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i had a very sore abscess for 2 weeks, it got worse at night, i could never get to sleep and when i did everyone else was getting up, it was driving me mad i've tried a fair amount of these home remedies, but the truth is, none off them really work, maybe for a while but it will always come back believe me, i used to get them all the time, best thing to do is get 500mg amoxicillin take 3 times a day for a weeks course, will start to feel relief inside the 2/3rd day, but take for the week and will clear up completely! good luck!

Submitted by lisa

I get abscesses all the time. I usually take an extremely fine sterile syringe(if it hasn't come to a head-yellow/white on top-yet)and pierce it several times, close together, it doesn't hurt as the syringe is tiny and the pain from the pressure of the abscess masks the pain from the syringe.MAKE SURE YOU USE A BRAND NEW SYRINGE, .5cc/29 or 30 guage(needle size).Only pierce it, dont try drain it. Apply hot compresses, if you do it properly(to the depth of the abscess, no further, and multiple times,spaced extremely close together)by the next day, it will come to a head. When you see that white/yellow head, pierce it again, with a larger guage needle, or same size, but again, don't try to suck it out, it will only clog up the needle, instead place a gauze or clean kleenex/paper towel over it and squeeze it, on all sides. It may stink like sewage, but it will empty, I guarantee this. Using all of your fingertips surround the boil(under the towel, otherwise it will go everywhere)and continue to squeeze, yes it will hurt/but far less than if you let it continue to fill. Hourly compresses held in place for 5 minutes @a time,til it cools, repeat the hot compress three or four times/3-6 times a day, not more as the bleach in the water may cause chafing. Recipe for the compresses as follows;2tablespoons of 'LaParisienne'bleach with 1 litre of sterile water(full rolling boil for five minutes)the compresses should be as hot as you can stand. If you're lucky, you'll get the core out, yayyy, it's a hard whitish/yellowy chunk, and it will only bleed when you continue to squeeze if you still needed to drain it. Apply alcohol, and use any of the following, neosporin/polysporin or any antibiotic ointment. OINTMENT>NOT CREAM, as cream will just absorb into the dressing, which you will need as soon as you are done draining your abscess. Keep the area sterile, continually change the bandage until the swelling comes down, it may continue to drain, if it doesn't drain, you've succeeded at getting the core, however the swelling will be there, as the skin and surrounding tissues will be irritated from the pressure applied during the draining.Once the redness and swelling/pus stop coming out, remove the bandage. Continue using polysporin/neosporin as a precaution for another day or so, and it should be ready to air dry, the skin will repair itself. Avoid topical steroids on open wounds. If you want to try(I have without success)applying hydrocortisone cream to the abscess before trying to drain, try it, it may be an insect bite/rash etc. DONT MISTAKE A BOIL FOR AN ABSCESS. A BOIL IS MERELY A LARGE RAISED BLISTER,IF NOT INFECTED, IT'LL BE CLEAR WATER. I lance these too, but they arent serious, and if they get too big, can pop at a very inconvenient time, if on an area like your butt, it may look like you wet yourself. I hope this info has been helpful to you. I try home remedies all the time, but this is one I've used on other people(my ex had an abscess for over twenty years, and it had hardened, the doctor wouldn't touch it, I did the same as mentioned above and it healed and you can't even tell it ever existed. If you have a question about anything else, feel free to email me @ or you can use my youtube inbox @daweeka or shearslisa I will answer to the best of my knowledge. Lisa.

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