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Ok, I wasn't going to post until I was sure that this was working. I got onto this sight out of desperation last night. I have a tooth that the filling came out of, exposing the nerve, and also a tooth that is broken off on the same side. They were both killing me! So I read as many posts that I could and unfortunately didn't have many of the items that were listed at that time of night. I was just about ready to smash up a Tylenol tablet and form a paste with the Oragel I had on hand, when I read someone's post on using Nyquil. That made some sense to me. It is a pain killer in liquid form that also contains alcohol. The post said to rinse your mouth a couple of times with the Nyquil. However, I didn't have Nyquil on hand, but I did have Dayquil. So I tried it, and IT WORKED! I didn't rince my mouth with it, I instead drenched a cotton ball with it and put it directly on the tooth, then let it sit there for about 15 to 20 minutes. It burned a little for the first 3 minutes or so, but then it got better. It has now been about 24 hours, and I am still pain free! Even after eating and drinking whatever I wanted all day! I really hope this helps someone, this is one of the worst pains to be in. Right up there with a really bad ear ache or burn!


last night i went to bed around 12am, only to be woken up again at 1am with this throbbing pain in my tooth as well as my ear, right side of face and even my right ear. i was up until 8am and found this site, and i hate to say it but nothing worked.

this has gone on for a while now with me, off and on. and i finally was able to sleep from being so tired and not being able to keep my eyes open long enough to stay awake and do more research, but let's just be honest here - not all of us have clove oil, peppermint oil, garlic cloves, etc. sitting around our house. but i did read that sitting up helps out a lot because of the built up pressure that gets to your head/face/jaw when you lay your head down. it didn't take away the pain, but the pain was definitely worse when i laid down my head.

i'm still in a lot of pain today, but it's nothing compared to what i went through last night. i rinsed with salt water, hot water, cold water, put ice on my face, in my mouth - nothing.


After 2 nights of no sleep due to a molar with no outward looking cavity, which must have some vicious root infection going on inside, I was absolutely beside myself. Tried aspirin, paracetamol, codeine, ibphrophen and nothing gave me relief. Tried lots of different remedies I found on this site, my bathroom look likes my kitchen pantry. Nothing would give me any sustained relief however! The only thing I found was to gargle cool water and spit it out,repeat. This enabled me to get a little break from the constant throbbing pain. Though impossible to sleep and gargle simultaneously lol. This morning I visited my GP and got some antibiotics, amoxacillan and Fladgel. Pain free for the first time in 3 days, after only taking one of each medication. Now to organise, find money for the dentist before that god awful pain returns. Good luck everyone, hope you find some relief!!!!


I have had pain since Tuesday. My face started swelling and got worse day after day. I like many of you do not have insurance. I took Excedrine and some other anti inflammatory medicine I had. Today I was able to get antibiotics. Then while texing a friend I got freaked out because she had told me that people die from this. So I got online and started researching. The pain tonight has been the worst yet. Throbbing and so much pain. I was able to sleep for maybe an hour and have been up every since it is now 5am.I found this web site and tried a few things and I have to say
thank you, thank you. You all have helped so much. The salt water and the peroxide and the ore gel helped, right now I very little pain.I am hoping to get some sleep after the kids go to school. Good luck to you all and God bless. Oh and I am going to get this stupid tooth pulled so I don't have to go through this agin....


My abscess tooth was so painful I didn't know what to do, just to ease the pain a lil I tried taking 2 Tylenol and that didn't touch it! Then I tried tea tree oil and that helped numb it a lil but it's nasty tasting so I decided to research it (which brought me to this site)! I read remedy after remedy and realized that many of the suggested ingredients were somewhat simular.

As suggested by many, I first swished/gargeled with the warm salt water numerous times. Then I made a suggested remedy paste but didn't have the one ingredient so I left it out to see if it would still work. I was desperate so I tried it and it helped! Just mix up a tsp of each:
-baking soda
-crushed aspirin
Then apply it diectly to pain.

I also read garlic salt helped so after the 2nd round of swishing/gargeling the salt water, I tried that and it pleasantly numbed the area!

Another remedy I kept hearing was clove oil or clove (to numb the pain). And yet another repeated remedy was to apply a dry black tea bag on infected area (to suck out the infection) ..and be sure to spit out any tea that gets in your mouth so you don't swallow any infection! Well, I don't have clove oil or plain black tea but I do have Chai tea (Celestial) with those 2 ingredients clove and black tea in it. So I figured, why not? It seems to be working pretty well so far (certainly not the most comfortable to have a tea bag in your mouth though, needless to say)!

I also crushed a clove of garlic and mixed it in honey (to boost my immunity system) then spooned it in by chasing each spoonfull with water.

My next step, I plan to swish with Peroxide (one of the other most suggested ingredient) to help get out the infection.

I'm sure at the end my mouth will be raw but much better raw then end up in a hospital with a life threatning situation just to end it all w/ thousands of dollars in debt!

Heat helped ease the pain but after reading just the first few remedys I found out that applying heat is definitely a NO NO! It can cause the infection to spread faster and that's the last thing I need!

I know these are just for the immediate pain/infection but they don't do the job efficienty! Abscess's are nothing to mess with and they can kill you if they get in your blood stream so please get the proper care to rid your body of any life threatening infection

Hope you get better soon!


Salt Water, Brushing Teeth and Midol.


I had a back tooth repaired a month ago and was told there may be some discomfort. There was but it subsided after about two weeks. After Christmas it flared up again and hasn't settled. I checked on this site and tried the numerous recommended remedies. I did take Ibuprofen, but it barely dulled the pain. I took paracetomol to no avail. I tried vanilla essence, peppermint essence, a wet black tea bag held against the tooth inside the cheek. I swished with vodka, sea salt water and, as I didn't have any oregano oil or flakes, I mixed some mixed herbs where the third ingredient was oregano in warm water and swished with that. I sprayed collodial silver, but I didn't have much left of that. I also rubbed some cayenne pepper directly onto the gum, but although it burnt quite a bit, it didn't seem to numb the pain. But, by 1 a.m. in the morning something must have worked as I did find relief from 1 a.m. until 7 a.m. before it started throbbing again.

My dentist said that I was likely to need a root canal treatment, but I have read there can be long term problems with that so would rather a natural cure. My dentist agreed that I could have a prescription for Amoxicyllin if I wanted, but I have put an order in for 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide and some more collodial silver. I have also bought some bee propolis which I have been told by an alternative practitioner works as well as an antibiotic without the side effects. In the meantime, my husband came home for the weekend and gave me two of his co-codamol which brought instant relief within five minutes and lasted for a full eight hours. One can apparently take co-codamol every four hours, but only for a maximum of three days. Probably because it could become addictive.

I have been onto YouTube and watched a video on how to make one's own clove oil, which is supposed to be good for numbing tooth pain. I had some cloves in and some olive oil, so set about making my own. Once I made it I used a Q-tip to put the oil on the affected gum area. I think it gave a small amount of relief, but I still think I will take my next co-codamol in a couple of hours to get me through the night. I will swish the bee propolis every two hours for the next week and see if its antibiotic properties make any difference.

I will also be taking Blockbuster Allclear every morning along with four serrapeptase capsules (as they are supposed to repair nerve damage). I will report back and let you all know how I have done.

So Co-Codamol was my immediate saviour from pain but not the natural cure I was looking for.

finally sleeping

I was crawled up in the corner with a toothache. I actually ran into this low beam in my basement to knock me out. Here's what I did, for those people who put heat on their tooth STOP DOING IT!!!! The heat spreads the bacteria and makes it worse. If you cant go to the dentist go to the er. They will you pain killers and antibiotics which will cost less then all these remedys. But if you cant go to the er get whole cloves they work better then any over the counter drugs. And try to look up discounted dentists I know how you feel


I had an 'abscessed tooth' (number 13 I think, on my left upper right?) - and a filling had fallen out some odd years ago.

Well, after awhile the pain just progressed worse and worse. I think it's safe to say, the pain resulting from pulp in a tooth is about the worse you an endure.

I tried the self filling at first, one bc I had no dental insurance, and two bc I suffer from dental anxiety.

FINALLY, I sought after professional help.

If you're in real pain, just get the help you need. No matter the cost, it's worth getting rid of the pain.


My tooth pain reliever that I made! This should be put in stores for tooth pain...

1.) Gargle with Warm Salt Water.

2.) Mix theses Ingredients together in a small bowl.

a. Vanilla Extract
b. Baking Soda
c. Ora jell -Server Tooth Formula
d. Crushed up Advil or Aspirin

3.) make a thick past and put it to the hurt tooth or the exposed nerves or gums in your mouth and it will numb it up right away!!!

I did this at 5:30Am today and i am STILL Numb at 9:40Am Its a Miracle!!!
Just put the left over mix in your refrigerator so you can apply more when needed.

I just thought I would share this info with you guys. because if anyone is in as much pain as I was last night. I feel for you and I would never wish that type of pain on my worst enemy! I was a Grown woman in TEARS last night pacing my house all night long!

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