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I am 23 bisexual guy .got these ugly anal warts .. thanks to this site i started usin acv and the small ones are gone and the big one is gettin smaller in size .. apply aloevera gel at night cause it got healin properties . Big thumbs up for this site


Okay, I'm a 51 y/o heterosexual male that has had numerous relationships and a few one night stands. That being said and out of the way... The past 5 months I've had terrible itching and odor for a couple of months. I thought it was piles but discovered that when I went to the doctor for a check up it was something else. The doctor described it as a scaly growth but wouldn't give it a diagnosis till after it was biopsied and sent to a lab. Thankfully the results came back negative for cancer and my pile surgery went well. However a couple months later after the sitz baths the scaly area started to multiply and became very irritated especially when having bowel movements. I was told that it was a yeast type infection by a doctor at a clinic and began treating it with different yeast infection type products but had very limited results. So, I decided to try a combination of bi carbonate baking powder with 2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar and a 1 teaspoon of grape seed extract oil mixed into a paste. I cleaned the area first with a baby wipe that I rinsed in warm water to rid of any harsh chemical then dried the area. I then applied the paste and it felt great; no burning as described in other posts. I'm hoping that this will help kill the virus and I can go on to a normal life. I'm going to apply this for the three weeks twice a day and I hope I have some encouraging words to write after that time has passed. Thanks


I have putting tea tree oil and acv (apple cider vinager ) on my warts and after about 2 days there almost all gone so I'm gonna keep this up but seems to work pretty well it can burn a little and have itchy irritation but there disappearing and I also use medicated baby powder to help with itching and to keep it dry


I have had anal warts for the past 8 years and I have not had an outbreak until recently after reading a lot of these Post I have tried the apple cider vinegar. I soak a tissue and put it back there for at least 15minutes. It burns like hell but after 3 days. The warts seem to be shrinking. Now I think the trick to it is you have to keep the warts as dry as possible. When I was diagnosed my Dr told me the warts like damp places to grow. If you bleed after a bile movement I would do a sitz bath (salt and water in the tub). Then immediately after a shower I always take a hair dryer back there to make sure it is completely dry. Also I keep a tissue back there just to make sure. Hope this helps.


I feel like jumping so high with joy.This website really is useful,well I used my own combination but with the help and guidelines from remedies from here.I am a 33yr female have not had sex for six months or any unprotected sex for that matter but got very depressed when I saw these things on me.It started with a clustered wart onthe lower lip of my vagina,I ignored it cause I did not know what it was,then this little things started speading to my anus,then I read up on them here. My remedy was mixing castor oil with barcabonate of soda make it into a paste but before u apply clean the area,wipe with antiseptic alcohol wipes then apply the paste.I took exactly 3days the small ones are gone and the big one is shrinking away.Big ups to you alll with your remedies.


I can't believe I found this site today. It's like finding a Christmas gift that I forgot to unwrap. I had a horrible experience with a proctologist who hurt my butt real bad when he examined me so I'm taking matters in to my own hands (no pun intended) to address my butt issues. I'm pretty certain that what I have is anal warts. Especially after reading other posts here. They seem to be spreading in the anal area. I can't bear the itching and soreness anymore. Even pooping hurts real bad because I think there is one right inside... gross. Wet wipes burn like crazy so I usually rinse them with water and use them during the day. When I buy the box of wet wipes I fill the container of wipes with tap water then drain so that any chemicals or whatever is on them will dilute so they're just moist wipes. I'm trying the apple cider vinegar and will update with results (hopefully) because right now the only thing that feels good is when I lubricate the area with Aquaphor ointment and rub the heck out of them to satisfy the itch without breaking the skin. I will say, when I rub the itching I get tingly sensations all through my body from the relief only to see that I then have agitated them so much that they are red and swollen. Then I leave the Aquaphor on and go on about my day until the next uncontrollable urge strikes. Sometimes just putting my finger in very opening of my butt helps too... I think that's because there is one in there too. I hope this goes away soon and I will also keep checking back here in case someone posts another remedy to try (or hopefully I can report back a success story).


So after reading a few of these posts I thought compelled to write a little remedy that I tried that removed all traces of these painful little bastards in the hope that it helps others in the same situation - it's a miserable affliction that can happen to anyone -

A member of te HPV virus family these little blighters caused me soo much pain, misery and discomfort, I tried my own remedy which cleared all traces of them within 3 days and was pain free ...and if it has the chance to help others out there I am happ to share.

So the key is a combination of antisceptic body talc called 'lanacane' / anti-bacterial/antiseptic wipes and 'bio oil' (which if you are in the UK can be bought in most large Boots pharmacy stores .

so ... heres the regime

After a shower, use the talc to dry the affected areas ... this should instantly help as it is mediated and anticeptic so sterilises the infected area. leave on for 5 /10 mins you should feel instantly better. now stage 2, apply the bio oil. This prevents scaring and the warts drying out / cracking your skin, literally allowing you to go about your day pain free. Keep the area as clean as you possibly can. In the evening I found that using antibacterial antiseptic wipes and just laying them over infected area (like a mini bandage/pad ) and leaving overnight worked wonders! i noticed improvements by the first day by doing this, by the 2nd day I was completely pain free and by the third day the warts were gone (I had ass back!) ... I kept up the regime for a few days after to ensure all traces were gone, and the blighters have not recoured since.

I hope that this helps all those out there - it is treatable without going down the painful acid route - but do go t the docs if I persists

Fed up

How horrible are these little bastards that seem to be such a huge part of so many people's lives?! I'm a 26yr old female and was diagnosed about 5 months ago. My doctor gave me Aldera, got to say it is horrible. It wasn't painfully putting it on but after 4 days of using the cream I was in so much pain (to the point I could hardly walk!) that I stopped using it - plus the fact that it cost $130. They did go down, didn't completely clear up so I've left it until now. However the little bastards seem to be coming back so after reading all the threads on here today I'm starting with the apple cider vinegar on a cotton wool bud and putting inbetween my bum cheeks. Gota say it does really really sting but everyone seems to have so much luck with it I thought its got to be worth a try! I'm also eating super healthly, taking acv, garlic and omega vits. I really really hope this works... This is day one so I'll let you all know how it goes! Tea tree oil seems to be good as well so if this doesn't work I'll move onto that!

Chin up guys! Hope you're all making progress with which ever method you're using.


I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one suffering with anal warts.
I'm bisexual, I wanted to have sex with a guy and months later I noticed this warts around and inside my annus, I'm so depress about it because I haven't date with anyone since then. I'm just so embarass about this.
I've been trying with apple vinegar I got rid of the external warts but it burns as hell, I'm afraid to try it inside the annus because it really hurts!!.
Now I'm trying three times a day castor oil for 5 days, and on the 6th day soak a cotton with vinegar and leave it there for 2 hours, for the next 3 days just apply the oil 3 times a day and on the 3th day apply again vinegar, until the warts are gone, I hope these can work for me and I hope it can be less painful.


I'm a 22 year old female and have had these for close to a year and a half. I first noticed them, but ignored it and seen as though I hadn't had anal sex, did nothing about it. I'd have sex with my previous partner and noticed tiny bumps around my feminine areas, but after a while, they would die down. When we split they vanished completely. But the ones around my anus seem to be growing at a slow rate. I want these gone but am mortified of going to the doctor. This is what I'm currently trying after reading through these posts.

2 drops of Tea Tree Oil
6 drops of Apple Cider Vinegar
10ml warm water
1 popped garlic capsule (at night)

I clean myself with a feminine wash and apply to each wart using a cotton bud, holding down for a minute or so. No burning involved in that. I then soak a cotton wool bud in the solution and leave on my anus for two or so hours. This is my first day trying but I'm going to keep an update of how they are doing and hopefully find a solution!

I must say this site has helped massively. I was so convinced I was a freak and terrified to show my new partner, who was in fact, tremendously understanding. You are not alone, but persistent is key!

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