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Jesus. I'm sorry to hear all the suffering from all the people here, but you really should all get to a dentist. Untreated tooth infections are very serious. Among other things they can lead to problems with your heart that will be WAY more expensive than getting a tooth filled or pulled. Not to mention the fact that it can kill you.


put a rag under hot water until completely saturated. then apply to the cheek on the side of the tooth. as long as it is hot and on the tooth it will ease the pain


Qiuck relief. mix kinda cool water with a little mouth wash add some rubbed sage, salt, pepper, and any kind of steak seasoning. it might make ur mouth a little warm but the relief is well worth it


I had a bad gum infection last year didn't want to go to the dentist cuz I have dentaphobia. A friend told me about a natural antibiotic. It was Tawny Port wine and you can buy it in some grocery stores...I couldn't find it in the local wine stores. You rinse your mouth with it and try to hold in on the infected area as long as you can. Spit it out if you want, lol. Cleared my infection up quickly. I have another infection and going to buy some today.


Apply to the area of the tooth it provides some form of short term pain relief.
Relieves pain through the analgesic contained in the product, Reduces the swelling through its anti-inflammatory properties, Helps to fight infection via the antibacterial which helps kill bacteria. As well as take anti-imflammatory/ibuprofen


this is a follow up from this morning having used raw garlic and sea salt to reduce the abscess and stop the pain. As my day wore on, I found using a gauze pad on the area pulled out the fluid (pus). I let that stay until it felt like it had drained enough. Continuing with salt water rinses and the Vit C and aged Garlic caps. Also had raw garlic in my salad/lunch. It is important to keep with the routine until completely healed if you're going to avoid the dentist. Note: if you have a heart condition, I'd head for the dentist if I had to clean his floors in trade. Not a good combo for longevity. There is a neural connection between the gum cavity and the pericardium surrounding the heart. Google that if you want details.


I read 4 pages and concluded salt and garlic, vit C and aged garlic pills got the best reviews and I had all items at home. I applied a slice of garlic to the abcess. Had to remove quickly as it burned but did it again 2 more times until the sting disappeared. Then I switched to sea salt (not table salt!). I took 2,000 mg of Vit C and 2 aged garlic capsules. That was late last evening. Woke up this morning and all swelling and pain gone! Thanks everyone:-) BTW, the abcess was under the anchor tooth of a bridge. The notion that it had to be removed was a nightmare which is why I resorted to home remedy - not to mention the expense!


Oil of Oregano was my great-grandmother's and grandmother's remedy for pretty much everything, and it works. Now of course modern science has caught up but this stuff works to kill bacteria, fungus and infections.

Use oil of oregano straight from the bottle by putting about 10 drops on a cotton ball or small piece of gauze. Put that in your jawline right where the infection is. Leave it on as long as you can stand it (at least 15 minutes but more is better). Will burn like crazy at first, but then the swelling will subside. You need to do the treatment a few times a day.


tried the garlic crunched up seeming to work!Also swished italian dressing ! Horrid tooth ache,worst ever had!Naproxen/aleeve works well sometimes,just takes longer.Italian dressing & garlic was almost immediate.


take a 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil, add about the same amount each of ground cloves and garlic flakes or powder. Apply to swollen area. A mere dab took the swelling and pain away in less than five minutes.

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