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R Wamble

It was 2 o'clock in the morning on a weeknight and I had a throbbing toothache. I thought laying down would help and it did but everytime I moved the pain returned. I saw the black tea remedy but because black tea is naturally caffeined I can only drink that during the day. So I decided to drink hot Chamomile tea, its caffeine free. I had 2 cups. It took away the pain instantly and helped me sleep.


I have really bad tooth aches all the time. I used to have it on one side of my mouth and i used antibotics i got from my doctor about something and i never used them so i took them and the pain went away but now the pain is back and on my other side of my mouth. I used pain killer and warm washcloth and orajel but nothing seemed to work. I tried vanilla extract and garlic and then brush my teeth and it helps alot !!! TRY IT, also the garlic may burn and make your nose burn and eyes water cause that what happened to me, but now im fine .


I have a REAL fix for toothache that uses nothing but a finger, strange but true, place your thumb tip off your right hand firmly into the piece of skin that is between your left thumb ad first finger and press untill you feel discomfort hold the position for several minutes, this works because what you are pressing is a pressure point that relives all sorts of pain, dont ask me for the technical reason as to why this works, I havnt got a clue but it DOES work.....what have you got to lose.....


Im haveing a horriable toothache right now my back molar is very broken ow! so the dentist is closed today i took 2 vicodin and it still hurt so i bought Red Cross Toothache its some oil that comes with cotton pellets and tweezers soak cotton in oil and stuff it up in the afftected tooth becareful i shoved it up there and hit the nerve major ow!! it helps pretty quick dont get it on ur lips or it will burn like heck. Hopefully my dentist will be open tommorow. but this works for now GOOD LUCK!!!


Everyone is right, I also about the Red Cross kit, it removed the throbbing pain into my jaw and ear, I still have the general soreness from the extraction itself but taking 800mg of an NSAID for that. I had an infected/abscess tooth removed, the general dentist could not do it therefore I got sent to an oral surgeon so I had a lot of abuse done to the area as well. I still have a salivary gland stone issue but I will take any relief I can get!!


I have an abscessed tooth and everything I have read on here hardly did nothing for me..Suffering for almost 3 days, popping 7 Advils every 3 hours, ice pak, even had good antibiotics I was taking every 4 hours, NO relief! I'm built like a bull so I have a high tolerance for pain meds..GO TO THE ER!!!! If you are in severe pain and suffering, there is no reason to continue..It's not gonna magically go away..If you can jump around and try all these remedies, you have the strength to get your butt to a Hospital. Hello?? They're open 24/7 AND you WILL be treated even if you don't have insurance coverage, ITS THE LAW!!
I couldn't stand the pressure and pain anymore and I had enough! Just got back from ER hours ago and feeling so much relief!! Got 2 shots of antibiotics and a Dental Block shot in my mouth which totally numbs your tooth for hours!! I was also given pain meds while there. If you don't have a prescription plan, ask for Generic brand when DR is writing you a script. Use a prescription RX card you can get for free online, look it up, they are called RX Savings cards..
Don't mess with your Health! You can seriously damage your heart or brain from the puss and bacteria, it can travel!
And get your butt to a Dentist!! Suck up your pride if you are embarrassed, trust me they've seen the worst! No Ins.,they will work with you!! Remember, it won't ever go away unless treated professionally..Nothing is worth days of pain without proper treatment!


I'm 14; I've just had two teeth taken out ready for a brace, and i can tell you now the pain is vomit worthy. Its half five in the morning and ive had no sleep, but i found two things that helped ease the pain. 1; the old tea bag in mouth trick, and 2; read through all the submissions! Its taken me about an hour to read through under half! And it really helps take your mind of it! Hope i can be of help.


After being up for 46 hours straight, I litterly was about to get pliers and rip my own tooth out. I was drinking ice water the entire time. It was the only thing stopping the pain. I was taking 4 advil every 4 hours and it was doing nothing. Ice water was the only way I could even get any relief. However, there was noway to sleep, because I had to constantly sip the ice water. I found this site and tried pretty much everything suggested with no response to the pain. Finally I took 2 excedrine migrane and held a qtip soaked in vodka on my tooth. The pain is not completely gone, but it is at a tolerance level that I can finally sleep!


Vodka Vodka Vodka, I had a pain that lasted for days. crieds from the pain. I swished vodka on the tooth and 3 days later NO PAIN at all. the tooth is dead for now.. becareful as this will burn some. but the longer you can do it the more it will ease the pain to the point you may not have any.. hope this helps all.


External treatment for tooth abscess:

An abscessed tooth is always a severe condition and needs medical help, but as a first aid you may try following multiple treatments and home remedies:


Place a dry black teabag or small piece of raw potato inside of your cheek against the sore tooth and keep it in for a couple of hours or overnight. It can draw out the infection and drain the pus. The result is diminished pain and swelling.

Make a gum poultice or packing around the painful tooth with salt and baking soda. Mix half baking soda and half cooking salt and dip a wet cotton ball into the salt mixture and stuff it in your mouth between sick tooth and cheek. Keep it in for several hours. Repeat this pack for a few times, it is able to drain out the gum boil.

In between swish around your mouth with Hydrogen Peroxide 1,5% as a mouthwash in order to disinfect the inflamed area. If you do not prefer Hydrogen Peroxide, you may use also Tea Tree oil in some water as a gargle. (You can use Colloidal Silver or Grapefruit Seed Extract as natural antibiotics as well.)

If the abscess begins to discharge, pus is coming out, you feel an odd taste in your mouth brush your teeth (perhaps with a baking soda/peroxide toothpaste) and repeat the disinfectant H2O2 gargle. After rinsing take a cotton ball and soak it in Hydrogen Peroxide and place it on the opened, discharging abcess.

You can assist the drainage by lightly pushing against your cheek near the tooth abcess. BUT, only lightly! If you press strongly you may push pus into the bloodstream or nearby tissues which can cause a more serious infection.

Take 3 or 4 garlic capsules (300mg) a day for 5 days as a natural antibiotic and Vitamin C 1000mg three times a day for 3 days.

Consult with a dentist to start appropriate antibiotics and to check the abscessed tooth.

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