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Best Pain Relief i found is Chew on some garlic and place around the tooth which hurts keep there for 5-10 mins its an anti-inflammatory even if u got a whole chew on and place into the hole works great instant pain relief n keep in hole till u can get to dentist asap... While doing that you also want to take some pain relief tablets helps abit more hope this helps :)


Make sure you are medicating on a regular schedule to keep the pain at bay. I've found that 800 mg of OTC ibuprofen taken every 6 hours is the most effective for tooth pain. Clove oil is also very effective. Skip the Ora gel, clove oil is much more powerful! A warm bath should help relax you and a warm or cool compress on the outside of your face over the problem tooth. Also, GET TO A DENTIST ASAP!!!!! Borrow the money if you have to, an infected tooth or a tooth that needs a root canal WILL NOT GET BETTER WITHOUT A DENTIST TREATMENT! Good luck!


Ok I have been in pain off and on for four months now.... pregnancy caused bad teeth for me somehow... but anyway. The past week had been unbearable for me so I found this page. I just did the 1/2 tsp of baking soda and the 1/2 salt with just enough water to make it a paste and my goodness I feel so much better and might get a bit of sleep tonight. I just put some on my gums where it hurt the most and I feel amazing. It has a very very slight sting to it but its hardly noticeable at all especially compared to the piano I was in. I might just make it till my dentist appointment in one month.


Cutting right to the chase on how to get rid of the pain s you cano sleep through the night.
Place 2 aspirin (uncoated, no name brand is fine) 1 tsp of salt and 1 tbsp of peroxide in a bowl and set aside. Takes 2 ibuprofen with glass of water. Drink 2 shots of vodka or whiskey or liquor of choice. Brush, floss and rinse with Listerine on antiseptic mouthwash. With clean toothbrush take aspirin mix should be dissolved and scrub infected area, spit and repeat til mix is finished. Rinse with warm water. If don't feel instant relief using icy hot on your cheek gives minor pain relief and causes enough pain in surrounding area to distract you long enough for remedy to kick in. Repeat aspirin mix 2-3 times a day with brushing and Listerine til you make it to dentist. (Leave the vodka out when rinsing in the morning.)


After having thyroid cancer I have had really poor dental health. I have had several abscessed teeth over the years and not always able to afford to go to the dentist.

Inflammation from the infection is what causes the pain. To relieve the inflammation I use Ibuprofen it also helps with pain. I have tried all the remedies here at one time or another. Here is what I have found that works best for me and why ....

Never use heat it causes the infection to spread, it does not reduce the inflammation, it increases the blood flow and makes the tooth throb. Use Ice packs for brief periods of time ( this slows the blood flow and decreases the inflammation )

Do not use anything with alcohol in it like Listerine,cloves, menthol, etc ... this to increases the blood flow, inflammation and irritates the gums. It actually causes you more pain. Use a warm water and salt rinse or what works best is a hydrogen peroxide diluted with cold water. That draws the infection out.

Plain corn starch packed around the tooth and gums will naturally draw out the infection, reduce the inflammation, reduce the swelling and it soothes the sore gums. I have gone to sleep with it in my mouth and woke up with my abscessed tooth 75% to 100% better. Plus it wont make you sick if you were to swallow some of it.

If you are not allergic to aspirin try mixing an envelope of BC Powder with the cornstarch and pack the general area with that.It's great for reducing the inflammation, reducing the pain and will usually take the edge off long enough for you to get some rest. Oh ... try sleeping propped up on a pillow so the the blood doesn't run to your head. This will help with the throbbing as well.

I hope this helps ... it works great for me !


Ok, this is day 5 of pain for me. I've done everything I can with varying degrees of success. I started with tylenol, warm wash clothes, and ice packs. I also tried vanilla extract. I found that peppermint extract works way way better, if you can stand the burn. Well, tonight the swelling was terrible. Even my eye was starting to swell. So I took the salt and soda remedy and added a splash of peppermint extract, no more nasty taste. The swelling has gone way way down, and I think I may've able to sleep until I can see the dr tomorrow.


The most effective way to get and abscessed to go away is antibiotic. If you can afford to goto the doctor. they are a natural antibiotic called goldenseal. you take just like any other antibiotic. And it works.I done it before..but you should still try to see a dentist soon or the abscess will come back eventually. But start taking the godenseal and in a day or so, you will notice the swelling going down.. but dont stop taking it when the swelling as gones down,continue taking them 2 to three days after to make sure all the infection is gone.. A total of about 10 to 14 days.


Ive had terrible tooth pain for the last year and ive never found anything that would make it feel better tonight im trying the salt and baking soda trick,1/2 TSP of salt 1/2 tsp of baking soda and a paper towel pack in between the tooth and cheek right now it hurts like hell but im hopeful to the effects maybe ill get some sleep tonight wish me luck


So I have this tooth pain for about a week or so maybe longer, the tooth itself cracked a few months ago, I just don't like the dentist so I refuse to go unless I'm getting something pulled. I have great insurance & don't really pay much for co-pay or anything at all for extractions, I just fear needles and the dentist so I'm very iffy on going :( I know I'm goofy right! but anyhoo I found this site and tried some of the things listed & for me the following works wonders!

1. Brush thoroughly
2. Rinse with a mouthwash that's not harsh, I use kids ACT bubble gum flavor.
3. then follow with a rinse of Listerine, may burn alittle but the ACT helps prevent the burning too much I found.
4. then I took 2 IB's & 1 Klonopin 1mg
5. This I swear when I read it on here I seriosly doubted it would work but holy hell in a hand basket, it took all pain away and I'm still pain free over 12 hrs later! and I dabbed a little on this morning just to be safe lol.. What I used was something called 'Deep Throat Gel' It's sold in Adult stores, I saw someone had said use Anal-eeze cause it contains lidocaine, which it does I have a bottle of that as well, haven't used it yet b/c the other gel works just as good. I had both already on hand so I didn't have to go buy them lol. But I swear if you have anything similiar to that stuff whether it be the anal stuff or deep throat stuff, it numbs the tooth and takes the pain away!!! It's amazing and gross at the same time hahahahaha. Good luck all! I know everyone is different but it can't hurt to try, thank to everyone that posted remedies on here. they've helped alot!!! :-)



Use cloves on your tooth, suck on them and watnot. It kills the infection, sucks out all the whatever and makes your breath better.

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