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I will provide u the best treatment..use amoxicillin/antibiotics medicine for 5 days to kill the germs(using medicine will make u weak),then simple treatment are:
-donot eat too much sugar contained food
-use warm salt/water to rinse ur mouth
-putting tobacco in the affeted area is the bestest remedy(infact i donot chew tobacco)
-eat little amount of onion
-if the pain still persists,RCT(Root Canal Treatment) Therapy should be done by consulting doctor..
Don't bother more than this..

Amanda Bishop

i have two beautiful kids and another on the way. so you can imagine that having an extreme toothache slows me down as a mom. there arent a whole lot of meds i can take since im pregnant. i just got done suffering from a huge toothache since yesterday, balling my eyes out, asking my dad to babysit, wanting to smash my jaw with a hammer. finally i came up with a crazy idea to put a wad of toilet paper over my tooth. it worked! almost instantly the aching and sharp pain subsided. t.p. helps keep food, drinks, and cold air off the tooth until the pain is totally gone. good luck


Garlic powder and black pepper and a little water to make a paste worked for me. I also did the suction thing. Now I can finally sleeeeep!


I had an abscess that formed and got pretty big around my gums and other teeth. I kept trying all kinds of things and takign pain meds for days. I have no health insurance, but the remedy I used help cure the whole abscess in a day and a half.

1.Hydrogen Peroxide

I would gargle with Hydrogen Peroxide, then brush my teeth with the Sysodyne for about a minute then mouthwash with Listerine for about a minute. Gone in no time.


Wanted to share my story, thus far, of my saga dealing with my teeth, while having no insurance or money to alleviate my suffering, and my cheap home remedies I have used to deal with this horrible situation.
I have been suffering since the beginning of the month with my I realise that I have an abcess!! Late last year my husband and I relocated across the country, my husband had a steady job offer and in todays economy we couldn't pass it up. Well in April he was laid off (so much for steady right??) and stopped receiving unemployment benefits in June. We now have no income at all and no health insurance so my teeth decided now was a great time to cause a problem! Initially all my teeth were bothering me... so much pressure and extremely sensitive. I thought I may have a sinus infection but thought it could also be my teeth in general...I have developed a problem with dry mouth recently and knew it has a severe effect on teeth. I did some research on-line and decided to order some Collodial Silver. I bought a 2 ounce bottle 30ppm. I received it on the 3rd of July and started to treat my teeth with it according to the dosage insructions on the bottle (2 tsp per day for 10 days) or so I thought...I ended up only taking about a third of that dose a day because I used the dropper it came with to measure it and never thought to measure how much the dropper held (oops). I was doing very well by the end of the 10 day treatment...using the collodial silver, brushing my teeth at least 4-5 times a day followed by swishing each time with Biotene mouthwash and first thing in the morning with Crest mouthwash. Then I goofed, I thought I would use a heating pad. I would go to bed at night with it on my pillow and lay my head on it on the affected area and use it intermittently during the day while I had discomfort. I stopped using the collodial silver on the 13th (10 days) and by the 16th started to use it again due to pain on my lower left side where I had a root canal years ago and recently, during the period of time we have had no insurance, the filling fell out and now have a gaping hole. Also got some Ciproflaxacin from a friend..not sure if it will help.
As the days have gone by using my second round of the silver, the Cipro and the heating pad religiously I now have an abcess and the pain is unbearable. For the past three nights I have had no sleep and cannot eat or drink much of anything. So I found this website and have tried several things the past 3 days. Here is what I have tried and how well it worked...
*Luke warm salt water-gives some immediate relief but not sure long term
*Nyquil soaked cotton ball-made the area worse temporarily no long term effects noticed
*Listerine-swished over area stings but also provides some immediate relief
*Black tea bag-dampened and placed over tooth for a few minutes (>5 min) immediate relief not sure of long term effect
*1 tbls salt and 1 tbls baking soda-dampen cotton ball dip in salt mixture and place on tooth supposed to keep on at least 35 minutes...didn't make it to 5...this burns (don't overload cotton ball with mixture) made me feel worse
*hydrgen peroxide and lukewarm water-swished over area provides temporary relief not sure long term effects
*Clove oil-dip tip of q-tip slightly in oil and put on tooth...this burns like crazy if you get it on lips or gums actually burned a small hole in my tongue...this numbs tooth for a while but is temporary
After trying all of these I tried what I think will help me till I get to the dentist....Garlic, an ice pack and ibuprofen....cut a slice of a garlic clove chop it up (or chew it on affected tooth to release juices) and place on tooth...I put it in the whole in my tooth, wet a cotton ball and placed it on top to hold the garlic in place. This does burn alot..try to leave it on for at least 5 minutes...tooth will feel terrible for at least 10-15 minutes wrap ice pack in a towel and place on outside of cheek near affected area...will feel bad initially but ride the pain out until your skin becomes accustomed to the ice and starts to numb the area. So far I have done this twice and have been able to get some sleep. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. For the past 3 days I have used the ice pack constantly ( when switching them out I would literally be in tears without it) even when attempting to sleep, only since I have done the garlic treatments have I been able to remove the ice pack for varying periods of time.
My recommendation is:
buy some collodial silver on-line or at a healthfood store, get some garlic cloves (even galic powder or garlic salt work to some degree just not as well as a fresh clove of garlic)and put on area, and NEVER use heat if you think you have an abcess...this encourages the infection to increase try ice it has been my lifesaver the past few days.
I will continue to update my treatment until I am abcess free and let you know if the garlic does the trick!!!
Wish me luck off tomorrow to social services to see if I can qualify for Medicaid...since we all know the only way to truly get rid of an abcess is to, unfortunately, go to a dentist!! Good luck all!! :)


I had an abscess over my wisdom tooth and couldn't bite down without biting it. I read in this forum that Sensodyne toothpaste might help. It did. Within 10 minutes the abscess was gone completely.

I had previously tried Orogel, hot salt water, brushing vigorously and Listerine.

Sensodyne worked almost immediately.


Earlier this week I was in pretty bad shape because of an abcessed tooth, but now I'm fine. What did I do? Not much, actually. I tried hot salt water, but that only helps for a few minutes. Then I started following that up with an antiseptic mouthwash. The immediate effect wasn't impressive, but I think the combination of the two over a span of four or five days actually got rid of the infection and the pain gradually subsided.

So, hold salt water for two to three minutes over the infested tooth (I spit and took another swig when it cooled) and then do the same with an antiseptic mouthwash (I used listerine). Few immediate results, but helps in the long-term.

Hope this helps someone. And in case anyone's actually thinking about it, please ignore the previous advice someone posted about battery acid. Even if it does work, this is a highly dangerous solution that could easily cause you a great deal of bodily harm. :)


liquid yarow extract. you can get it at the health food store. soak a cotton ball and put it on the gums. its tastes pretty bad but works. bread worked too. also rinse your mouth with apple cider vinagar for abcessed.


So, I've been having EXCRUCIATING pain on the right side of my mouth. I mean the pain was soo bad it kept me up all night, I literally stayed up for 3 day straight crying and praying to God to help me get through this pain. I've goggled almost every remedy you could think of.I've tried the ibuprofen, didn't work. I did salt water rinses, nothing. Peroxide rinses, nothing; warm tea bags, had a little relief, but 15 mins later the pain came back. I've tried orajel maximum strength, it gave me 5mins. Of relief then it was back to the drawing board. Then I stumbled acrossed this website, I saw a remedy for vanilla made my pain 100000000000 times worse!!!. My last resort was the garlic cloves then to the emergency room. As im in the store grabbing garlic, I stumbled in the oral hygiene aisle. I noticed they had sensodyne with the luck I've been having I decided to try it. I rushed home took two aleves and called my mom to let her know what was going on while brushing my teeth with the sensodyne and OMG......I am pain free instantly!!!. It was THE BEST 7bucks spent!. I suggest everyone with toothaches to get this product!. It works wonders!.......well for me it


First, I am not a doctor or dentist. I do have some training in anatomy and physiology... and while living in rural Alaska I once got stuck in this situation and couldn't get to a dentist for several weeks. This really helped and most of the infection was actually gone by the time I did get to the dentist so he was able to just take care of the tooth. Getting to a dentist is the top priority, but if you can't or have to wait, try this until you can get there.

1) Brush well around the tooth and gum area with toothpaste. Something like synsodyne will help the most.
2) Make a strong saltwater solution with warm water and swish around the area repeatedly. Sometimes there may be a small bit of food (like a sesame seed) between the gum and tooth and this and the brushing will help remove it. It also helps to draw out the infection.
3) If you have access to an antibiotic like amoxicillin take it as long as you're not allergic to it. Clindamycin is also used in oral infections for those allergic to amoxicillin. Go to the ER to get the antibiotics if necessary. You're probably going to have to take them before the dentist deal with the tooth anyway. You'll probably have to take the antibiotic 3 times a day for 7 to 10 days depending on the strength, your size, and the amount of the infection. Even if the ER or the dentist gives you an antibiotic, if it does not seem to be getting any better (or it is getting worse) go back to the ER or call the dentists office and let them know. An abscess in the jaw can lead to serious complications such as infection of the jaw bone, skull bone (mastoiditis), or even attack and damage your heart. Before antibiotics and better dental care infected teeth were a leading cause of early death in humans.
4) Try acetametaphin (tylenol) and advil type pain relievers. Each works a little differently and you may find that it helps to alternate them. You can also rub the tooth and gum with over the counter tooth meds like anbesol. Generics are fine. They should have a substance called benzocaine in them. It works as a local anesthetic. In a pinch I have used throat sprays like chloroseptic to spray on the area.
5) A warm compress to the area seems to sooth some people.

REPEAT the brushing and rinsing with warm salty water as needed. I have even rubbed salt directly onto the gum or infected tooth once or twice a day. Some put a salt and water paste on a piece of cheese cloth or paper towel and hold it in the mouth against the infected area. Swishing the area with an alcohol like rum or vodka (NOT RUBBING ALCOHOL!) may help. A diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide can also help. Try not to use the salt, alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide more than every few hours as too much can also damage healthy tissue and slow healing. It should begin to feel better in a few hours.

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