieving stomach upset and is easy to eat when you are in pain.

Mels miracle cure

If you dont have the money to get medical attention, this is a micacle cure. Hit up your local natural food store. To het instant relief from the pain, clove oil will be a miracle or relief. NO pain the instant you apply it. Afterr using it a day or so it will kill the nerve. Second to help fight the infection get Echinacea and goldenseal drop. It seems to work the same as an antibiotic!!!!!!

Excrusiotiatingly funny!

My heart goes out to everyone in this room, as I lay awake unable to sleep bc of this annoying pain! Top left of my mouth, Wisdom tooth is impacted into a molar and infected to the root. Needless to say, Im hangin in there somehow.
Tried Listerine, no go.
Tried Salt + Water, NOPE.
moved onto the tea bags. Unfortunately, Im a bachelor with absolutely NO USE for peppermint extract, I found some Lipton tea bags and have compressed one into my mouth. I am slamming 500mg Erithromycins every 6 hours, and 3 Bayer's every 4 hours. This pain suks, but Ive had the teabag in for about 10 minutes now, hopefully some relief will come soon


I've found draining to control it for the most part. When it swells up and starts draining on it's own or is softened up, pop it and drain out the excess with your finger or whatever you choose to squeeze on the infected area. I have a bad tooth on the bottom right and it infects the outside part of my gum line causing visible swelling, it's a bit embarrassing. When I experience inflammation in this area I drain and clean a lot and usually in a few day it'll go down and away for quite some time. Seems that exercise or heavy activity irritates it, I don't know why it happens this way. Also if it's clean enough you can use some temporary filler (temperin) to keep it from being exposes which is very painful! I don't experience too much pain, but I worry it'll get bad before I can afford to get it pulled or filled. The tea bag remedy will take the pain away and it'll help drain it. I use a dry green tea bag, seems to draw the infection out.


Take a towel and fold it up
Then soak one side of the
Towel with alchol(peroxide may
Work). Next take the towel
And place it on the jaw, give
It about 10 minutes and you
Will feel it kind getting
Hot which is what you want
Then it will start getting
Numb and the pain will
Subside for a min of
30 minutes

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