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Natural Eugenol, or clove oil, I just had four wisdom teeth cut out, and have dry socket in both of the lower extraction sites. If you use gauze pads to cover your tongue, and basic chap stick for your lips it makes the stinging much more tolerable. I wouldn't wish dry socket on my worst enemy.

almost off'd myself from dry socket

Had a very evasive wisdom tooth & 8 molor extracted. 3 days after the surgery some annoying pain started. Now it is day 4 and I have a very large dry socket, the pain is damn near intolerable (right up there with kidney stones no BS) I until now was taking handfulls of tylenol and ibeprophean and was getting little releife if any... I read online and people suggested clove oil :) went to the closest store and bought some clove oil for 8$ put that on the socket with a q tip and within 20 minutes the pain is almost completely gone!!!! Dont torture yourself, get some clove oil and you will be so happy you did. Thank god for clove oil.


After wisdom teeth removal I had a dry socket that was the worst pain of my life. I went to the dentist for packing 5 times in one week. It helped, but only for about 4 hours. By then, the dentist was closed. Pain meds helped a little, but not enough.

Here's what helped. Tooth ache kit from the dug store with eugenol oil. Don't get me wrong, the pain didn't go away, but it did subside. Then it felt like a really painful canker sore (which I found out I also had in that back corner!!) instead of a giant hole of exposed bone. The kit had small cotton pellets that I dipped in eugenol oil and then placed in the hole for one minute before removing. About 5 minutes later I felt better.

But, it burns your gums, tongue, cheeks, etc. horribly. Doesn't hurt the bone, but basically anywhere else it's like fire. So you have to squeeze off the extra oil, make sure there's none on your fingers because they inevitably end up touching your cheek, and be really careful. I put a small piece of gauze in on top of the cotton pellet. It virtually eliminated all contact with my tongue. I definitely recommend that. Before I did that had a lot of trouble, but that helped a lot.

Dee M.

Oil of clove was a life saver! I tried everything I could to avoid getting dry socket, but it was my drinking of sparkling water that agrivated it...the pain came just 2 days after my extraction and started out as a dull ache then became a full blown horror. Pain that was hot, throbbing, and made it difficult to even move my head. I got a tooth ache kit from CVS for about $7.99. Applied it in the car and felt better. When I got home I rinsed it well and applied the oil more pain!!!!


After 6 weeks of dental treatment to fix my teeth, including 4 extractions 6 restorative fillings and a root canal, two of the areas where the teeth were extracted got dry socket. If you think that tooth pain is bad wait until you get a dry socket, it is the most excruciating pain I have ever had. After 2 weeks of taking panadol and codine every 4 hours and asprin every 4 hours between. The only thing to ease the pain was oil of cloves applied to the area by putting a few drops on a cotton ball and insterting it into the socket. Before rinsing with salty warm water. I was able to cut back on the pain killers drastically after doing this. I went back to the dentist who cleaned the area with peroxide and packed it with some stuff that that was like oil of cloves. Seriously if you experience these symptoms get to a dentist straight away for treatment don't delay it the pain will only get worse! If you can't get some oil of cloves and apply to the area.


Eugenol, or clove oil, will help and you can buy it in the oral care section of most drugstores. Also, ice your jaw and cheeks throughout the day and at bedtime. Eat soft foods and keep the area clean to assist the healing process. I also started taking Vitamin D & E pills and also drank lots of herbal tea to boost my immune system. It took just about 8 weeks for my mouth to start to feel normal again. Only time will truly help. Hang in there.


Folded a pinch of ground cloves (all I cld find at the local convenience store) in a square of gauze, double folding it to make sure no clove bits escape and make it fit in the hole, applied benzocaine extra strength toothache gel on the gauze and packed it on the dry socket. A bit of numbness n burning for 5 minutes, along with relief of pain that not even 2 percocet had been able to do.


The home remedies didn't help much. A CVS brand toothache gel seemed to help the most because it numbed the area.


This is Saturday the 4th day after I had my 2 right wisdom teeth pulled out (Tuesday). The pain was so excruciating and unbearable despite the prescription of Norco 5-325 by the dentist. Since Tuesday I was using a pill every 2 hours and even this wasn't working. In addition I took Ibuprofen 800 mg a pill every 3 hours and this combo gave me some relief for about 1 hour but after that it was just horrible. As I was searching for remedies I came across this website and after reading I went straight to Walgreens and bought the Eugenol 85% kit from the oral care section. I used it as described to clean the cavities and the pain is now gone!!!! Please share with those with dry socket issues as the conventional pain killers are just a joke!


Here it is 3 o'clock in the morning on a saturday night, i had a tooth extraction 5 days ago and i know i have a dry socket. Ive had one before so when the burning stinging pain along with the ear and jaw pain started i just knew i had one. since it is so late at night im debating on whether to go and get something for it. the home remedy im doing while im debating is taking a piece of gauze dipping it in olive oil ( the only oil i have on hand) and soaking it on the dry socket. It is actually helping. in between the oil gauze treatment, i took some cold teabags and let them sit on the sore area, big big relief. its still annoying but its tolerable i can make it till morning. just thought id let yall know, just a quick fix in a pinch.

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