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I have tried almost all of these. They do NOT work. Go to the E.R. and tell them what is wrong. They will give you amoxocillin and a pain pill. DO it fast because it is only going to hurt more.


I've had this really painful infection in my mouth from my horse smacking me by accident when he got a bit giddy, it cracked a filling in half & started off an abcess (think that's how its spelt) anyway here in England the NHS dentist costs a minimum £45 just for a first visit with general work, so to kill the pain after reading the posts here, I made up a paste of garlic powder/baking soda/salt & oregano. I rubbed it on the infected gum then held some of the paste in my moth with head on one side & had it go around the tooth. Done that twice today & the whole area feels better. If you can't afford the dental work then try brushing your teeth gently then swill with mouth wash then try my paste because its working for me but remember the minty gum if you need to speak to anybody cos you're gonna stink of garlic!!


This REALLY works. Take a wet paper towel and a q-tip and dampen the end of a q-tip on the paper towel DO NOT soak the q-tip in water. Merely dampen it then put the q-tip in cayenne pepper until the tip is covered and then apply to your tooth. Apply it all over the tooth and the gum line above or below which ever the case may be. I thought my mouth would be on fire the first time I went to do it. Oddly enough it does not. Just takes the pain away. I had to completely cover my tooth with it, however it worked! This is the best thing better than getting loopy on the pain killers.


Well, this may sound gross and/or kinda wierd, but it's legal and it worked for me! I have abscessed cavity with nerve exposed, and dentist has me on antibiotics and pain meds until tomorrow when he will pull it. Meanwhile, sometimes the pain meds just don't work. Here's what I ended up doing: chew on pieces of fresh, raw onion (any color), then when the pain subsides, eat peanut butter right out of the jar. I think there's a substance in the onion that temporarily relieves the pain, and then the peanut butter fills the hole for a while so you can get some temporary relief. God bless all of you. This pain is far worse than natural childbirth.


I have an exposed nerve and the tooth pain was so bad that it caused my temple and my ear to throb unbearably. I went to the hospital and the doctor gave me a shot of demerol...I thought to myself...this should work and I'll get some relief. No such luck. Even after feeling loopy the tooth pain was still so severe that I couldn't sleep so I got on here and read something about children's tylenol. I immediately put three in my mouth and I recieved INSTANT relief. I can't believe I wasted a trip to the hospital.


I have a broken tooth on the lower right moler, my lain seriously make me drop to my knees sometimes, i hate taking pain meds( like heavy duty meds) so what i do is
1. Brush my teeth with sensodine tooth paste
2. Rinse with biotene
3.crush 2 benadryl pills( i use allergy meds)
4. Put three to four drops of water into the powder
5. Mix untill paste
6.then either a q~tip or cotton swab
7. Place it on your tooth for about two to three mins !!!!



Zinc kills the nerve. There is an over the counter flu preventive medicine with loads of zinc in it. Put a lozenge in your mouth at bedtime. When you wake your toothache will be gone...for years.


After breaking a tooth ( upper and lower molar) from almond in chocolate candy bar, I had suffered with occasional flair up of abcessed area of gum that was the size of a pea, this time after 3 days of taking 1500 mg extra strength excederine for the pain every 2 hours and eating 2 tubes of orajel, I found this website and read about 4 pages of home remedies. Decided to try crushing clove of garlic, holding it in place for about 5 minutes, then swishing affected area with combination of Garlic powder and salt, with warm water, I still have some twinges left in my jawline that pressure points may take care of but as of right this minute I am pain free and going to take a nap!


I suffered my first migraine at the age of six, I'm now 63 and counting. The majority of the attacks occur in the spring. I have the flashing lights, blind spots, nausea, terrible headache pain, inability to talk, facial numbness, etc, and was diagnosed at age 22 with 'classic' migraines.
My current 'treatment' does not stop the migraine, but has reduced the severity and length of the episode.
I use the nasal cleanse saline solution with very warm water to irrigate my sinus, typically two or more 8 oz. containers per side. I do this as soon as I notice any visual effects. This seems to help the nausea so I can take a couple of advil and keep them down. The attack will be over in a few hours instead of a couple of days!
This is the first treatment that has had any positive results for my symptoms - ever. I won't bore you with what I have tried, or how I arrived at this, but it is the only thing that has had a positive effect.
Hope this helps someone.


hi myself sana and i live in pak i am 19 year old and i also feel bad pain in my teeth specialy in the broken and insected areas i do and take every thing but nothing hapend beter then i see the home remedy page and do some remedis but best and best is the beaking soda MY MAMA TEL ME TAKE A PAIN AND FRY SOME SODA IN IT THEN APLY THIS HOT SODA ON YUR BRUSH AND DO BRUSH WITH THIS U ALSO APLY THIS WITH FINGER ON TEETH guys..! this is a better home remedy for u please try this and gave me coments GOOD LUKE.??!

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