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Went to my local Sainsburys and bought the own brand Apple Cider Vinegar (£1.15). Was convinced there was no way it would work but I've had my warts for 5 months and there were so many, it was so demoralising.

Got a cotton bud, soaked it in ACV (undiluted) folded it up and rolled it between my butt cheeks while I was on laptop in bed. It sting like nothing else, and I sat like that for two hours. I had a feel before bed and they seemed to bigger. I was so disheartened.

Next day I woke up and 90\\% of the warts were gone. I couldn't believe it, it was amazing. Some of the bigger ones are still there but oh my days if it hasn't made a difference. No longer itchy and so smooth, I spent the whole day in an amazing mood.

I've found that it burns quite badly on the second day, the skins a bit sensitive so I'll probably scale it back a touch - but oh my goodness if ACV hasn't been the most amazing remedy. I'll keep doing it and hopefully get them all - but that pain is oh so worth it to get that piece of mind back.


Try to use panty liner and put it between of your butt faces, I know its kinda awkward and weird to do that, but i think thats the best way to keep your ass dry all day!

i have also anal warts and i do continue doin that with balance diet and applying ACV hope that it deals with it

ill post the next day for the result, thanks for this site!

Warts b gone

I tried spraying the apple cider vinegar on but that was too severe! I am listening to the others and using it diluted on gauze between the cheeks for a couple 1 to 2 hour treatments a day! I know this will work because it worked for others on this sight! They may be cancerous so I am alkalyzing my body using fresh organic fruit juices and smoothies with frozen fruits, kale, and spinach! Im staying away from most cooked foods with the exception of vege, mushroom, spinach stir fry!

I consume a lot of cocanut oil on a daily basis because I know how good it is for me! In between acv treaments I apply cocanut oil mildly to ease the burn!

I also recommend inserting cannabis depositories a short way into the rectum! If any of those warts were cancerous they wont be for long !

I obviously contracted this from someone I was too close to! I am ashamed of myself for that and have learned a good lesson!

Good luck on your mission and Gods speed !

Remember buy Organic and take our planet back !


ACV has always been the number one antiseptic for all wounds;It's best to dilute on your first try,when you Do get to the root of the problem it will bleed it means you have gotten a grip on these parasites,use cold water to stop the bleeding,you do not have to do them at first two or three times a day,start slowly,once a week,then twice a week etc. dilute the first few days then work your way up to two to three times a day also diluted then eventually full strength.I'm very curious as to how we/ so many of us get these creepers(?) lol I bet it could be toilet seats? Good luck every one,and keep in touch.I would like to hear how we all turned out.God Bless.


Apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil totally work, also I took zinc tablets (must take with food) because viruses hate zinc!

I used Teccnu to wash the anal warts in the shower and that seemed to help, it is a product used to stop the spread of poison ivy by stopping the spread of the oils, and it seems to stop the virus spreading also when it breaks open and makes new warts.

When the red, irritation from the acid in the vinegar can no longer be stood, apply Neosporin and also Abreva (used for cold sores).

Wash it everyday and keep one of the above things on it and it will go away!

Follow up with your acupuncturist quarterly to get your immune system worked on so it can beat the virus down when it tries to express itself when your system gets weak. Ladies particularly around that time of the month because the immune system is weaker due to the hormone fluctuation.


Hey I'm from Pakistan. ACV didn't work for me .Then went to doctor n he prescribed podofilux 0.5\\% solutions. It's my 2nd day nd warts are falling.a little one has gone n bigger is now little

Sorry English is not my primary language.


Hi Im Ry from the Phils, I just had the same problem, then I recently surf this site bout ACV, for a week now ive been using it, and it worked for me, most of my warts become small, just put a part of ACV with water at first on cotton ball then put it in my hole, it stings.. day after day i moderately increase the amount of ACV over water, im doing this every morning for an hour or two as long as i can tolerate the sting and night before going to bed but i dont leave it there, if it burns, I just remove the cotton balls and replace it with a milder deluted one and the feeling is not quite okey.. this is my 5th day, i can touch the difference :) a traces bleeding though..

Some guy

Ok I did use ACV (100\\% natural and organic) for my anal warts and it totally worked in just one day... you have to be carefull though cause this vinegar also contains alcohol and thats going to burn your skin really bad, I know many people used this remedie by putting a cotton pad with the vinegar the whole night but depending on how sensitive your skin is it could be the worst thing you could do, this is the way I did it:

September 11: I did put a cotton pad with a lot of ACV around 03:00 pm up in my butt hole and I removed it around two or two hours and half later, it did burned a bit at first but after like 15 minutes I stoped feeling the burn, thats why I kept it there for about two hours.

September 12: I was planing to put the cotton pad the whole night while aroung 11:30 I did it but this time I squeezed the cotton pad (This way your skin doesn't absorbs the vinegar, DONT LET YOUR SKIN ABSORB VINEGAR, YOU COULD END UP IN AN EMERGENCY ROOM IF YOU LET THAT HAPPEND)... This time that freaking vinegar burned the hell out of me, it was so pain full that I removed it after 30 minutes, and by that time mi butt hole skin was hurting really bad... then I fall sleep (WITHOUT THE COTTON PAD) and the next morning all the anal warts were gone, it was magic lol... My skin was really irritated though, really really irritated, I can't imagine how bad it may have been if I had the cotton all night.

Its been two days since then and my skin is feeling litle better since then but I think its going to tke like 3 or 4 days until it stops hurting, It worthed it though, I don't have any of those freaking things in my ass anymore (I want to clarify that I didn't have to many of them, there was like 8 or 10 of those in my ass, but small ones, maybe 2 of them were a litle bigger, but not that much)


Just a guy

Here's my treatment remedy:

I am male. Spotted one initially then within a few days there were 8.

I bought cotton make up remover pads (stitched). I poured organic ACV into a mist bottle. I lightly sprayed a thin layer of ACV onto the pad. I washed my anus, sat on the toilet and firmly placed the pad on my rectum and held it there with my finger while I stood up. I put on a pair of snug fitting underwear and kept it there until my next bowel movement. When I sit down to do #2, I renove the pad and drop it into the toilet before pooin. After thoroughly wiping, I replace it with another pad. When I am out, I carry a couple of pads in a ziplock bag. Only this time, I use a dry pad. I apply the pad with a mist coat of ACV only when I am at home and before bed. I have been following this regime for 2 weeks and I highly reccommend it. They are no longer itchy, bleeding, swollen or irritable. You would never know you have them and they are slowly vanishing...

Allan W Polvado

I have anal warts and and tried a remedy that I got off the internet ! I used a mixture of Preperation H and presimmons ! It sounds weird but it took the swelling and itching down on the anal warts !

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