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My husband has had an abscessed tooth for a week now. His dentist appointment isn't til next week. He has been in so much pain, we have tried everything from peroxide to vanilla extract. The tea bag worked for a while, but the pain has gotten worse. We finally found a remedy that has worked and he has been pain free for a day already -- place two baby aspirin between the tooth and gum and let it dissolve. He got INSTANT relief. Tooth pain is the worst and I hate seeing him in so much pain. I hope it works for everyone else. Take care!


This tastes bad, but the combo works. I haven't been brave enough to try it with oil extracts, but dried ingredients seem to work. In a thin-as-you-can-get coffee filter, combine dried crushed garlic, mint, cloves. Make small packets and tie them off with thread. Put as close to infected tooth as possible and hold it against infected area with cheek and tongue. It takes a while, but garlic is a natural antibiotic, mint a mild painkiller, and cloves just really seem to help with nerve sensitivity. After two hours, switch out for fresh packet. Unless your stomach is iron, do not swallow juices. It took two days for me, but the abscess was drawn out and the dentist flat told me it was the antibiotics. I showed him the full bottle and he shut up. It takes an hour sometimes more to start taking the pain down, but it works. If you are brave, try it with oil extracts of these ingredients, but don't swallow the juices. makes you queasy.


This works!!
Take a square of coffee filter, tea bage paper or something like that.
Add crushed clove and roll like a very short cig then tuck between cheek and gum.
Repeat as needed for pain control. Soon it will start to drain the abcess. Maybe after a day.


Tried and Proven: I always use the orange chewable baby aspirins(and you can use up to 8 every 4-6hrs) Just put 2 or 3 to start around/on the affected area and the disolve quickly and taste ok too! You can also use 1 regulare aspirin(like Bayer) if you can stand the taste of it and again let it disolve on/around the bad tooth. Pain will be reduced 50-95%.
Warning: This should only be used in the event you can't get to a dentist because aspirin overtime can be bad for your gums.
ALSO: I always keep a couple miniture flavored vodkasin thr refridgerator (or I guess any booze would do). Just squish around or bend your head to one side(where the pain is)and hold as long as possible. It may burn your tongue a bit but it will take away the pain!


oil of cloves thtas all i need say available in any health shop. simply place on ear and rub around gum relives pain on contact


So I had a filling replaced...and that filling fell out leaving a large gapping black whole under it. Root Canal? Cant afford now I have pain like everywhere. I had some old AsperGum that I have been chewing on and then putting it in the whole...WoW what a relief !! I hope they still make it?? Im going on a hunt for it tmrw...


I have had tooth pain for 2 nights now and it KILLS me. I can't sleep once it starts. All I did was get a hot wash cloth, put it in a plastic bag and put it over my mouth where my front tooth was hurting. The pain slowly went away and I fell right asleep. You can also put the baggie on your cheek if you have tooth pain in the back.


I used the mint tea after trying other things. The tea workec well for me. Called dentist for weekend...waiting to see if he call back. In pain but not throbbing!


Fill the hole with trident SPEARMINT GUM spearmint is a natural pain reliever it works great and trident gum says it cleans and protects teeth so it should not cause more tooth decay until you can get to a dentist.


I have an abscessed tooth and I can not get to the dentist until next week. Go to CVS or a Walgreens an buy the red cross toothache with the Eugenol...omg!!! It's helps! Also I did a couple of shots of nyquil so I can get some sleep!! Do it!!

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