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so ive tried pretty much every remedy on this page besides the red cross kit! i was thinking about getting it last night but today i feel a little better, might not need it. these remedies helped me most.

1. IBPROFEN - there is no substitute, i was taking norco, tylenol, soma, asprin. nothing took the pain away but the ibprofen, somone posted take 4 200mg pills every 4 hours, worked really well for me. pills can take up to an hour to kick in if you have a full stomach, so dont miss doses and have the pain come back!!

2. rinse mouth out with hydrogen peroxide. i gargled this on my tooth for about 30 sec - 1 min intervals cause it really felt like it was stinging or drying out my gums. but i would rinse my mouth out with mouth wash, water, salt water, water, EVERYTHING but when i let the peroxide sit on the tooth and bubble in there, it pulled out some black crap!! pretty sure it worked out whatever was in my tooth causing the infection. i would suggest rinsing every hour if you can. or as often as you can..

3. warm salt water rinses felt good, but didnt last long. kills many germs in mouth

4. crushed cloves on my tooth, kept them in my mouth a little while to get them soft, bit on them with good teeth a little to soften them too, then crushed them on infected tooth and let it sit on it for about 20 mins.

5. the tea bag trick worked for me, but only once.. i tried it again and idk it wouldnt stop the pain. but it worked really well the first time around

6. EAT AND DRINK HEALTHY! dont be drinking soda and eating sweets while your tooth is infected. this isnt helping your body fight the infection. drink lots of water.

and just make sure you get rest, if youre not sleeping then your body prob isnt doing a good job healing. also i wouldnt smoke either. i know its hard, but this helps.

good luck guys. my heart goes out to all of you!


I have had severe tooth pain for months waiting to get into an apt with the dentist. Here is a list of things that worked the best for me. First of all the more you can relax, the less pain you will have. Second, pop an excedrin migraine or equate headache relief which is the genaric brand, followed by 400 mg of ibprophen, add an alive, and make sure you take with something carbonated. Third, gentley brush your teeth with a non whitening toothpaste. Fourth rinse mouth with a mix of peroxide and water, which I warn you tastes gross, but helps. Finally pop into a nice relaxing bath or shower. Within 20 to thirty mins you will be pain free for about 6 to eight hours.


garlic stuffed in hole of tooth will kill infection and fill tooth , chage 3 times a day and this will stop pain in 1 or 2 days and kill infection in about a week. Brush teeth well then chop garlic a tiny bit bigger than the hole and stuff it in good and proper. Good luck.


I take after my father with bad teeth. Ive got cavities and most of my teeth have been cracked. Runs in the family. But when one tooth hurts, its my whole mouth hurting. Here is what i've tried.
Dent tooth aache gum, it works good, but it doesnt last.
Tooth ache gel, doesnt works, just makes the pain worse.
Vanella abstract, donesnt work.
Loratabs, don't work.
So you can imagine how bad my tooth aches are, because NOTHING works,
the ONLY thing that works for me, is takin tylonol and putting rice in a sock, yes i know strange, tieing the sock and heating it up in the microwave.
Tooth ache is gone in less then ten minutes.
So if NOTHING seems to be working for you, try what i do.


aspirin, crush it, put in on your tooth. the only short relief i've felt in hours of throbbing, sobbing pain.


All I can say is TEA BAG TEA BAG TEA BAG.
Good night and god bless.


i have had really bad teeth for a long time. my problem is hereditary. my teeth are so bad they r broken alot of them down to my gums and i dont have insurance or money to get them pulled. my only hope when i get a toothache is if it causes a puss bubble to form beside the tooth. then i just stab it with a sharp knife and use a qtip to apply pressure to get the infection out. after that i feel wonderful because i gave the infection somewhere to go besides pushing up on my tooth causing me pain. i hope this helps. it may b painfull to stab the bubble but it helps alot


Too Abcesses are very dangerous. If it has gotten to the point you cannot sleep because the pain is so bad every time you lay down its all you can think about, stop fooling yourself. You need to seek medical help immediately. Your bodies Immune system will fight off infection as best as it can but if you cannot sleep that will compromise your immune system and bring even worse problems into your body.

I have read people suggesting lancing and draining techniques. Let me caution you, from the very mouth of my own dentist when I asked her about the practice. DO NOT DO IT. An infection is dangerous as it is, it gets even more dangerous once it enters the blood stream. If you are not a medical professional do not try lancing an abcess. If the infection gets into your blood stream you will become septic and can die.

I had no insurance but my back tooth was killing me(not a figure of speech) I ended up getting a loan using my car title to go see the dentist, they gave me antibiotics, a powerful painkiller and two weeks later extracted three of my rear teeth, two of which had been permanently damaged by the infected one. If you are in that much pain as i was in what ever material possessions you have that can be sold i suggest selling them to go to the dentist, they can be replaced, your teeth can be replaced, your life cannot.


I am 26 and have 2 girls. My baby is now 8yrs old! I have stretch marks on my belly, thighs and boobs. I started using vit.e oil (u can get @ dollar general for $2-massage in and then use palmers pure cocoa butter stick. Its been a little over a week and I have very good results :) try it, its even cheap!

Tooth Ferry

Like others have mentioned previously, it can be a number of things that is causing your tooth to ache. However, infection and bacteria is the most common reasons that causes a tooth to ache, and continue to ache! While there are many remedies that will temporarily relieve the pain, or lessen it's intensity, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as you possibly can. Infection, or bacteria that causes 90% of tooth aches can cause serious infections to enter your blood stream and travel throughout your entire body. Try taking some warm water and mixing it with apple cider vinegar, and a table spoon of salt, and swish it in your mouth vigorously concentrating on the are of your teeth that is in pain. Vinegar is a great product that can kill a lot of infection and bacteria instantly, relieving the intensity of the pain very quickly. Do this several times until you began to fill some relief. Remember that as well as this can work, it is only temporary until you can see a Dentist who can fix the underlying problem properly. Advil and ibuprofen work better than tylenol and asprin because they are anti flammatory which helps with the inflamation that could also be causing some of the pain as well!

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