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The The SAFEST temporary fix for a tooth ache that is BREAD .SOFT BREAD AROUND THE TOOTH. TRY IT IT WORKS. DAVID FROM VA.


I am finally on the list to have my wisdom teeth extracted. I have endured nearly 5 years of constant pain, infections, swelling, sleepless nights, throbbing, and all round agony! If you are in the same amount of pain as I am, it is an infection and will NOT go away without anti-biotic treatment. I had to fork out £90 yesterday to be seen and be prescribed, because it was a Sunday and my dentist isn't open on a Sunday. Great.
What the dentists tell you to do: Salt water rinses, a tea spoon of salt in boling water, cooled down to the temperature of hot tea, the hottest you can tolerate and swill around the infected area. This suppposedly brings the cells to the surface to help fight the infection.
Cold compress on the face, a bag of frozen peas, wrapped up ice cubes etc. This should reduce the swelling to your cheek and jaw.
Try sitting up right. I find when lying down the pain becomes more concentrated. Allow your jaw to hang a little loose, this should prevent you catching your teeth on anything already swollen, only making it worse.
Now for the medicines:
I use various things but not all at the same time (obviously)
Corsadyl, mouthwash/gel - I use the gel, a pea sized blob on the infected area, warning, it tastes like crap... I tend to gently cover with a piece of cotton wool to allow it to stay and stopping me from washing it away with my tongue. The mouthwash is equally as effective, it is better applied with a syringe, which I got given to me by my dentist so that I could be thorough in my cleaning. Warning, the mouthwash if used continuosly will stain your teeth. Corsadyl has a minor numbing effect, it helps but if the pain is quite extreme already, it will not get rid of it.
Painkillers: I use neurofen plus(or shops own brand), this is ibuprofen and codeine mixed together. It is strong enough for me, but I appreciate it might not be strong enough for others. It is an effective form of pain relief, but you can only take 6 in 24 hours, not great if like me the pain is ongoing through the day and night.
Paracetamol: using your standard shop bought 16p a pack stuff, and using it together with a pack of Ibuprofen, you can take these two together.
What was suggested to me by a nurse, instead of taking two of each every 4 hours, take 2 of one, and then two hours later take 2 of the other, alternating them, This way you are taking one of them every four hours, and taking the other every four hours, but covering any interim pain. And of course with these you can take 8 in a 24 hour stretch.

I am not a dentist or a doctor I am just repeating advice I have been given and things I do when I have dental pain... I will be so glad when these ******* teeth are out of my mouth for good.


So I hope that some of these remedies help with your toothache but the truth of the matter is that the infection isn't going to be 'cleared up' by some at home remedy. Its going to continue to hurt until the nerve dies. Even an infectedinfection tooth treated with an antibiotic WILL START HURTING AGAIN!!! It might take three months, or it may not be for three years but it will start hurting again. The infection will come back. The only way to guarantee that the infection does not come back is to have the tooth taken out. Even a tooth with a root canal can become reinfected and require a retreat. So please use these home remedies with caution. Letting the infection fester can cause a lot of harm. Though its rare, the infection could go straight to your brain and be fatal.


I just spent an hour reading through these remedies & because general pain relief (aspirin, ibuprofen etc) wasn't working for me & I didn't have most of the suggested materials just lying around my house I decided to look further into pressure points... Just googling 'pressure points for toothache relief' I came across a step-by-step on how to perform this quick fix. It only takes a few minutes & I can safely say that after 15 mins of no pain & a numb mouth I can finally try and get some sleep! Good luck, I can sympathize with all of you that are suffering toothache, it is just the worst!


Ive had a few really bad abcessed tooth problems my doctor recomended robatasin dm & malox mixed together use as a mouth wash & spit it out if you dont want to feel sleepy also my mother recomended brushing my teeth with golden seal powder taste like dirt but it works like an antibiotic & oil of cloves taste like black licorish but works excellent for pain releif!!! I feel your pain just thought i would share


One thing i do that never fails, atleast in numbing the pain momentarily, is smoke some hash. The high makes you forget about the pain. A shot of vodka helps, too.


I slightly watered a cotton ball added salt and baking soda to the cotton ball and placed the solution in my mouth for 35 minutes. Spit out the saliva which contains poison for the infection. This solution will irritate the abscess. After I busted the abscess to drain the fluid, the pain stopped hurting for about 3 hours. Afterwards, I slightly watered a cotton ball and add Echinacea powder (purchased from CVS-Vitamin section) to the cotton ball. I held the cotton ball on the infected area for 30 minutes. This solution healed the infected area and stopped the pain completely. I felt 100% better. Finally, I got to enjoy my birthday. Good luck and hope you feel better soon!!! This pain is absolutely no joke!


the best thing i have found is ibuprofen, works very fast. be careful about the hot compresses to the jaw area as from personal experience if you actually have an abcess and not an ordinary toothache you can actually cause the infection to be drawn out to the jaw, my own experience with this resulted in a swollen throat, swollen shut eye difficulty breathing and the entire left side of my face swollen to three times its normal size!! and nit forgetting the late night emergency trip!


trying baby orjel it seems to work great for me i have had bad teeth for a little while now and that seems to work the best


Just got home from CVS with all sorts of remedies mentioned including a bottle of Crown!
So far, the first remedy is already working great. Bought a bottle of Clove Oil ($6) and poured out a little on a piece of gauze.Hubby said if this continues to work he can make it til Monday's dental appointment.
That Crown is calling my name.

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