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Anxiety and Panic Disorder Home Remedies

108 Home Remedies for Anxiety and Panic Disorder


For panic attack: calm yourself,use positive self-talk,take calming herbs, St. John's wart,kava kava, valerian root,Magnesium,B vitamins (excellent for nerves) Chew on celery ,Pray!
For quicker relief: Bach flower remedies RESCUE REMEDY. About 1/4 of a dropper at onset of anxiety. Continue about every half hour til anxiety subsides.
*** Great for hyper dogs, and cats just put 1/4- 1/2 a dropper in their water bowls.


When I had panic attacks i would take st johns wart, B complex, magnisim. it helped alot along with jesus,I feel that is the only way to get rid of it. Try it you will see. Been free of it for years now. Thank you jesus.


Pick two corners in a room in your house. Take several deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth, while your eyes waggle between these two corners. This 'eye waggle' is similar to watching a ping-pong match.


for years I suffered with panic disorder and anxiety . I finally ended up seeing a doctor . a good one it turns out. He listened to my problems with it..rapid heartbeat..sweaty palms..fear. and tested my blood sugar...Turns out that low blood sugar is a very common cause for anxiety attacks..Since being diagnosed and treated my problem with panic has all but disappeared.. When I start to feel sick I eat something and the attack subsides..Years later a friend of mine confessed to a fear of driving and leaving her was discovered later during an exam she was diabetic


I have suffered with panic disorder since 8th grade. What always helped me was exercise, especially push ups and sit ups, it helps get out alot of energy that builds up. Coffee is alright for me if I drink it only once a day, but if I drink it too close to the time I go to bed I can't sleep. So instead I would drink milk. Watch a ton of funny movies too, laughing makes you feel a lot better.


I have anxiety disorder, and have had panic attacks for years. I am on Celexa for this, but it is also to treat my OCD. I have Xanax for when I do still have a panic attack. I refuse to take this stuff because I used to and I had definate withdrawals from this horrible drug, plus I hate the 'zombie' feeling I had when I did take it. I lost a job thanks to that 'zombie' state. B vitamins make a huge difference. But when I do have a panic attack, I put on some of my favorite music, lay down and massage my stomach.


When I get bad panic attacks, I suck on a piece of ice. It gets my mind off of the attack and helps calm my nerves.


I use scent to keep me relaxed. For me, smelling baby powder really works - crazy, but true. It forces my mind to remember a 'calmer' time, so to speak. Other scents might work too, but baby powder seems to be a calm memory for everyone. Try it - it might work for you while you're waiting the attack out.


Whenever I have a panic attack, I start telling myself that I am absolutely beautiful and so worthy of every great thing life has to offer. For some reason this really works.


REmedy For Panic Attacks.
I help people with panic attack problems having been a sufferer myself. Panic attacks are caused by shifting of the solarplexes which is well documented in ancient ayurvedic texts as NABHI CHAKRA or MANIPURA. You can get plenty of references on the internet about this.The center is located behind the belley button.It shifts due to lifting heavy weights,jerky movements, while doing stomach exercising etc. As there is no pain the victim notices nothing.But almost immediately the ill effects are felt depending on how it has shifted.
If the center moves down from itsl ocation the person will have constant loose motions not responding to drugs.
If it moves up there is stubborn constipation not relieved by laxatives. If it moves to the left there is impotence and infertility. If it moves to the right the person gets anxiety attacks.
The main stream doctors are not aware of this problem. Instead they poison the person with all sorts of drugs. A Yoga teacher can cure it in seconds by yogasana and manipulation. There are of course several methods to cure it oneself.
Once it moves back to position the cure as instantaneous as the first attack.
Please contact me at if you need more details. I am ready to help.

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