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I forgot to add that you shouldnt forget to swallow the alachol as the more you drink the less you feel LOL. But Anyhing you can put in there (after making sure the germs are gone ) that resricts the amount of air flow to the tooth should ease the pain in a trumendous amount


I went searching for the alachol, tryed mouthwash and got short relief. The cavity i have is humongous and hurts worse than having a kid. So Theres this new alachol they have i usualy have a little voldka but Its called 99 bananas. it is 99 proof and i dont know what it is butit hurt for a seccond, but all pain is gone and i know its absecced. it tasts lie banana too:) In desperation i also cut off a peice of an old 'wife beater' shirt and soaked it in there and put it in there. now i may sleep and not cry like a baby.


This is sure to alleviate severe infections.

No sugar - this aids cellular respiration and promotes bacterial growth.

Dry brushing - Brush until the gum around the infected tooth bleeds. This can be painful but this is the body's way of draining the infection.

Salt water rinse - Salt causes osmosis in the bacterium and the loss of fluid stops the growth of bacteria and reproduction.

Ice pack - This is the key, keep it cool. This will keep the swelling down and the swelling is what causes the massive pressure against the tooth and the excruciating pain.

And sleep or rest upright - This slows the blood flow and reduces the blood pressure around the tooth and minimises the throbbing sensation.

Hope this can be helpful to someone.


This really really works. Get powdered activated charcoal capsules at any drug store. About $4 a box. They are usually sold in the stomach remedy section.
Split open 2 capsule in a small bowl. Becareful black powder can get everywhere. Add a bit of water until it's like tooth paste. Coat it all over the tooth and gums that hurt. Charcoal will pull out the toxins and bacteria that are making it throb and you'll be able to rest and sleep because the pain goes away. You still need to get to an endodontist though...because the it can't cure the root.


Try oxy continin dissolved in water than use cotton swab and put on teeth. Works great remedy


History of the Abcess first: Under a bridge. starts aching a little about 6 days ago. You always hope it will go away. It never does. By Sunday I'm at work and I know I am doomed. Only have Tylenol. Take i every 6 hours. Then 2 every 4 hours, 500 mg each. Helps at first, but by Monday afternoon it is not even TOUCHING the pain. Can't see dentist until Tuesday. (Note to self: start petition requiring all aspiring dentists must have suffered at least one abcessed tooth before getting a degree.) Pain is unbearable by 1:30. Find an overlooked tylenol with codein tab and take it. No relief an hour later, so open the notebook and start looking for home remedies. I first tried white tea bag between gun and bridge for 15 minutes. Didn't draw out the abcess. Applied heating pad, mild relief. Still head banging pain. Now even my dogs look worried. Next I tried rinsing mouth with Toms mouth wash..has witch hael and aloe. Surprisingly, area felt marginally better. Found some oil of clove from Hippy store and squirted on the gum. Wow. Instant relief, too bad didn't last. Encouraged, I soaked a green tea bag with vanilla extract and clove oil. I'm not jumping for joy here but one of those things or all are helping a little. I think the clove oil by itself directly on the gum felt the best at least for a few seconds. I know nothing will work permanently except to pull the damn already had a root canal but I think Someone who never had an abcess missed a root a few years ago!!


i just tried childrens tylonal the liquid kind and so far it seems to be helping out of everything ive tried so far this is the best everyting els is just temp relieve ive taken tylonal ibuprofin and nothings helped ive been putting cold watter in my mouth all day and i work in a gas station so the cant really be an option this does seem to help tho just heldit in my mouth for a couple of minutes


I have an abscessed tooth and cant afford dentist right now. I avoid acidic foods and am careful what I eat. I have trouble falling asleep often. I have to raise my head enough to relieve pressure on the tooth but it works. Mouth wash actually works. For some reason after I rinse the pain slowly goes away for about 15-20 minutes, sometimes just enough to fall asleep. Numb the webbed area between index and thumb with ice, the nerves there affect the face and mouth which helps relieve pain. Oragel makes it worse because its too strong but the mouth sore brand kinda works. Exercise...sounds stupid but works. So when I cant sleep I go for a run, it tires me and working out releases endorphins.

Jim J.

Abscess remedy that worked for me:

1. Floss between teeth to clear a path for the good stuff to do its work.

2. Dip toothbrush in colloidal silver and brush affected area... swish through your teeth and hold for a few minutes before spitting (or swallowing).

3. Apply thin slice of garlic between tooth and gum for about 5 minutes, swishing through your teeth...chew it up as it loses it's zing (Do Not leave raw garlic in your mouth this way when you go to sleep or for a long period of time- It'll eat right through your skin leaving a raw painful area that'll take days to me)

4. Buy some tea tree oil toothpicks (I prefer 'Thursday Plantation' chewing sticks. Chew on them through the day to keep your mouth fresh and clear of bad stuff and swish that around through your teeth occasionally as well.

This simple process knocked out a recurring abscess that I'd had for about a year (keeping it at bay with garlic only) and I haven't needed a dentist.

Of course, if your abscess has progressed too far, you'd be wise to just pony up for the dental visit. Hope this helps someone as it did me.


i just had an abcess and the pain was unbearable so the 2nd night of pain i got a pin and ice pack , i then froze the side the abcess was on and burnt the needle till it was glowin red and it popped and the pain went i then put cocunut oil on a cooker and boiled it for 5 mins and washed round mouthto remove any left over bacteria

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