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Garlic cloves and milk. Bite down and hold a garlic clove. A true clove as long as u can. Follow it with a big drink of milk and sleep good for at least a night. Garlic works great on its own. Butnmilknhelps to seal it in


I have had almost constant teeth pain for about 3 years now after spending a week sick with a stomach bug that didn't allow any food to stay down. The bile literally ate away the outer layer on some of my teeth. Some have been removed or as the dentist called it extracted.

Remedies for sore teeth are very hit and miss. The only true fix is going to the dentist. But one really wants to do their homework when picking a dentist. Just because they are expensive doesn't mean they are good. The reverse is the same with the creaper ones.

Abcessed teeth are just about the worst pain ever. Some rememdies that worked for me are antibiotics: they will get rid of the infection, salt water gargles: salt with iodine usually does better than plain salt, make sure the salt is disolved, use water as hot as you can handle. Gargles take a few times to help.

Things to remember, if it hurts so much that you can't stop crying go to the ER.

Feeling bad for boyfriend.

I have to say there are a lot of idea's here. My boyfriend has an abcessed in his gums. I plan on trying a few of these on him to see if it helps. And for the people who say go to the ER or dentist that's easier said than done. 1. What if you have no dental ins? And 2. What of you don't have a job? You can't afford a 1,000 trip to see someone. Healthcare unfortunately is only for the rich. So thank you to the other posters I'm really hoping one of these works.


I have had a molar that is broke and infected plus a cavity fight next to it in my other tooth and I have to have oral surgery soon, I will see a oral surgeon on Monday. I have had this for 3 months and taken every pain killer invented and been on 4 different antibiotics. Went to the hospital tonight and got a shot (did no good) and about 15 painkillers, nothing. So started looking online and found this and the only thing I have at home is garlic salt so put that in a glass of warm water (and yes tried cold, temp relief but so much pain after) and been gargling on that for a couple of hours and so far it has made it a little better (going to buy clove oil tomorrow) but still pain no matter what I do. So hopefully I can make it till Monday and see the Oral Dentist and schedule the surgery, which I have to have because of the nerves which are causing pain in my entire jaw all the way up to my ear. So so far I haven't found any real pain remedies just temp fixes and so thank you for all the advice on here and I wish everyone good luck cause tooth pain sucks so much, I thought about ripping it out but with the nerves bad I was to afraid so good night and maybe I will get some sleep haven't slept in so long fill like I am dying. To again thanks for all the h


Like everyone here, Iv'e been dying due 2 a sevre toothache. And i gotta say this site helped alot. I tried just about everything except the peanut butter lol which kinda made me scared to put something sweet w/ sugar on it... But I did find relief so i wanted 2 list the remedy i tried that did wonders. 1st i tried colgate toothpaste, the kind thats made 2 prevent cavities. Directly apply 2 infected tooth and let sit. That numbed mine for a few days, then started not to do anymore good today. So i took straight peroxide and swished around tooth & held there for a min or so then, rinsed with cool water. I would do that 3 or 4 times. It does great to kill all germs and help pull infection out of tooth. then grab a cottonball or whatever and rub vanilla extract on it and around.. Then finally grab a tea bag any kind u have handy and place in mouth next 2 tooth & gums.Hopefully this will help as much as it did mine. Good Luck


brush your tooth with senstine tooth paste,
to clean, then take two aspirin and chew them to where they pack in tooth kill pain instantly,
call dentist for emergancy
but as often as can do this , it will kill pain, stay away from sweets they will acrivate teeth threw the blood also message the side of the face blood helps with movement


I just want to add a warning to those trying the salt + baking powder on a cotton ball remedy.

1-It burns like hell, but it will take the pain of the tooth away after the stinging stops,
2-Use it sparingly-if you use it too often, as I did you will end up burning your gums raw and will then have the pain of that to add to the abcess. I stopped using it a few days ago and my gums are now white and painful with new skin being grown


A dry tea bag on the gum above the tooth coupled with a hot water bottle on the face, this will draw out the bacteria onto the gum , your face will swell but you now have the ability to pop the gum, taken with ibuprofen ....but please everyone it will not go away unless you take antibiotics , just done this for 3 days after day 1 the pain was gone by using the tea bag and hot water bottle trick.and believe me i tried everything

eddy, fw tx

hello fellow sufferers, after reading 7 pages of these great remedies this is what helped,
1- minced garlic in your mouth on tooth(molar) 4 200mg advil, icepack, and crushed baby tylenol on tooth. the pain was that bad but i have relief, than god and this page good luck to yall


so, i have been suffering with infections off and on in my mouth for almost a year now. and i have been on this site every time my tooth acts up to try some of the remedies. i have tried just about all of them, and only found a couple that work. well they work for me. when your tooth starts to hurt, find some antibiotics, and start on them asap. but if its a flare up like it usually is with me, i take about 1000mg of Tylenol, brush my teeth. rinse with listerine, and eat a peanut butter sandwich with a glass of milk. all of this together will give you a few hours of 100%pain relief. trust me, i just did it. repeat about every 6 to 8 hours. but be careful with the Tylenol. too much will damage your liver and make you sick to your stomach. taking 2 Tylenol would probably be smart to start with. i wish you all luck

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