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I lost my insurance,sure enough 2 weeks later a tooth breaks and absesses and of course the pain makes me want to pull the tooth out. my jaw is swollen and I hurt alot.i am allergic to amoxicillian and pen.i did manage to get some keflex,but that didnt really help when they were gone. today I tried a bag of frozen peas,it didnt quite help. I am sensitive to ib and acetimemian? so I can only take small doses. so then I found this site and read.

I dont know for how long,but for now my pain went from an 8/10 down to a dull roar. I swished my mouth with kids pain releiver,focusing on the bad tooth. This STINGS, and almost feels like I through my mouth into shock! Then I brushed my teeth with generic sensitive tooth paste focusing again on tooth with warm water. then I mixed probally too much peroxide with a little bit of water and my mouth foamed like a rabid dog, and yes the tooth stung. after spitting I grabed my cheap mouth wash thinking no way am I trying listerine! So I used the cup and started swishing. Now mind you ive had 2 c-sections, I can handle pain, but the mouth wash HURT. I braved it out though,rinsed for about 1 mim 3x and now I feel no pain! Hope it last. I was also told swishing with Nyquil deadens the nerve as well,but I cant stomach the taste. Oh and the chewing soft bread is a good idea,it gently loosens you jaw. I am currently laying with a green tea bag inside my mouth and a hot pack on the outside.


Tip first cause I'm sure your in pain:

Take 2 Advil liquid gels and get a bag of ice and place it on the outside of your mouth where your tooth hurts.

I was in tears, even after taking 2 Advils, then i iced my jaw and I instantly felt better.

The shock of it being cold I think it was enough to take my mind off the pain..and the ice helps with any inflammation you may have. your mouth doesn't have to be swollen like a ballon for it to be inflamed.


this was a 15 second pain releiver here, I dabbed my finger in a bottle of crab n shrimp boil rubbed on th bad tooth n gums, 15 seconds the pain was 95% gone, will burn a little but not bad.


I tried absolutely everything extra strong painkillers, tea bags, water, salt, garlic nothing worked. Then I bought some clove oil. It is miracle stuff I dabbed a tiny bit around the tooth and had instant pain relief it numbed the whole area! It only lasts around half an hour to an hour so just put a little dab on whenever you start to feel pain again and it just disappears! This really works the pain in my tooth was unbearable I'd broken half of my tooth and had no money for the dentist. Clove oil is the answer!

Jimmy Jimmy coco pop!

hey guys...just found a good quick fix for toothache mate was suffering badly so i found a bottle of ultra cholorseptic throat spray in the cupboard. a few sprays onto the afeected tooth numbed the pain instantly. bingo! ps smokin doobies makes it worse!

pain Payne paaaain

I have had an abscess on my gums for 5days now & the pain is getting worse & worse I have tried salt water baking soda tea bags & sensodine everything just give a 2min relief pleeas help I want to kick a tree down it hurts so bad. I'm going in the morning to get a loan to go to the dentist this is hellllll. :' (


OMG!!! Chewing on bread works!!! I was yelling at my daughter....poor girl and walking around the house like a mad women I was in so much pain....I tried this as a last hope and found where several ppl had said chewing on bread. So chewed on some bread and got instant releif!!!! Thank u to all who suggested this is worked great!!!! And one more thing I aplogized to my daughter...she told me to eat more bread... lol!!!!


I was in pain two days after my extraction. Dentist packed the pain was gone. However, the packing came out and I was in pain.i I took 1200mg of Advil and still no relief. My husband went to walgreens after I reading the posts on this website. Thank you this was amazing. I actually slept for five hours straight... Thank you, I am forever happy


Having to suffer a toothache thru a weekend or having to wait till antibotics medication is done before your dentist can fix your tooth. Sometime the painkiller cannot take all the pain away. I found this rememdy by accident. I had to get a root canel done and I had a big hole in my back tooth, anything hot and cold or even pressure or a breeze would set off a awful pain in my tooth.I found a tube of grandpa's denture adhesive (Poly-grip)and decided to use some and put it directly on my sore tooth to cover the hole. I was astonished that it worked, I told my dentist about this and she said she would recommend it her patients for a tempoparly fix. Just don't swallow it and use the original poly-grip flavour. I use it on my kids and it helps them fall a asleep. When you apply it you have apply pressure and keep it there until you can feel the adhesive sticks and forms into the tooth. My dentist say there's no harm using this and it's easy for a dentist to remove it.


I have a terrible abcessed tooth and at the moment I cannot afford to have it removed. I kept trying a few remedies on here and kept skipping the cayenne pepper mixed with warm water and then swished in the mouth. I tried the tea bag remedy, it relieved the pain for a little while and made some of the swelling go down, but the pain came back within about ten to fifteen minutes. I decided to try the cayenne pepper, thinking, anything will feel better than this. Unbelievable... immediate and total relief, I hope it lasts for a while... I feel normal again. Heard also brushing with Synsodyne helps so now I am off to the store to grab some... wish me luck.

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